I am happy and sorry to say this is the final chapter. I hope you have enjoyed reading this story and will maybe tune in to see other fics I write. In any case, all you long-time fans will get to see what happens to each Smasher (aside from Heinrich, who's permanently dead). Some will have happy endings, others will not. You will just have to see for yourself. Disclaimer: I don't own anything that has appeared in a video game! Got that?!

It has been a week since the fateful final battle between Scales and Majora. There was rejoicing and grieving, for Pi2 had died trying to stand up to the vile demon. His example and courageous sacrifice will never be forgotten. The Smashers went their separate ways, and each found their own ending.

Location: Sumner's Tower. Garm carefully held the vial over the cauldron. Slowly, slowly, he dripped the three required drops into the bubbling vat. The sizzling liquid in the cauldron shimmered and turned purple. Garm grinned and called Sumner over. "Hey bro, I think I got it!" The yellow-robed wizard ran over from his observations of the mutating spider experiment to see what Garm had done. Sumner examined the cauldron and nodded. "Excellent work brother, it's almost done." "What's the next step?" asked Garm. "Do you have the powdered griffin talon?" "Check." "Do you have the spider thread?" "Check." "Do you have the chairs summon spell down?" "Check and double check." "You may add the final ingredients." Garm dropped the talon and thread into the cauldron. As the liquid started changing colors, he snapped his fingers and two soft, comfortable chairs appeared. The cauldron rumbled, and suddenly an image was projected into the air, bursting from the cauldron's surface. Sumner stared at the hologram, then frowned at Garm. "Garm! This isn't this year's Magician's Awards." Garm winced. "Sorry brother, I guess I must have-" "However, this is much better. Good work." Said Sumner, pointing to the scantily glad desert slave girls dancing in the image. The two brothers grinned and watched.

Location: Pallet Town. It was late, near midnight. Gary's car, empty of all cheerleaders, entered the driveway of Oak Laboratories. Gary got out of the car and started up the path to his grandfather's house when he paused, looking down the road. Not too far away was the house of his nemesis, Ash Ketchum. Right behind that house was the enormous mansion owned by Ash's Pikachu's offspring, Pichu. (Yes, the same Pichu with the True Force.) Gary clenched his fists, his blood boiling. It wasn't fair, he suddenly realized. It just wasn't fair. Gary was more mature than Ash. He knew how to drive. He had lots of adoring fangirls. His grandfather was one of the world's greatest Pokemon researchers. He was arguably cooler than Ash, had higher-leveled Pokemon, he even owned a Gym! Despite all this, who was always the hero? Ash. Who had more friends? Ash. Who defeated his own father Giovanni, the boss of Team Rocket, and saved the world? Ash. Who had managed to see more legendary Pokemon in his lifetime than the average human? Ash. Who was irrefutably the world's greatest Pokemon Master? Ash. Gary didn't get it. Why did Ash get EVERYTHING? He was the champion in Johto, Kanto, and the Orange Islands. He had that Gym leader Misty as a girlfriend. He had a Pikachu whose mate and daughter had won the last two Super Smash Brothers Tournaments! How did he get so lucky? Why couldn't Gary ever have the glory? Sure, he beat Ash more than once in straight Pokemon matches, but he kept coming back and eventually winning. Why couldn't Gary for once get something to one-up Ash with? Why couldn't he ever get what he deserved? Why couldn't he ever beat that little twerp in anything but combat?! Gary shook his head out of fury and jealousy. He couldn't take it anymore. He turned around and started walking back down the path to his car. He paused by the mailbox. He ripped his Pokeballs off of his trainer's belt and shoved them in the mailbox, leaving all but his first Pokemon behind. With only one Pokeball left, Gary stormed into his car. He backed out into the road and drove into the darkness of the night, never to be seen again.

Location: Haunted Wasteland. High in his dark citadel, Ganondorf sat on his throne, completely and totally alone. They were all gone. Every single one of his minions had quit and were going off to be productive members of the community. Why? There is one simple reason for this. After Majora's death, everyone reclaimed the items or magic stolen from them. Except for Ganondorf. When he had tried to take back the Triforce of Power, it had rejected him and gone to a more suitable host. Specifically, Pichu. What's more, the little rodent had then received the Triforces of Courage and Wisdom and the Master Sword as well. All of these sacred items had rejected their original owners, and now Pichu possessed the full Tetraforce and the Sword of Evil's Bane. And what did Ganondorf have now? The Slave Sword, several thousand bucks, and average magical skill. He was nothing more than an ordinary magician with high aspirations, now that the Triforce had left him. His minions had left because he no longer frightened them; he was now not much more than a regular evil king. It was obvious now that Pichu was his enemy. But how did that help him? She had the Master Sword and the Tetraforce. The Slave Sword cancels the Master Sword, but what counters the Tetraforce? Nothing! There was no antithesis to the Tetraforce! Ganondorf suddenly sat up, getting an idea. "Of course." He said to himself, shocked he hadn't seen it before. The devil had made the Slave Sword as a response to the blade forged by his sister. Why not do the same thing and make a counter to the Tetraforce? He got out of his throne and started heading for his laboratory. The plan began formulating in his head. He would contact Majora's old man and suggest the possibility of an AntiTetraforce, comprised of the virtues that are the exact opposite of the Tetraforce. There would be Weakness, Ignorance, Cowardice and the False Force. All together, they would be just as strong as the Tetraforce and allow Ganondorf to have his revenge at long last against all of them, starting with Pichu. A malicious grin crept onto his face. Pichu would die, and then he would burn Hyrule to the ground.

Location: Haunted Mansion. King Boo sweated nervously, looking at himself in the mirror. "Oh, I can't do this!" he wailed. "I just can't!" "Oh come on sir," said Shivers the ghost butler. "Of course you can do it. You love her, don't you?" King Boo blinked. "Huh? No, I'm talking about this horrid bow tie! It clashes with my greenish spectral radiance. Get me a better one!" Shivers sighed and rolled his eyes. "Yes sir." He floated top the other side of the dressing room, looking for a nicer bow tie. King Boo looked again into the mirror. Tonight he was finally getting married to his fiancée, Lady Bow. He had to look just right for when he walked up the aisle, or he would look horrible in contrast to Bow. Aside from the fact that he wanted to marry Bow, this union would be a good thing because it would merge the two Boo realms. Very good for business and all that. Shivers returned with a black bow tie. Boo quickly put it on. "Ah, perfect. Thank you Shivers. Well, it's time to go." Followed by Shivers, King Boo flew out of the room. After rushing through the walls and floors of most of the mansion, they finally reached the Secret Altar. The hidden chamber had been enlarged to accommodate the great number of guests for this event. On one side of the center aisle were the Boos of Gusty Gulch and Lady Bow's mansion, the other side held the Boos and ghosts of Boo's Mansion. At the end of the room was Lady Bow, decked out in flowers and jewelry. Boo's heart thumped. Gods, she was beautiful. He floated down the aisle, joining Bow at the front. But where was the priest, you may ask? Why, he's showing up in just a moment. An ominous figure manifested in front of the two ghosts. He was enshrouded in a large black cloak and hood. Skeletal hands protruded from the ends of his sleeves. A great scythe was strapped to his back. It was the Grim Reaper, ruler of all the undead and priest for undead weddings. The Reaper gazed out from under his dark hood and began. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the union between these two great manors of the undead, the joining of two kingdoms." He basically went on to say all of that stuff that's said at weddings, which I won't be writing since I can't remember any of it. Finally, he got to the focal point of the ceremony. "King Boo, do you take Lady Bow to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, to love and to care for, for all eternity or until some cocky ghost hunter kills you?" "I do." "And Lady Bow, do you take King Boo to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, to love and to care for, for all eternity or until some cocky ghost hunter kills you?" "I do." The Reaper nodded. "If any have reason that this marriage should not take place, speak now or forever hold their silence." For a moment, nothing happened. The Reaper shrugged and was about to proceed when suddenly the room was filled with smoke. As the ghosts panicked, the Reaper was a bit angry. "What? Who dares intrude on this holy matrimony with a smoke bomb?" The smoke cleared, revealing two figures. "Prepare for trouble." Said the short one. "And make it double." Said the tall one. "To denounce the evils of spooks and spectres." "To unite all spirits within our vacuum packs." "Professor E. Gadd!" "Luigi!" "Team Suckit, vacuuming up all ghosts at the speed of light!" "Surrender now or prepare to get sucked up!" All the ghosts stared at Luigi and E. Gadd, who were wearing ridiculous costumes and had dyed their hair along with the Poltergust 3000 each had on their backs. Then the Grim Reaper spoke up, very angry. "You dare to intrude on these proceedings, uninvited and threatening to capture all these ghosts?!" He pulled out his huge scythe. He started to sweep towards them. "Begone, or you will taste my blade!" The two men gulped and ran from the room, screaming "Looks like Team Suckit's running away again!" The Reaper put his scythe away and returned to Boo and Bow. "Where were we? Oh yes." He snapped his bony fingers, and a ring appeared on both of the two ghosts' arms. "By the power vested in me by the gods of time and entropy, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." The two ghosts leaned in for a passionate kiss. It parted eventually. King Boo hovered there, stunned, then fainted. Bow pouted. "I hope he doesn't do that every time I kiss him, or he'll be unconscious for most of our new lives!" Everyone laughed at that.

Location: K. Rool's Mobile Island Fortress. K. Rool got out of the boat he had taken to get back home. He gazed up at his great artificial island proudly before heading to one of the secret entrances he had hidden all over the place. He flipped open the concealed access panel, typed in the security code, and waited. The wall slid open, revealing a passageway into the secret innards of his fortress. Whistling, K. Rool walked down the passageway, coming into the secret Kremling town inside of the island. "My subjects, I have returned!" yelled K. Rool. The numerous Kremlings, Klaptraps, and other crocodilian creatures living in the town looked at him for a moment, shook their heads, and walked away. He blinked. What was going on? "Where are you all going? As your king, I command you to applaud my not-quite-triumphant return! Hello? Hello! Can anyone hear me? Are you guys listening? I-hey! Come back here! Guys? Guys?" The Kremlings all ignored him. K. Rool frowned. "Fine! Be that way! I guess I'll just have to escort myself home! Hmmph!" With that, he proudly strutted away. Once he was out of hearing range, the Kremlings started laughing. K. Rool headed across the town to one of the secret elevators that went all over the fortress. He hopped in and checked his options. He could either go to Frantic Factory, Gloomy Galleon, Hideout Helm or Creepy Castle. He selected Creepy Castle. He whistled to himself as the elevator went up, finally stopping at the very top of his island. He got out of the elevator and found himself in his high castle. He was more than a little surprised to find his face had been ripped from all the portraits, tapestries, and stained glass windows in the castle. "What the hell? What's going on here?" He wandered through his castle, astonished to find that all images of himself had been stripped from the place. He finally made it to the throne room and discovered, to his horror, somebody was in his really comfortable and cool-looking throne. "What! What are you doing in my chair? Get out!" "Why?" asked the Kremling on the throne. "Because it's my chair! I'm the king here, and only the king sits in the throne!" The Kremling shook his head. "That would be true if you were still the king." K. Rool blinked. "What? What are you talking about? Of course I'm the king!" "Not anymore." "How is that possible?" "It's quite simple. We, the Kremling nation, have been tired of your tyranny and obsession with revenge against the Kongs for far too long. When you left for the tournament, we had the perfect opportunity to take control of our own fates. I, K. Aring, was elected by the people to become president of Crocodile Isle. The first thing I did as new leader of the Kremlings was make peace with our long-time rivals, the Kongs." K. Rool's mouth dropped. He finally managed to say "This-this-this-this is impossible! The Kongs are our enemies!" "No, the Kongs WERE our enemies." Corrected K. Aring. "We have entered into a peaceful trade alliance. They give us Golden Bananas rife with vitamins and other healthy nutrition; we give them some of the many fine products of Kremcroc Industries and other technological goodies we Kremlings are so good at making. We both win." K. Rool shook his head. "No, this can't be happening! Surely I have supporters left!" "The people took a vote to decide whether we should remain loyal to you or form a democracy. Democracy got a 99.9999999% vote." Said K. Aring. "Well, who voted to stay loyal?" asked K. Rool anxiously. "A malfunctioning Robokremling." K. Rool sagged. "Well, what am I supposed to do now?" "Leave." "Huh?" "Leave this island. And never come back. We don't want you here K. Rool. Leave us alone." Said K. Aring. "If you don't go now, you'll have to be forced off." K. Rool should have just left. Instead, he got angry. "Now listen here! I am the rightful king of the Kremlings! Get off my throne before I have you flogged!" K. Aring sighed and pressed a button on his armrest. Several Krushas and Klumps ran into the room and grabbed K. Rool. As he protested, they took him all the way through the castle and loaded him into a Barrel Cannon. As the former tyrant tried to get out of the cannon, one of the Klumps spun the cannon around so that it was aimed over the big crown wall encircling the castle. The Klump stood back as a Krusha lit the cannon. The crocodiles watched eagerly as the cannon fired, launching a screaming K. Rool over the wall and into the sea.

Location: A fashion show. Dozens of photographers were clutching their cameras in anticipation, struggling to keep themselves from running backstage and taking pictures of the models in their dressing rooms. Finally, the announcer came on the P.A. "Members of the press, I apologize for keeping you waiting. Without further delay, we present the Winkybunion Sisters, wearing their own design for this season's fashion." The photographers all got their cameras up, focusing on the platform for the fashion walk. The curtains in the back started to open. "First up, we have the youngest of the three, Blobbelda!" The cameras started going off like mad as Blobbelda came out. No longer short and fat, she was a lovely green woman wearing an elegant black gown and a gray live cat over one shoulder. "Blobbelda's fall design focuses on the slimming effects of a black dress, and wearing a live animal over one shoulder. Why? It won't smell as much as a dead one, of course." Blobbelda smiled and waved to the photographers as she turned and walked back behind the curtains. Now for the next sister, Mingella!" The cameras went off again as Mingella walked out onto the stage, wearing a black dress with almost no sleeves and a skirt of sorts. She wore a black pointy hat and carried a spell book under one arm. Her long pink hair went halfway down her back. No longer skinny and scrawny, Mingella looked quite nice and no longer had such a long nose. "Mingella's fall line consists of a two-piece dress with a detachable skirt. The hat accents the witch theme, and the spell book is for a sort of schoolgirl charm." Mingella smiled, twirled, and walked backstage. "And finally, the eldest of the sisters, here's Grunty!" As Gruntilda walked out from the curtains, the flashes from the cameras were so frequent and bright that the entire room seemed to light up. The photographers frantically tapped the buttons on their cameras, shooting a photo every time Gruntilda made the slightest movement. Grunty walked to the end of the stage and let herself be admired. She was wearing a short-sleeved tight black dress with a miniskirt that revealed way too much of her legs. The dress had an extremely low neckline. I won't say anymore about that. She had short black hair and two little fangs protruding from her top jaw. Grunty looked like a cross between the most beautiful women in the world, with green skin thrown into the mix. As the announcer attempted to describe her dress, Grunty smiled inward and outward, thinking to herself how good a job the plastic surgeons had done to give her a body like this. She and her sisters were now the hottest fashion models in the video game universe, and the new lair they had built for themselves had incredible traps and minions, not to mention insanely dangerous levels and bosses for whenever Banjo and Kazooie's first Gamecube game with her would be. And since the game probably wouldn't be happening for a while, the Winkybunion sisters could make extra cash modeling their incredible bodies. Grunty grinned to the photographers and started making certain motions in her tight dress. The nose of every unmarried or single male watching her started to spurt blood.

Location: Space. An enormous fleet of starships passed through the depths of outer space, numbering in at least one thousand huge vessels, each of which looked like a pirate ship. But none of them was nearly as big as the flagship of the fleet, the Buccaneer II. As the robot pirates scurried back and forth inside the bowels of the gigantic spaceship, Razorbeard lounged back in the enormously comfortable captain's chair on the Buccaneer II's bridge. "Mister Smitty, how long till we reach our destination?" The robot in question checked his display. "Approximately two months, Captain." Razorbeard nodded. "Try to cut that time down." "Yes sir." The tactical officer turned around in his seat. "Captain, there's a huge asteroid swarm directly in our path. Should we change course?" Razorbeard stroked his chin, careful not to touch his beard. "How big is this swarm?" "It is taking up approximately one million cubed miles of space. I suggest we go around it sir, many of the asteroids are near the size of the Buccaneer II." The officer replied. Razorbeard thought a moment. "Mister Smitty, how long would you estimate it would take us to go around the swarm?" Smitty checked his instruments. "I judge it would take us maybe a week." Razorbeard nodded. "And if we were to cut straight through it, if there were theoretically no asteroids in our path?" "Maybe a few hours. The swarm is very wide, but not that thick." Razorbeard smiled. "Then our course is clear. Take the fleet straight through the swarm. It'll be good target practice for our men, and we need to see how strong our new weapons are." The robots around him contacted the other ships, informing them of the captain's decision. The fleet continued straight, heading into the swarm. Immediately, asteroids began to converge on many smaller ships. The vessels started firing their weapons, powerful lasers and missiles, blasting the rocks into space dust. They continued on this way for a while, pulverizing any obstacles in their path, even destroying the giant rocks. But then, when they were almost out of the swarm, they were confronted with a huge asteroid, almost a planetoid due to its mass. None of the other ships weapons had any effect on the rock, and they were heading right for it. Razorbeard turned to the tactical officer. "Tell the ships ahead of us to get out of the way. Start charging up the Beam Cannon." Getting the signal, the smaller pirate ships started maneuvering away from the front of the fleet. The prow of the Buccaneer II lowered until it was pointing straight ahead at the asteroid. A ball of energy started collecting at the tip of the prow, getting bigger and bigger. Finally, the prow fired the ball of energy at the asteroid as a powerful beam. The beam struck the asteroid. The giant rock cracked, shook and exploded into space dust. The fleet flew forward through the rock's remains, sailing out of the swarm at last. Razorbeard grinned. "Arr, that was some nice shooting. Are we following the proper course?" "Yes sir." Said Smitty. "Excellent. I think the weapons we stole are more than adequate for my revenge on Rayman. Keep us going on course Mister Smitty, keep us going." The space fleet sailed through the cosmos, still heading for the planet of Rayman.

Location: A psychiatrist's office in Dreamland's capital. Oxygen was floating above the standard couch while the psychiatrist sat in his chair, writing down notes. He was small, round, and had a big nose, dark glasses and a huge bushy mustache. "So Oxygen, how are we doing?" Oxygen shrugged a little. "I'm doing fine, doctor. My horrific dreams of being torn apart by Ganondorf have stopped for the most part. My normal bloodthirsty tendencies are coming back, and I think I'll be able to go back to my normal giant size soon and unleash my Dark Matter on the innocent people of Dreamland once again." The psychiatrist nodded. "Yeah ha, yeah ha, that's great Oxygen. Now tell me, how are you feeling about that nice Kirby boy?" Oxygen growled. "Oh, don't get me started on that pink freak, doc! Ooh, how I hate that little marshmallow! He will be the first to die, I swear it! My Dark Matter will feast on his bones and kill that musical girlfriend of his!" "Ah, you mean that sweet Jigglypuff girl?" "Yes, Jigglypuff! Ooh, the things I'm gonna do to those two when I'm back to normal! Why I oughta-" "Oxygen, I'm proud to say you're one hundred percent cured." Said the psychiatrist abruptly. Oxygen stopped. "I am? Yes! Now I can have my revenge!" "But first, we'll need to talk about my fee." Said Kirby. "Oh of course doctor, how much?" asked Oxygen. The psychiatrist ripped off the disguise he was wearing. Oxygen gasped. The psychiatrist was none other than Kirby! "Well, I was thinking in terms of your entire body!" "Kirby? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wait, you can't eat me! If you do, you'll gain my characteristics and become just as evil as I am!" Oxygen said desperately. "I wouldn't be so sure, I ate Kind Dedede once and I didn't get a hammer or become greedy. And I ate Meta Knight another time and never learned how to use a sword or became malevolent and hateful. So there's no reason to think I'll become evil just by eating you." Said Kirby. "Oh. Well, you're still not getting me in your belly!" yelled Oxygen, trying to fly away. Kirby opened his mouth and started sucking. Oxygen was caught in the vacuum and started falling back. "No! No! This can't be happeniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnng!" he cried as he vanished into the pink hero's mouth. Kirby closed his mouth. Then he frowned, belched, and held his tummy. "Ooooooohhhhh, that didn't feel too good. Ah, it'll pass." Kirby waited a few moments for the queasy feeling caused by digesting something comprised of pure evil to subside, then he ran out of the office to tell everyone that the Dark Matter was as good as done for, now that he had eaten their leader. He was looking forward to having another big party, giving him an excuse to get drunk, eat all the furniture, and get in bed with Jigglypuff.

Location: Daisy's Castle. Wario dodged another one of Wart's fireballs. "Damn it, will you just hold still so I can kill you?!" shouted the Frog King. "Yeah right-a! Let'-a see how you like-a being hit with spikes for-a the ninth time!" The Italian ran behind Wart and grabbed him by the tail. He started spinning around, lifting up Wart and twirling him around and around. "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! I think I'm gonna be sick." moaned the spinning Wart. Wario let go of Wart, flinging him right into one of the spiked balls hanging around the platform. Wart smashed into the ball and fell into the bottomless depths of the weird painting world they were in, never to be seen again until the next Wario game. Wario grinned and gave the V for victory sign. There was a flash, and he was suddenly outside of Daisy's Castle. Waluigi ran out of the castle's front doors and up to his brother. "Wario, you-a did it! Wart's gone and-a all the vegetables are-a back!" "What about-a Daisy?" asked Wario. "She's-a waiting for you, come on!" Waluigi led Wario back into the castle. The vegetables cheered upon seeing their rescuer. Wario blushed and waved to them all. Daisy ran through the crowd, completely unharmed, and gave Wario a kiss on the forehead. Wario blinked and kissed her back as everyone else started clapping.

Location: Space Station orbiting Crash's world, Sony galaxy. All of Crash's enemies were assembled at the conference table, Tiny the Tiger, Dingodile, N. Gin, N. tropy, Neo Cortex and Uka Uka. "Now that Crash Bandicoot is dead, we have the perfect opportunity to make our strike!" said Uka Uka. "With only Coco, Crunch and my pathetic brother left, nothing can stop us!" "But isn't Crunch actually stronger than Crash was?" asked Tiny. "And doesn't he still possess residual powers from the four elemental masks?" asked N. Tropy. "And Coco is stronger than she seems, she kicked my hiney back In Crash Bandicoot Warped." Said N. Gin. "And didn't Aku Aku beat you in Crash Bash?" asked Dingodile. Uka Uka scowled. "That's beside the point! Cortex has come up with a new plan that's sure to work, and if it doesn't I'll burn what little is left of his hair. Cortex, tell them the new plot." Cortex stood up. "Okay, here's the plan. We now have the four elemental masks in our possession once more. We will attempt to gather the magical crystals and gems like we always do, and put them and the four masks into the space station's core. We will then be able to use the space station's giant inoperative Cortex Vortex weapon to control the weather and take over the world!" he said proudly. "But what about Crunch? Won't he try to stop us?" asked N. Tropy. "Of course he'll try to stop us. So that means we'll have to eliminate him by allowing him access to the several hazardous levels the crystals and gems are in, leaving the crystals in plain sight and making it very difficult to get to the gems. We then place hundreds of inept minions in the field who will surely kill Crunch at least once. (Remember, Crash Bandicoot games have lots of lives.) And in the unlikely event that the minions and hazards fail to prevent Crunch from grabbing crystals, we will force him to battle a dangerous boss whom will have the means to his own defeat placed somewhere in the battleground every five levels. If he manages to get all twenty-five crystals and the numerous gems, Crunch will then have to fight me in a ridiculously easy final battle that he has a good chance of winning despite the fact that Uka Uka will give me a weapon that will surely kill him. What do you all think?" There were numerous murmurs of awe and impressed mutters. "My God, it's brilliant!" said Dingodile. "A plan this good can't possibly fail!" said N. Tropy. "Can I be a boss? Can I? Can I?" begged N. Gin. "Yes N. Gin, you can be a boss." Said Cortex. "Can I be a boss too? I really want to show that bandicoot what I'm made of!" said Tiny. "Sure, why not? Hell, you all can be bosses!" said Cortex. The villains cheered. "Now, let's get to work! The sooner we start the sooner Crunch and the others will die! Muhahahahahahaha! Come on, laugh with me! Muhahahahahahahahaha! Muhahahahahahahahaha!" They all laughed maniacally. (In case you were wondering, yes, all of them are incredibly stupid.)

Location: Pokemopolis. It was almost midnight. Mewtwo stood at the edge of the city's walls. Behind him were the homes of the Pokemon who lived in the city. Before him, outside the walls, stood Giovanni and his Rocket soldiers. Giovanni was wearing some sort of armor, as were the rest of the Rockets. "Give it up, Mewtwo! I have discovered how to nullify psychic attacks, and have put that technology into all of the armor and weaponry you can see out here." Said Giovanni. "There's nothing you can do to stop us this time, especially with my latest weapon, Metal Mewtwo!" he added, pointing to a robot nearby that looked exactly like a cybernetic Mewtwo. "So what do you say? Will you surrender, or will you die?" Mewtwo made a big show about pondering the issue. "Hmm, let me think." He sent a telepathic message across the city to Mew, telling her it was time. In the palace in the center of Pokemopolis, Mew and Celebi stood in a chamber that was beautifully decorated, with plenty of ornate carvings on the walls. The room was really more of a shaft, going straight up and ending in a closed hatchway. In the center of the room was a small pillar with a notch in its top, as if something was supposed to go there. "Celebi, open the hatchway." Mew said. Celebi flew over to a lever on the wall and pulled it. The hatchway far above opened. Moonlight shone into the room. "Thank you. Now, to ensure Pokemopolis' security for all time." Mew flew up to the pillar and placed the Master Stone in the notch. The Stone glowed. A beam of green light shop up from the Stone, going up the shaft and out into the open air. The beam stopped a few feet out of the shaft and spread outwards and eventually downwards, creating a greenish force field that surrounded the entire city. Mewtwo smiled down at Giovanni. "I don't think I'll be surrendering." "Then you leave me no choice. Fire!" The Rockets and Metal Mewtwo all aimed at Mewtwo and fired their weapons. Mewtwo took a step backwards as the force field shot down, covering the wall from the outside. The bullets and laser blasts hit the force field and disintegrated. "What? What is this?" asked Giovanni. Mewtwo laughed. "You're too late, human. The Master Stone is in place, and Pokemopolis can never be breached by your kind again. Leave now. There is nothing more that you can do." Giovanni glared at him for a moment. "This isn't over Mewtwo! I'll find a way into that city, and when I do you'll regret ever crossing me! I swear this on the life of my thrice-damned child!" Mewtwo grinned and waved goodbye mockingly at Giovanni. Giovanni spat at the ground, then headed off into the jungle. Wary, his men and the robot clone followed him. Mewtwo waited until Giovanni could no longer be seen, then thought to himself, "I look forward to the day we meet again Giovanni. For when that day happens, I promise you that none of your grunts, technology or Pokemon will protect you from my wrath. You will pay for the crimes you have committed, Giovanni. I swear this on my own life." With that last thought Mewtwo teleported away.

Location: Bowser/Smithy's Castle. Bowser was lead to the top of the castle by Smithy's minions. On the roof, Smithy was waiting, along with the Axem Rangers and the children. Smithy chuckled as Bowser approached, the minions leaving. "Ah Bowser, so at last you return. Do you have my money?" Bowser nodded. "Good. Now give it to me." Bowser shook his head. "Uh-uh. There's no way I'm giving you five million dollars Smithy. It's my money. I won it fair and square. If you wanted the money so bad, you should have signed up for the Smash Bosses tournament as well. The only way you're getting this money from me is if you split open my shell and kill me. I'm calling you out, Smithy. Let's fight, for the fate of my children and the Koopa Kingdom." Smithy shrugged. "So be it. You'll all have to die then." Smithy put away the coal and drew forth the Star Sword. "Show me what powers your pathetic Rod possesses, Koopa." Bowser grinned. "Oh, I plan to." Bowser pulled out the Star Rod and shoved it down his throat. As Smithy stared at him puzzled, Bowser merged with the Star Rod, transforming into Giga Bowser. The giant monster roared. Smithy took a step back, surprised. Giga Bowser curled into his shell and hit Smithy with his Whirling Fortress. The evil being was knocked backwards, smashing into the giant sword. Bowser popped out of his shell and used his Fire Breath, roasting Smithy and blackening his armor. As Smithy tried to get up, Bowser picked him up with the Koopa Klaw and started gnawing him. Bowser spit Smithy out, throwing him into the big sword again. Bowser raised his foot and stomped on Smithy, over and over again. When Smithy was forced into the roof of the building by the repeated stomping, Giga Bowser stopped for a moment, then shrunk back to normal Bowser, spitting out the Star Rod. The kids cheered. Smithy groaned and tried to pull himself out of the footprint Giga Bowser had stomped him into, the Star Sword lying forgotten on the ground. Smithy looked up to see Bowser looming over him. "Please.honorable king.show mercy." Bowser pointed the Star Rod right in Smithy's face and fired a Star Beam, killing him. "Nobody messes with my family and gets away with it." Bowser growled. The Axem Rangers looked at each other, gulped, and disintegrated. The same thing happened to the giant sword, as well as all of Smithy's other minions, unable to sustain themselves without their master's presence. The Koopa Kids screamed a collective "Daddy!" and ran over to their father. He snatched up all seven of them and gave them a big group hug. He put them down. "Now, where were we before Smithy showed up?" "We were playing basketball!" said Wendy. "Oh yeah. Who else wants to play basketball?" asked Bowser. Everyone's hands shot up. "Well then, let's go and play!" said Bowser, heading for the entrance back into the castle. The kids followed, happy to have their dad back.

Location: Angel Island. Chaos ran across the field, chasing after the Chao. "Come back here, you! It's time for bed!" The Chao kept running. Chaos shot out his arms, grabbing the Chao and bringing it back to him. The Chao fussed for a moment then seemed to feel better, curling up in Chaos' watery arms. "Come on little guy, let's get you back to your parents." He carried the baby Chao across the field, heading back to the Emerald shrine. The Shrine was the center of Angel Island, where the Master Emerald he had created sat once more. Now that the Emerald was back in place, the island was aloft once more. The Emerald was also where he and Tikal lived when not caring for the Chao. As he got closer to the Shrine, Chaos put down the baby. "Okay, your parents should be around here somewhere. Go find them and have a good night's sleep, okay? We can play more tomorrow." The baby nodded and toddled off, heading for where the Chao slept. Chaos yawned and headed into the Shrine, where Tikal was waiting. "Hey, what took you so long?" she asked. "One of the babies got loose and started heading for the edge. I had to chase after him so I could get him before he fell off. Also, it was past his bedtime." He explained. "I hope his parents aren't too worried." She said. "I'm sure they worried a little, but they'll be fine now that their baby is okay." Chaos paused, then sighed. "Kind of makes me wonder when we're gonna get a kid. I sometimes see the adult Chao and envy them a little." "Why? Chaos, you already have children. You made the Chao, aren't they still your offspring in a sense?" asked Tikal. "I guess." "And so what if we never have a real child? Taking care of Chao is good enough for me. I don't doubt that I'd be prepared for taking care of a baby after all the years I've spent working with the Chao." She smiled, trying to cheer him up a little more. "Come on Chaos, let's go to bed." "But I'm not that tired." She winked. "I mean, let's go to bed." Chaos got it. "Oh, I see. Who knows, maybe this time we'll conceive something together, eh?" She grinned. They both put their hands on the Master Emerald. There was a flash, and they vanished inside the jewel.

Location: Unknown. Majora's eyes opened. He blinked. He was in his true body! But that was impossible, he was dead, wasn't he? He tried to move. He was surprised to find he could not budge an inch. What was going on? Majora then took notice of his surroundings. He was floating in place. The area he was in was vast, with no real landscape. The whole place was a chaotic void, nothing but shifting colors and shapes as far as the eye could see. Of course, there were things in the void other than Majora. All around him were other demons! He called out to them, but none responded. They all seemed to be missing something, as was evident by their blank glassy stare at nothing. Majora then noticed something he couldn't believe he had missed before, the center of this strange place. In the middle of this strange void, surrounded by motionless floating demons, was a huge crystal. This crystal was incredibly beautiful, a completely flawless jewel. However, something seemed to be wrong with it. It looked half-dead, giving off a feeble, sickly glow. The crystal was in a setting placed atop a great disc of sorts, with several sections cut into the edge of the disc that had long spans of white and black that Majora could not make out too well. The bottom of the disc had several metal triangles jutting down and inwards, circling around a black orb that glowed strangely. Where was he? Majora was then aware of several small objects moving in the background. One of the objects started to come towards him, growing larger as it got closer, thanks to the magic that is perspective. When the object finally reached Majora, it could be seen as a white hand three times Majora's size. "Ah, you awaken at last. Welcome to your final destination." Said the hand. "What is this place? Who are you? What's going on?" asked Majora. "I am the Master Hand." Said the hand. "What? Weren't you the host and final boss of previous Super Smash tournaments?" "Yes, that was I." "What are you doing here?" "This is my home. I live here with my wife, Mistress Hand, my brother, Crazy Hand, and all of my other family members." "Are they all hands?" "Yes, of course." "I ask once again, what is this place?" "This," Master Hand said, making a broad gesture. "Is the land of Mundus, the world between worlds." "World between worlds?" asked Majora, confused. "Sorry, I get a little poetic sometimes. This place does not actually exist anywhere you would think of. It is in no dimension or universe in existence. It is between them all, a reality within reality. Simply speaking, it is the dimensional nexus, where all dimensions intersect, except for the two higher ones." The Hand explained. "You know, Heaven and Hell." "What is going on here, then?" "Do you see the crystal?" asked the Hand, pointing to the great crystal. "It's kind of hard to miss." Majora said sarcastically. "That crystal is the center of all mortal dimensions. Without this crystal, all worlds but Heaven and Hell would cease to exist. An excruciatingly long time ago, during the Great War between good and evil, the crystal was heavily damaged due to the incredible evil given off by Satan. The Goddess of Time created us, her Hands, to maintain the crystal and keep the dimensions from falling apart. However, it seemed to be a losing fight as the crystal kept cracking despite our efforts. Then, one day, the very first demon was killed. For some reason or another, all demons that die come here. When the demon arrived, everyone was quite surprised. After our initial efforts to restrain it, we found that the crystal was actually slightly healing itself due to the demon's presence. We don't know why that is either, but when we took the demon's soul from its body and gave it to the crystal, it completely healed itself. Unfortunately, although the flaws and breaks were gone in the crystal, it was very weak and would break again unless we were able to provide it with enough demon souls to completely reenergize it. And so all of the demons you see around you came here eventually, and their souls went into the crystal. It has taken a long time, but the crystal is now at half-power. It will probably take millions of years before the crystal is completely fixed, but we can wait." Master Hand poked Majora's chest. "Your soul is actually more like four in one. It will go a long way to fixing the crystal." Majora snarled. "You're not getting my soul!" "You don't really have a choice, I'm afraid. Is there anything else you would like to know before I take your soul?" Majora thought frantically, trying to find a way out. There was none. Finally, he asked, "What's going to happen to my body?" "That's a good question." The Master Hand pointed to the disc. "Those white and black things down there are keys." "Keys?" "Yes. You see, we need something to do in our spare time, so we managed to create a clever apparatus. We use magic to link the soulless bodies to the keys. When we press a key, a demon sings the appropriate note. Using this method and several keyboards, with one key being used for multiple demons on each keyboard; it is actually possible to play a beautiful song. Interesting isn't it, how something so marvelous can come from a being sworn to desecrate everything? Well, I'm sorry you'll be incapable of hearing the song, it's really quite good. I can't imagine what it'll sound like when all of you demons are dead and your souls have fixed the crystal. I look forward to that day." The Master Hand flew closer to Majora. "Now, you foul creature, it is time for you to finally do something helpful. With your final death, you will help millions more to live." Before Majora could protest further, the Master Hand snapped his fingers. Majora screamed as a ball of light ripped out of his chest, then fell silent, his eyes blank and glassy. The Master Hand grabbed the ball, Majora's soul and flew over to the crystal. He spun around and hurled the soul at the crystal. It sunk into the crystal's surface. The crystal's light got a decibel or two brighter. The Master Hand called out to the others. "Hey everybody, it's time to play!" He flew down to the keyboards on the disc, as did all the other hands. Sheet music appeared in front of each of them. They started playing the notes. The keys made no noise, but several demons sang a note for each key pressed. As the hands played the keys, the surrounding demons sang a hauntingly beautiful song, one not quite finished but promising of an eventual completion and perfection. (Oh, and the reason Master and Crazy Hand were in SSB and SSBM is because Nintendo was looking for a big hand- like figure, and they were the ones for the job.)

Location: The space colony ARK. Scales sat on the bridge leading to the Eclipse Cannon. She sat on the edge, her feet dangling off the end. She knew this was dangerous, but she could use Chaos Control, so she could just warp back onto the bridge if she fell. From the bridge, she could see the planet below. It was one of the most beautiful views on the entire space station. She thought back to the events after the tournament. She had got her ten million dollars, Shadow had gotten one million for his brave act in catching Sonic, and Rouge had sold the jewels she stole for a hefty sum of money. Using their new bank statement, they had purchased the colony and were able to revamp the defenses and supplies. G.U.N. would have to think twice if they planned on getting their hands on her and Shadow. Tails had gotten very close to Cassandra and convinced her to come along. She didn't really live anywhere anyway, so she had nothing to lose. It was obvious that a relationship was forming between the two foxes. Shadow and Amy were now officially an item, which was very nice. Eggman had left after they were all set up. He said what he had done with them hadn't mattered, and he would kill them all some day. He was probably working on the Egg Beater or something at that moment. Sonic was tried in the highest court in the galaxy. Due to hard testimonial and camera evidence, Sonic was sentenced to life imprisonment. He swore revenge on them all. Everything had worked out all right in the end. And yet.Scales pulled off her folded Talon Gauntlets for a moment and looked at her wrists. Aster her cataclysmic match, she had found six little jewels imbedded in her wrists, three per arm, and one more jewel just below her neck. They had the same colors of the Chaos Emeralds. Scales wasn't sure what they represented, but believed them to be smaller representations of the Emeralds, now a permanent part of her body. They could probably be used to either become Super Scales or work in conjunction with the black Emerald to make her a goddess once more. She closed her eyes, remembering how it had felt. When the transformation had occurred, she had felt extraordinary. She had felt as if she could do anything, from destroying the universe to creating a new planet. What's scary is that she probably could have done either one easily. She had felt unlimited power coursing through her veins, sent to her by the Goddess of Time herself. Despite the incredible power she had held, something inside her made her use it the way she was supposed to, annihilating Majora and saving the universe. But now that she was back to normal, she felt a little strange. A part of her ached to be a deity once more, to feel and use the power. What scared Scales was the possibility of her being unable to control herself if she did transform again. She would become a goddess again if needed, but that did not mean the prospect did not frighten her. She was broken out of this cycle of thoughts by the approach of her brother. She could hear the faint noise of his jet shoes on the bridge. She turned her head as he stopped running and walked up to her. "Hey." He said. "Hey." Shadow sat down beside her. "What are you looking at?" "The planet." He nodded. "What are you thinking about?" She said nothing. "You're thinking about how being a goddess felt again, weren't you?" She blinked. "How did you know?" He shrugged. "Because that's what I would be thinking about a lot if I were you." "Oh." "How did it feel?" "Unbelievable." "I can believe that." He said, smiling. "It's just, well, it kind of scared me. I felt like I could do anything at that moment. The only thing that seemed to keep the power in check was my own self-control. I keep worrying about what would have happened if I couldn't have controlled myself, or if I can't control myself if I transform again. I worry that I might end up destroying everything, like Majora wanted to do." "Here's some advice: Just stop worrying. Don't think about what might have been; don't be afraid of what could have happened, because it didn't. If you dwell on the past too much, it'll become an obsession and you'll be terrified to ever use the power of the Emeralds again, for fear that you won't be able to control yourself. Because if you think you won't be able to control yourself, then you definitely won't. Just believe you will control yourself when the time comes, and everything will be okay." Said Shadow. Scales looked at Shadow, surprised. "That's amazing! Where did you learn that?" Shadow looked down. "The same thing happened to me, remember? When G.U.N. killed Maria and the others, I was obsessed with the fact that I couldn't have saved her, and when Dr. Gerald convinced me Maria had wanted vengeance, I was only too willing to help deliver that vengeance." He said sadly. Scales looked down as well. "Sorry for bringing it up." "It's okay." "Thanks for the advice." "You're welcome." There was a bit of an awkward silence. Scales decided to change the subject. "How's Amy?" "Oh, she's fine." Said Shadow, a bit relieved he didn't need to bring up painful memories. "So when's the wedding?" "Scales!" yelled Shadow, half angry, half amused. She laughed. "Sorry, Shadow, couldn't help it. I mean, I sort of assumed you were going to get married soon." "Why is that?" "Well, you've been practicing for your honeymoon." Shadow was confused. "What are you talking about?" "You've already slept with her, after all." Shadow blinked. "Wha-how-I mean, what are you talking about?" Scales rolled her eyes. "Oh come on Shadow, I could hear you guys last night. After all, my room is only next door to yours." Shadow blinked. "Were we that loud?" "Either that, or the walls are a mite thin. I'm considering changing my room to an area where there aren't two people having sex next door." Said Scales. "Then stay away from Knuckles and Rouges' rooms." Said Shadow. "I plan to. Of course, I can't sleep next door to either Tails or Cassandra either." "How come?" "In a year or two, I guarantee they'll be sleeping in the same room." Shadow snorted back a laugh. "You have some weird mind, sister." Scales grunted. "Well, seeing as how I don't have a boyfriend yet, I don't want to hear other people doing it while I'm trying to get some sleep." Shadow grinned and put an arm around her shoulder. "Cheer up sis, I'm sure you'll find a guy some day." "You think?" "Sure, why not? What guy wouldn't want a woman who has the potential to obliterate the universe and create a new one? I'm sure you'll have guys clambering up to your doorstep if any of them are able to get through our security systems." Their slightly peculiar talk was interrupted by a voice on the P.A. system. "Hello? Can anyone hear me? This is Amy. If anybody wants to eat the big dinner I've prepared with Rouge and Cassandra, report to the dining room ASAP." Shadow got up. "Come on, let's go! I don't want to let the others get a head start on dinner!" Scales got up as well. She was about to warp to the dining room when she had a thought. "Shadow?" "Yeah?" "There's something I've wanted to do with you for a while now. With my new body, I finally have the chance to do it." "What's that?" Scales looked down the bridge, the way Shadow had come from. "I want to race you. See which of us is faster. If you're worried about missing dinner, we can freeze time with a double Chaos Control so we'll be able to race between ticks of the clock." Shadow looked down the bridge as well. "Sounds good to me. First one to the end of the bridge is the ultimate lifeform?" "Sounds good to me." "Then let's do this." He said. "CHAOS CONTROL!" they both yelled. Everything took on a slightly greenish tint. Shadow walked to the end of one of the bridge planks and crouched down. Scales followed his example. "Ready?" he asked. "Ready." "Then let's go." They broke into a run, racing not only to the end of the bridge, but into their destinies.

And so this is the end. Before I truly finish this, let me say what happened to our Smasher friends.

Garm and Sumner are no longer rivals but colleagues, working together to further the knowledge of magic.

Gary has not been seen since his disappearance from pallet Town, but there have been many reports of a car matching the description of Gary's zooming down a highway at some point or another, with only a young man and an Umbreon in the front seat.

Ganondorf succeeded in creating the AntiTetraforce and used it to transform himself into a demigod and create a superweapon called the Ganon Cannon. Pichu had to go on a long and dangerous quest to stop him. She succeeded, destroying the Ganon Cannon and the AntiTetraforce, slaying Ganondorf in the process. She also fell in love with one of Ganondorf's minions, Dark Pichu. (He's a boy.) She took Dark Pichu home after Ganondorf's ultimate destruction and their relationship is blossoming.

Boo and Bow are happily married. Good for them.

K. Rool survived the fall from Creepy Castle and is currently plotting revenge against both the Kongs and his former subjects.

Gruntilda's career as a model is booming. She quit being a villain and uses her witchcraft to help other ugly people become beautiful, like she used to be.

Razorbeard failed to defeat Rayman, despite his new fleet and weapons. He failed to escape the Buccaneer II before the self-destruct went off, and was destroyed in his last failed attempt to kill his enemy.

Dreamland is closer than ever to becoming a paradise, due to the devouring of Oxygen. Kirby is going to get married to Jigglypuff after all the Dark Matter has been eradicated for good.

Wario proceeded into a surprisingly popular series of video games, most of which are rip-offs of something Mario has already done. Waluigi even got his own game at one point, Waluigi's Mansion.

Predictably, Neo Cortex's latest plan failed horrendously. He's lost no money or minions this time. He has, however, lost all his hair.

Giovanni made good on his promise and managed to invade Pokemopolis by burrowing underneath the city and attacking from below. Despite a terrible battle, the Rockets were driven off. However, many Pokemon had been killed by the invasion. In a rage, Mewtwo chased after them. He buried Metal Mewtwo underneath an avalanche and killed Giovanni himself, at last ridding himself of his enemy. Team Rocket has disbanded and the Pokemon world is safe, for now.

Bowser finally managed to succeed in conquering the Mushroom Kingdom, killing Peach and avenging his wife's death. He let Mario and Luigi go wherever they please, for he no longer really saw them as his enemies, but two men used by Peach. He knew they probably hated him for what he had done, but he didn't care. His anger was finally gone, and he was able to spend more time having fun with his children.

Chaos and Tikal did indeed have a child. They named him Chao, after all his "siblings." What does he look like? Well, you'll have to try to imagine that for yourself.

Majora is no more. The only function he serves now is to help produce beautiful music.

The first Shadow Adventure was an incredible success, loved by millions. While Scales and Cassandra did not make an appearance, they were promised roles in later games. In more personal terms, Cassandra and Tails are now officially bf/gf. Rouge proposed, and Knuckles accepted. The marriage will come soon. Shadow and Amy aren't quite ready for marriage, but they're getting closer every day. Scales has gotten over her inhibitions about the power she once received and has yet to find a male. She's not giving up hope, though. Sonic managed to escape from prison at one point, and everybody had to go and stop him from destroying the planet, which ended up becoming Shadow Adventure 2, with both Scales and Cassandra as playable characters. It was just as much of a success as Shadow Adventure 1. (Oh, and by the way, Shadow won the race. ()

And that wraps up everything, doesn't it? I hope you all enjoyed this story, because it's the only Super Smash Brothers fic I'm ever going to write. Now that it's over, I can move on to something new. If you want to know what it's about, you'll have to keep looking at my author page until I complete the first chapter. Until then, so long everyone! And don't forget to leave a review!