Brought Together Chapter 1:

Prologue: Flashback

Earlier that day: Kisshu sent out a Chimera Anima, and waited for the Mews to appear. He didn't have to wait long. They came running up soon after the Chimera Anima destroyed a small building, and as usual, Mew Ichigo yelled, "For the future of the Earth, we'll be of service, Nya!"

"That's cute, Koneko-chan, but it won't be that easy this time," Kisshu smirked. The tiger Chimera roared in agreement, and quickly dodged an attack from Zakuro, then leaped at her. Zakuro dodged, and Mint shot one of her energy arrows, hitting the tiger Chimera in the leg.

The Chimera roared, and began thrashing around, until Ichigo and Lettuce performed their attacks at the same time. The two attacks hit the Chimera dead on, and it dissolved. The Mew's pink fluffy robot ate the parasite.

The Mews faced Kisshu, and Ichigo shouted, "Kisshu, why don't you ever give up? You can't win!"

Kisshu smirked and said, "I'll never give up, on this fight or on you falling in love with me."

Ichigo snarled, "I'll NEVER fall in love with a jerk like you! Why don't you just go die, and get the hell out of my life?"

Kisshu, instead of smirking or thinking up some clever comeback, lowered his head, his golden eyes sad, broken. Then he teleported away, leaving the Mews, and Ichigo in particular, in shock.

Back at the Cyniclon's base: Kisshu teleported in to find Pai and Taruto waiting for him. Pai started to say something, but suddenly, Kisshu collapsed. "Ichi…go…" He whispered before falling completely unconscious.

Back to real time: Pai and Taruto looked at each other, worried. "This is bad timing," Pai said. "Deep Blue just abandoned us, and now something's wrong with Kisshu. We have to find out what happened in the battle he was just in."

"Wait! The last thing Kisshu said was 'Ichigo'," Taruto said. "What if we bring her in to find out what happened?"

"That's not a bad plan," Pai said. "First we should put Kisshu to bed, though. We can't just leave him on the floor like this."

Taruto nodded, and they took Kisshu to his room, then put him on his bed and covered him with a blanket. That done, Pai and Taruto teleported off to find Ichigo.

I know it's a bit short, but I just wanted to set things up. In case anyone's wondering why Deep Blue abandoned them, I needed him out of the way to set up the plot for this story. I'm not exactly sure where this story will go, but that's the case with most of my stories. PLEASE Review!