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It was a lovely day in the video game dimension. The sun shone brightly over a great Coliseum, one that has been the host to both Super Smash brothers Tournaments. And soon to be a third. But this tournament would be a special one, not just because of the nature of those participating in the battles. This tournament would be one to remember, the first Super Smash Brothers game with a plot. However, the plot was not yet completed, so all was in flux. The outcome of the tournament and the nature of the fights that would occur would be a great surprise to all.and as I said earlier, this was a special tournament. One in which new forms would be taken, friendships and bonds of love would be forged, and the fate of the video game dimension and all other worlds itself could be redefined.

In the front lobby of the coliseum, a creature sat at a table, tapping its little claws impatiently. It resembled a Pikachu, but was twice the size of a regular one. This creature was in fact a new breed of Pikachu created by the Nintendo Corporation to regulate and direct the next generation of gaming in the dimension where all the video game characters resided. It was stronger, faster, and a little smarter than the average Pikachu. It could also talk. This specimen was the second of these Super Pikachus, and was named Pi2. (Yes, I know this is my pen name. Don't think of him as a SI, think of him as an avatar) Pi2 sighed and continued tapping impatiently. A large banner hung outside the main gate, saying "Opening Tryouts for SSB 3. Only Final Bosses may apply." Where are those so-called villains? Pi2 thought to himself. The invitations went out to some of the major Nintendo villains. Where are those freeloaders? Don't they know that if enough bosses don't show up, we'll have to fill in replacements like we did for the last two games, bringing in losers and nobodies like Ness and the Ice Climbers? We might actually have to get some help from Playstation! And if we do, the bosses won't be happy, we'll lose a little face, and what's worse, I'll get a pay cut! He heard something. Looking up from the table, he grinned. Finally, a boss! "Are you here to sign up for the tournament, sir?" Pi2 asked the caped, crowned crocodile without a tail walking through the gate. The crocodile coughed and spoke haughtily. "Why yes, yes I am." "Excellent. Please state your name, species, game in which you were final boss, and nemesis." The crocodile licked his chops while looking at Pi2. The electric mouse shivered a little. "I am King K. Krool, ruler of the Kremlings, boss of all the Donkey Kong games, and enemy of Donkey Kong." Pi2 scribbled the information onto his clipboard. "Okay. Do you have any special moves?" K. Rool blinked. "Er, what exactly do you mean by special moves?" "Each Smasher must have several unique moves, aside from the usual jump, double jump, and throw. You must have at least three special moves. Do you have any moves like that?" K. Rool tapped his chin. "Let me think. Ah! I know! How about this?" K. Rool pulled out a huge hand cannon from that weird interdimensional space that all video game characters seem to have and shot a cannonball into the air. "I call that the Kremling Kannon, from the old days of the NES. What do you think?" "It works. You still need two other moves." K. Rool pulled a boxing glove out from his space and threw it at a surprised Pi2. The glove punched him, then flew back to K. Rool's hand. "Ow! Hey, what was that for?" "That was my second special move, Boomerang Punch. I have one more. Ready for it?" Pi2 nodded. K. Rool leapt into the air, and came crashing down on his tailless rear. The impact sent out multiple green shockwaves, shaking the hall and knocking over the table and poor Pi2. "That was my Scale Slam. What do you think?" Groaning, Pi2 struggled to his feet, pushing the table and chair back up. "Fine, fine, you're in the tournament, now get over to the locker rooms before I lose my patience and let you have a Thunderbolt." "Woohoo! I'm in the tournament!" cheered the Kremling. In a manner not dignified for a king, he skipped through the vaulted doorway labeled "Locker Rooms". Pi2 sorted his clipboard out and hoped fervently that the next guy wouldn't be quite so heavy. Unluckily for him, his wish would not be granted. A few minutes after K. Rool had gone into the locker rooms, an enormous insectoid with one robot arm and five sharp biological limbs crawled through the front gate, ducking its head to keep from hitting the ceiling. Pi2 eyed the insect tentatively. "Are you signing up for