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The tears flowed freely down her cheeks now. Her back flush up against the headboard of her bed, her arms tightly hugging her bent knees against her cheeks.

A heart wrenching sob escaped her throat and couldn't help but let another wave a fresh tears roll out of her wet, bloodshot eyes.

He was gone. Her heart along with him.

The words they exchanged,, not ten minutes ago, still fresh in her head, repeating over and over again, involuntarily.

"I'm leaving." His gruff voice announced abrubtly, as he rolled off of her and stood from the bed. Keeping his back to her, he put his pants back on and searched of the other garments he had mindlessly thrown off of himself in the heat of the moment .

Bulma sat up, covering her naked body with a bed sheet. Something in his voice told her that something was different, something was wrong... considering the fact that Vegeta would disappear for days and sometimes weeks on end without so much as warning.

"Where?" Her meek voice rang through out the darkness. At the sound of her question, she noticed Vegeta's back muscles tighten in the glow of the moon that shone through the open double french doors of her room.

Still keeping his back to her, he slipped his boots on each foot. "I received a communication earlier today, from colony of Saiyans that were either off planet or had escaped Frieza's attack of my planet. They need their Prince to rule them." His gravely voice still held it's roughness, but there was an underlining tone in it... As if he was still talking himself into going.

This news came as a bit of a shock to Bulma. Although, it did explain his odd behavior earlier that day. She had become accustomed to Vegeta's quirks and mood swings. Learned to decipher them. Especially in the last three months they were together... although together wasn't the perfect word to describe their odd relationship.

It had started simple enough. One particular argument led to a screaming match. And said screaming match resulted in them - some hours later- both laying naked of the floor of the gravity machine. -the best sex Bulma Briefs had ever had in her life, by the way-. