A/N: This one features "What You Need" which was supposed to sound like rock. Think about "Suppertime I & II" from Little Shop of Horrors, but less eerie, more sexy. Sorry that Frankie can't live up to his true potential, but 1) this isn't supposed to be good and 2) these shows were watched by kids. It's PTA-disapproved enough that he's a transvestite! BTW, the electric guitar was for that weird, "wasn't-expecting-that-but-I-couldn't-care-less" feeling of those mystery shows. And yes, it does disappear after the end of the song. Oh, also, McKinley the hamster is a reference to the Shock Treatment doctors.

[Setting: Lab…]

Riff Raff turns the lights on. "The master should be down here any minute."

"Who is your master, may I ask?" Janet questions.

"You'll see."

She is frustrated. "I don't want to see! Why do you keep telling me that?" Frank-N-Furter is coming down the elevator as she speaks. "I want to know! You want to know what I want to know?"

Riff Raff smirks, seeing what's happening behind her. "What?"

She is freaking out. "Who are you? What are you? What is wrong with this place?"

The elevator stops and opens, revealing Frank-N-Furter. Brad is shocked, but Janet's practically having a heart attack.

"Did you all start the party without me?" He asks slyly.

"Who are you?!"

"Who am I?" He pulls out an electric guitar.

"I know you've never seen someone quite like me

Because as far as I can see," He chuckles. "Well…let's start with you, Janet."

"How do you know my name?!"

"The timid little lady, only ever kissed before," he sings,

"Never came knocking on absolute pleasure's door

Don't worry, baby, I'm sure we'll make you a true whore…"

Janet gasps.

"Oh, Janet, I was just joking. Lighten up a bit. However…

I bet that I can make you brave

I bet I'll make you what all the men will crave

You'll have to make them your slaves…"

"What? I would never!"

"If you let me give you what you need

I'll make you every man's dream

I'll give you what you need to make them scream

They'll be crowding over you for some steam

If you let me give you what you need…

If it's what you desire, Janet."

"No, it's not!"

"Well, I'm afraid that's too bad

You turning down the advice that I had

But let's see what it'll mean to Brad…"

Brad looks nervous.

"I know you're still just a virgin

But virginity is a man's sin

You may not know it, but you want to give in

I bet that I can make you strong

You'll do the acts that you think are wrong…and you'll do them right.

With my guidance, you could (raises an eyebrow at him) go pretty long

If you let me give you what you need

I'll show you what could be next

Put the women under some kind of hex

And best of all, you'll be no stranger to sex

If you let me give you what you need…"

"Well, I think that maybe—" Brad begins.

"Excuse me!" Janet cuts him off. "What's going on?"

"I'm just telling you what you need, Janet." Frank-N-Furter replies. "And I have a feeling that it's what you want, isn't it?"

"Stop it! I'm not going to let you put me in such a compromising position!"

"Not without protection, baby."

Janet scoffs. "Well, you're being awfully inappropriate!"

"I love her." He announces to Riff Raff, Magenta, and Columbia, walking towards Janet. "So sweet, so naïve…"

"I am not naïve!"

"I'll bet you think that everyone lives on kindness and love."

"I don't think that! I was perfectly capable of taking care of my hamster McKinley until my parents sent him to that farm!"

He raises an eyebrow at her, then shakes his head. "What you don't understand is that all kinds of beings, especially humans, live on pleasure. No one can live without it."

"Well, I'm very happy with my life."

"A certain kind of pleasure…"

Janet gets angry, realizing what he's getting at. "You dirty, slimy, sleazy…!"

"Do go on, Janet."

She fumes speechlessly.

"Anyways, you've come on a very special night." He marches over to something covered with a blanket. "For tonight…we will be creating life itself!"