the tournament?" The bug nodded. "Alright. I'll need some personal information. Name, species, game you last appeared in as final boss, and enemy." The insectoid grinned. "I am Mizar, leader of the Bug Invasion Fleet, final boss of Jet Force Gemini, nemesis of Juno." "If you can please demonstrate three special moves, I will decide whether or not you may enter. You seem a little too big, but I don't want to appear sizeist. Show me what you got." Mizar nodded and exhaled a plume of toxic breath, passing inches over Pi2's head and melting part of the stone floor where it contacted. "How was that?" Mizar asked eagerly. Pi2 cringed. "Uh, that was a little too dangerous." "Wait, I've got more!" Mizar fired laser beams from his eyes, hitting the far side of the room. As Mizar showed off, shifting his head around to carve pictures into the floor with his beams, he heard the buzzing of a gnat. Trying to find his insect brethren, the alien bug turned his head, forgetting that he was still firing lasers. This result4ed in him carving a curving line from the floor to the walls and slicing through a support column, causing it to crash to pieces only inches away from Pi2. "Oops." Said Mizar sheepishly. Pi2 glared. As he opened his mouth to say something, Mizar quickly interjected. "No wait! You'll love this next one!" He generated a lightning whip from his robot arm, swinging it around the room and smashing more support columns. Rubble started to crash everywhere, hitting both creatures. As Pi2 yelped when a large piece of column hit his head, Mizar quickly tried to salvage things. "Eh, before you do anything rash, let me show you this last one! It's brilliant!" He raised both of his forelimbs into the air. Outside, the sky started to light up. A dozen meteors rocketed through the atmosphere, smashing into the side of the Coliseum and causing the entire structure to shake violently. Pi2 screamed as he fell off his chair, narrowly missing a huge block of stone that fell from the ceiling, smashing the table. He looked at Mizar with hatred, electricity starting to arc up from his red cheeks. Mizar gulped. "Er, sorry about that." "Get out!" "Look, I'm really sorry about that, but I believe you should consider- " "Get the hell out of here before I let you have it! You're a walking disaster! You're way too big and dangerous to be in this tournament! Get out now!" "But-" "THAT DOES IT! HERE'S A LITTLE TRICK I LEARNED FROM FINAL FANTASY! BOLT 99!" The hall was lit up with a blinding flash of light as Pi2 unleashed an electric attack of horrendous power. Mizar screamed as the lightning bolts coursed over his body. His screams reached an ear-splitting crescendo, until he finally exploded, showering the chamber in green goo. Pi2 panted and dropped to his knees. He took several deep breaths, then got back on his feet, looking at the mess he had made. "Hmm. Wonder if I overreacted. Oh well, too late now. I'd better fix this place up before the next applicant shows up." He snapped his fingers. Immediately, the room was completely restored, with no trace of any catastrophic explosions anywhere. Pi2 got back into his seat and waited. Once more, he hoped the next applicant wouldn't be as huge or dangerous. After a little while, he noticed something very odd. What seemed to be a puddle of water was flowing through the front gate and towards the table. Wary, Pi2 eyed the puddle. It stopped in front of the table. Then, it started growing upwards, shrinking in diameter. The puddle formed into a mass, a bipedal figure made of water. It had two arms ending in claws, two thick legs, a long, stubby tail, and a head with a fin on the top. Two green oval-shaped orbs floated from the depths of the creature's body, taking their places as eyes in the head. A slightly larger pinkish sphere floated up as well, staying in place in the very center of the head's interior. Pi2 frowned. This one looked familiar, somehow. "Er, hello, are you here to apply for the tournament?" "Yes." Said the water entity telepathically. Pi2 blinked, but proceeded. "I'll need your name, species, game you were final boss in, and nemesis." "I am Chaos, God of Destruction, final boss of Sonic Adventure, and since I'm not really evil I don't have a nemesis." Pi2 frowned. "Wait a minute! Sonic Adventure was for Dreamcast! Only villains who have appeared on a system made by Nintendo can apply for this contest." Chaos tilted his head. "Well, technically I do appear on a system made by Nintendo." "What do you mean?" "In Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for Gamecube, I am one of the characters available in multiplayer. Since I appeared on the Gamecube, even if I was final boss on a different company's system, I am eligible to enter the tournament." Pi2 thought about that for a moment. "Okay, I guess that makes sense. Can you demonstrate any special attacks? And whatever you do, please don't transform to your true form!" Chaos gave a watery chuckle. "You have nothing to fear, mortal. I have already concocted three suitable attacks." His body destabilized, coalescing into a big ball of water. As a ball, the deity bounced around the room, making loud smacks each time he hit something. He landed back at the table and returned to his bodily form. "That was my Ball Bounce. How was it?" "Very nice! And you didn't even come close to hurting me! What else do you have?" Chaos responded by lashing out with one of his arms. It extended, stretching into a very long tentacle that swiped at one of the support columns. "I call that the Tentacle Claw. Aside from causing damage or pushing my opponent of a stage if they're trying to climb back up, it can also be used as a long-range throw move." "Interesting. But I need one last attack to qualify you, Chaos. What else do you have?" Chaos seemed to ponder for a moment, and then he put his claws over each other, concentrating. A ball of green energy formed between the two claws. Chaos swiveled around and fired a powerful beam from the ball, aiming it out through the main gate. He dismissed the ball, then turned back to Pi2. "That was the Chaos Beam. Did you like it?" Pi2 grinned. "I like especially the fact that you didn't carelessly hit something in this room with your beam. Congratulations, Chaos. You're in the tournament." Chaos bowed his head. "Thank you. I will try to put up a good fight." Pi2 pointed to the locker room area. "Your locker room is over there. Go there so you can suit the room to your own tastes." Chaos nodded and turned back into a puddle of water. He flowed up the steps and through the doorway. Pi2's mood improved a little. Chaos seemed to be a fine fighter, and was wise enough not to recklessly destroy things. Surprising for one carrying the mantel of god of destruction. Hopefully at least a few of the other contestants would be as good. After a little time passed, Pi2 was rewarded with another applicant, a big and strange monster. It was not quite as big as Mizar had been, but it was still large. It appeared to be a towering stone devil, walking across the floor with heavy stomps. A long gown of sorts that started from the waist down covered the stone devil's legs and loins. It had two big, folded bat wings, horns, and a humanoid face. The stone devil towered over Pi2, leering down at him. Pi2 wasn't as fazed as he might have been, though. "I assume you are here to enter the tournament. Please state your name, species, game you were final boss in, and nemesis." The stone giant scowled, but relented. "I am the mighty evil wizard Garm, a human wearing a stone shell, final boss from Gauntlet Legends Legacy of Darkness, nemesis to a nameless band of warriors and my brother Sumner. Now sign me in as a contestant, before I smite thee for wasting my time!" Pi2 frowned. "I'm sorry sir, but I can't allow you to join the tournament until you demonstrate three special attacks that I deem worthy enough to allow you to enter." Garm's scowl deepened. He raised his right hand. A massive energy ball started charging up. When it was fully formed, the wizard threw it, causing a massive explosion in the background. His eyes glowed, and lightning crackled out of them, dancing across the room. Finally, he stopped hard on the ground, sending out a shockwave of purple energy that knocked over Pi2 and his table once again. "There. Can I enter now?" Grumbling, Pi2 set the table back in place and climbed up, scribbling on his clipboard. "Yes, yes, you're in, but you'll have to shed your stone body until your first battle, since you can't fit into the locker rooms as you are now." Grumbling, Garm closed his eyes. The stone devil cracked and shattered, the pieces falling to the ground in a big heap. Wailing purple spirits streaked away from the rubble. A small man wearing lain brown robes cursed and dug his way out of the heap of rocks. Muttering to himself, he walked over to the desk. "Alright, where's my locker room?" Pi2 pointed to the doorway. Still muttering under his breath, Garm walked through the door, vanishing onto the other side. Pi2 shook his head in disappointment and sat back, sure the next applicant would show up soon. Sure enough, it did. A large monster flew through the door. It was a great floating eyeball, with white skin and a red iris. Three long feathery protrusions extended from either side of the beast, wings of some kind. A shimmering halo slowly rotated over the to of the creature, and a spiky tail extended from the bottom. The creature floated through the air, stopping at the table and gazing down at the experimental Pokemon. Before Pi2 could open his mouth, the eyeball spoke. "I know what you wish to ask of me. I am Oxygen, the ultimate manifestation of Dark Matter, final boss from the Kirby game for the N64 and nemesis to the accursed Kirby." Pi2 blinked. "I'm sorry, did you say your name is Oxygen?" "Yes, that is my name." Pi2 looked at the eyeball for a moment, then fell onto the ground, rolling in laughter. Oxygen fumed. "Look, I know it's a stupid name, but it's not that funny!" "Hahahahahahahahaha! Yes it.haha.is!" giggled Pi2. "Oh, come on! There was this one guy on the Kirby anime who had a stupider name!" Pi2 stopped laughing. "What was it?" "Customer Service." There was a long pause, then both of them started laughing. After a bit, they both stopped. Pi2 climbed back onto the table. "Now, Mr. Oxygen, I don't believe I've ever heard of your species before. What is Dark Matter?" Oxygen swelled proudly. "In the world of Dreamland, all feelings of hatred, greed, anything relating to evil, manifest into physical form, into demonic entities who take pleasure in killing the innocent. If all the Dark matter in Dreamland is eradicated, evil would be forever banished from the land and it would become a part of the Heavens. But as long as I'm around, that's not going to happen." "So what you're saying is that you are, in a sense, evil incarnate?" Oxygen wavered in the air, a sort of shrug. "Pretty much, yeah." "May I see three special attacks, please?" Oxygen floated toward the ceiling, moving backwards, towards the main gate. Spreading his feather wings wide, he shook them. Several dozen sharp needles dislodged from the wings, raining down on the hall. He followed that up with a powerful laser beam fired from his eye, leaving a smoking blast mark on the ground. "You might want to protect yourself, this next one's going to be a doozy!" yelled the Dark Matter. Oxygen quivered, focusing. Pi2, sensing something very bad, quickly hid beneath the table. Three clouds formed of pure darkness materialized in front of Oxygen. In each cloud, a single blood red eye opened. The clouds of Dark Matter howled and rocketed away from their master, spiraling around the room, looking for something to devour. Seeing nothing, they eventually vanished. Pi2 carefully got out from under the table. "Well, how was that?" "That was actually pretty good, I guess. What do you call those attacks?" "In order of use, they are: Needle Shower, Dark Ray, and Matter Missile. Am I in?" Pi2 considered for a moment, then shrugged. "Yeah, I guess. Now, please go to the locker rooms over there and try not to kill anyone, okay?" "It'll be difficult, but I promise I will try. Ta!" Oxygen floated through the doorway. Pi2 shook his head. "Huh, you'd think for evil incarnate he would be nastier. Wonder who'll show up next." No sooner did he speak these words when another applicant flew in. "Well, speak of the devil." The next applicant was a large ghost, greenish in color, with red eyes, fangs, a blue tongue, and a crown with a great magenta jewel in it. The ghost flew up to the table and assumed a haughty tone of voice. "I am King Boo, ruler of the Boos, and have come to win the grand prize in this tournament." Pi2 smirked for a second, but hid it. "Well, your Majesty, I'm afraid you can't win unless you compete, and you can't compete unless you tell me which game you were final boss of, who your nemesis is, and demonstrate three special attacks." King Boo sniffed disdainfully. "I was the final boss in Luigi's Mansion, and am nemesis to the very same. As for my special attacks." King Boo took a deep breath. He inflated, getting bigger and bigger. He opened his mouth and shrieked an incredible "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The force from this burst nearly ripped off Pi2's fur. He stared at the Boo, quite frightened and temporarily too scared to move. King Boo shrunk and grinned. "That was my Spook attack. This one is Spectral Freeze." Inhaling once again, King Boo exhumed a gust of arctic wind, turning a part of the wall to ice." The monarch grinned once again. "And as for my final attack, the Boo Barrage." He concentrated. Suddenly, fifty Boos popped out of thin air and started swarming around the room, screeching and frightening poor little Pi2 even more out of his wits.

