Chapter One: Prologue

Okay! This idea just popped into my brain and I thought "why the hell not?" Rated T for little things, like language and content. Helena is the cover art, I just modified Cassandra's SCIV art a bit, changing colors, etc.

I don't own Soul Calibur or any of its characters. First chapter is after SCIV, all the others are after SCV.

Seventeen years earlier…

Cassandra was sitting peacefully in her new home, awaiting her love, Siegfried. He would be along any moment now, especially after her letter to him. She remembered the letter in detail:

Dear Siegfried,

It is I, Cassandra. I have news for the both of us. I have given birth, however unexpectedly, to our daughter. Her name is Helena. I need to see you.



Cassandra sighed as she heard her daughter cry for milk. She got up from her chair to get her daughter and fed her.

"My beautiful Helena. Your father is on the way." She said.

Helena was fair-haired, like both her parents, and had her mother's eyes. But something about her just made Cassandra know she was Siegfried's daughter, some aura just seemed to reveal it.

There was a knock on the cottage door. Cassandra smiled as Helena had eaten her fill, put the baby down, and fixed her clothing. She answered the door to Siegfried, who, for once, wasn't wearing armor, but clothing similar to Rothion's.

"A daughter?" He asked.

"Our daughter." Cassandra said. She led Siegfried into the cottage, to Helena's crib; the one Rothion had built for Pyrrha, long ago. Siegfried looked at the little life.

"She's beautiful." He said gently, his bare hand touching the infant's cheek.

"She'll be like you. I just know she will." Cassandra said.

"Helena." Siegfried said.

"I wrote you the letter because I need to be married soon, Siegfried. Our daughter's reputation depends on it." Cassandra said.

Siegfried looked into Cassandra's ocean-green eyes. Cassandra noted there was a look of concern in Siegfried's eyes.

"What is it?" Cassandra asked.

"It's that, I cannot marry you now. Not unless you want to be separated from your family." Siegfried said.

"The Swarzwind. You've band it back together, didn't you?" Cassandra demanded quietly, not wanting to disturb Helena.

"I have, for the better, this time." Siegfried said.

"I will follow you." Cassandra said.

"You shouldn't. Your family needs you." Siegfried said.

"Our daughter needs you." Cassandra said, her voice dropping an octave instead of raising one.

"What do you want me to do? I cannot marry you now. If you would have told me you were pregnant…" Siegfried said.

"I didn't know! I gave birth the day Sophitia died!" Cassandra snapped, amazingly not waking Helena.

"Cassandra…" Siegfried said.

"Rothion has a brother. He'll claim Helena if you will not." Cassandra said.

"Cassandra?" Siegfried asked.

"You have a choice. Marry me, and take us with you, or Rothion will have his brother marry me and claim your daughter as his." Cassandra hissed.

Siegfried was torn. He wanted to be a part of his daughter's life, but since he was finding a new wielder for the Spirit Sword, he couldn't let his daughter be a part of it, for she could easily become the new wielder. He sighed.

"Do as you wish." Siegfried said.

"Get out." Cassandra said.

Siegfried did as he was told and left, his heart torn in two. Meanwhile, Cassandra's heart broke steadily as well. But she would not abandon her daughter.

Cassandra married Rothion's brother, Paris, hurriedly, to avoid any gossips in Athens. Paris claimed Helena as his, but never let Cassandra forget it, not until the birth of Chloe, two years after Helena was born.

Siegfried never entered Athens again. He did once, and felt too much and left.

Cassandra never let Helena believe Paris was her father. She told Helena of Siegfried, the wielder of the Spirit Sword, who would one day come to take Helena, Cassandra, and Chloe away from Paris.

Helena always believed her mother.


There's the background to the story. As I said, it may not be very good because I got this idea right off the top of my head. BTW Helena is pronounced without the 'H' sound so it sounds like "El-lay-na." Review!