As I watch my friend has he record's his newest song. I see the black bags that are under his eyes, and sigh sadly as he freezes once again in the middle of the song. Since the first time I saw him sing I knew there was a connection between us, but it didn't turn into love maybe until have I heard about the ASK incident, and that's when I knew my connection to him had grown to love.

I had wanted to track them down and kill them, I had even planned that until Tohma had told me what he had done so I let it go.

I watch every day as he comes in to work either in a good mood because things with Yuki are normal or upset because Yuki kicked him out again. I just wished sometimes that he would leave that ass hole, I mean we all know it true, even Tohma and he's in love with the guy that's he like obsessive with him, yet even he knows Yuki is an ass. I just don't get why someone like Shuichi who Sweet and innocent, would love someone like Eiri Yuki. It's nerve whacking.

He should have someone who could hold him sweetly, and make love to him gentle, not to just fuck him like Yuki does. I mean I wish sometimes I could just go up to Shuichi and tell him, how I really feel. But I can't because that would make him sad and stressed, I know he has more than idol or friendship feelings for me, he just doesn't know it.

So until he figures it out. I will just sit here and be his friend as Ryuichi the childish 31 year old, but I know Shuichi knows that is only a cover up for the real me, and who I really am, is someone completely different, then the man the world sees.

Another reason I love him so much, is he knows me so well without me even saying anything, which is why I am shocked at how blind he can be on feeling of love for him. But oh well 'I love him enough to wait for him'.

And I truly believe he will come to me too, because I know he does love me, just doesn't see it yet. But someday he will get tired of being shoved away by Mr. Eiri Yuki and I will be there to hold him and love him until he can see he loves me back.

"GOOD JOB SHUICHI, MR. BEAR AND I THINK YOU DID WONDERFUL, ONCE YOU GOT THE HANG OF THINGS." I shout holding out Mr. Bear even though I know Shuichi sees what I am really trying to say 'is good job, don't worry just keep working at, and I am here for you.'

I know he sees this because he sees behind my childish, and that is one of the reasons 'I love him enough to wait for him.'