"Enough! ENOUGH!" the Pokemon wailed. "You can fight! You can fight! Just make it stop!" Instantly, the Boos vanished. King Boo smiled down on Pi2. "Thank you very much! Now if you'll excuse me, I'll just head on to my locker room." Chuckling, the spectral ruler floated through the door, leaving Pi2 to collect himself and see if his heart was still beating. After he had assured himself thoroughly that he wasn't dead from fright, yet another applicant entered. This one was also quite large. He was a huge bipedal turtle, with a spiked shell, a slightly long spiked tail, and an ugly face with fangs, horns, and a mane of red hair. The huge turtle stomped up to the table. "Hey short thing, I'm here to sign up for this new Super Smash tournament. I was in the last one, and I don't intend to be left out." "Before I can sign you up, I'll need a few facts. Please give me your name, species, game you were final boss in, and nemesis." The turtle growled. "I'm Bowser, King of the Koopas, final boss of almost every Mario game in existence, and nemesis of that stupid plumber, that fat Mario!" "Oh, I thought you looked familiar. Well, can you please demonstrate three special moves?' Bowser grinned menacingly. "Easy." Pulling into his shell, Bowser leapt into the air and came crashing down, performing the Bowser Bomb. Coming out of the shell, he strode over to one of the walls and smashed into it with his fist, ripping out a stone and gnawing on it, completing his Koopa Klaw move. Finally, he spat out the rock and performed his trademark move, Fire Breath. When the flames dissipated, Bowser stomped back to the table. "Well? Am I in?" Pi2 stared at him a little worriedly. Although Pi2 had been granted certain godlike powers by the Nintendo Corporation to aid in this tournament, that didn't mean he wanted to get beaten up. Any one of Bowser's moves looked really painful. "Yes, you're in. Welcome to Super Smash Bosses!" "Yeeha!" cheered Bowser. "Now if you would just head over to the locker rooms over there." Bowser grunted. "I'm way ahead of you, small fry." Turning away, the Koopa stomped towards and through the locker room door. Pi2 sighed and went back to his quiet vigil. After half an hour, nobody else had arrived. Pi2 was starting to get worried. If nobody else showed up, he would be forced to take desperate measures. Just as he was truly starting to despair, a figure marched through the main gate and approached the table. Pi2 blinked in surprise. The applicant was.short. Very short. Very, very short. To be specific, he was only three feet high. He seemed to be a human. He was wearing a white lab coat, a black jumpsuit under said lab coat, and gloves. His head was strangely contrasting with his body. His head was actually bigger than his torso. It was huge! The guy had yellow skin, three tufts of black hair, a black beard and moustache, bloodshot eyes, and a big N tattooed on his forehead. "Uh.are you here to enter the tournament?' The little man snorted. "Of course I am! Why else would I be here?" he asked arrogantly. "Just asking, just asking. Before you can enter, you must satisfy me. State your name, species, game in which you were final boss, and nemesis." The little man raised his hand and made dramatic motions with his hands. "I am the great and brilliant Dr. Neo Cortex, most brilliant of humans, final boss in almost all the Crash Bandicoot games, and enemy of Crash Bandicoot." Pi2 froze, dropping the pen onto his clipboard. "Did you say Crash Bandicoot?" "Yes, he is-" "Oh my god. What are you doing here? SECURITY! WE'VE GOT A SPY FROM SONY!" A portcullis immediately slammed down over the main gate. As Cortex spun around, frightened and confused, an alarm blared throughout the Coliseum. Doorways slid open in the walls. Men and women wearing G.U.N. uniforms and carrying heavy weaponry marched into the room. In only a few seconds, Cortex found himself surrounded by several dozen soldiers, all of which had guns trained on his giant head. The alarm stopped blaring. Pi2 walked through the ring of soldiers and strutted up to Cortex, not looking pleased. "So, you Sony agents thought you could just waltz in here and steal our ideas for a fighting game like you did with the previous Smash Brothers did you? Do you have any idea how embarrassing it was for us when Playstation came out with Ergheiz, which is obviously based on the same principle of SSB? Take him away boys!" As the soldiers started advancing, Cortex moaned. "No, wait! I'm not a spy! I really am here to compete!" Pi2 snorted. "Everyone knows that only someone who's been a final boss on a Nintendo gaming system can compete!" "But I am!" Cortex protested. "I'm in Crash's Huge Adventure! You know, for Gameboy Advance? That means it's perfectly legitimate for me to enter!" Pi2 blinked. "Oh. You're right. Never mind guys, false alarm. You can return to your posts." Grumbling, the G.U.N. agents marched back into the secret doors, which sealed behind them. The portcullis lifted. Pi2 returned to the table. "Sorry for the inconvenience Cortex. Now, can you please demonstrate three special moves?" "Er, right, special moves. Let's see now." Cortex pulled out a ray gun and fired a few laser balls into the air. The balls went up high, then fell to the ground and dissolved. Pi2 frowned. Nervously, Cortex put away the gun and pulled out what could only be a mine. He threw it as far as he could. It landed two feet away from Cortex and exploded weakly, sprinkling dust everywhere. Getting desperate, Cortex opened his eyes wide, fixing Pi2 with a withering stare. Nothing happened. At last, Cortex blinked, stopping his pathetic attempt at an attack. "So, uh, can I compete?" he asked hopefully. The Pokemon thought for a moment. On the one hand, if I get rid of him I eliminate the possible threat of a spy. However, no good Smash Brothers game would be complete without a weak, pathetic character to beat up. The original game had Jigglypuff, the last one had Pichu. Cortex is weaker than either of them. Yes, I'll let him in. The crowd will love seeing him get beaten to a bloody pulp. "Okay, you're in. Just go to the locker rooms over there and you'll be all set." Cortex cheered himself, then strutted over to the door and went through it, leaving Pi2 alone once more. Not two seconds after Cortex had left, yet another applicant came in! It seemed fortune was smiling on the artificial Pokemon. The applicant was a tall, powerfully built man, with black clothes, a long red cape, flaming red hair and greenish skin. Something in his eyes creeped Pi2 out. "Ah, are you here to enter the tournament sir? If so, I'll need some information please." The man snorted. "Information? Bah! I am Ganondorf, and soon I will rule the world!" "That's very nice, sir, but you can't get into the tournament and win the prize unless you give me a little information. What is your species, game in which you are final boss, and nemesis." Ganondorf scoffed. "I, Ganondorf, am King of Thieves, Lord of the Gerudo. I have been final boss in almost all the Legend of Zelda games. My nemesis is the thrice-damned Link, bearer of the Triforce of Courage!" "That's very nice sir. Could you please demonstrate three special moves?" Ganondorf laughed. "Special moves? I was in the last game! I have plenty of special moves!" He lashed out with a foot engulfed in purple flames, the Wizard Foot. He hit a support column with a mighty Warlock Punch, cracking it. He finished with his strongest attack, the Gerudo Dragon, flinging himself right at the column, smashing it to rubble. He flew back over to Pi2's table and struck a pose. "Well, was that good enough for you?" Pi2 sighed. "Yes sir, you're in the tournament. Please go to the locker rooms on your left." "Excellent! I will win this tournament and the grand prize, allowing me to finance a new evil army and take over the world! Muhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" He boldly strode through the door. Pi2 sighed and shook his head. "If I get too many more guys like him, I'm quitting and giving this job to Pi3." He muttered to himself.

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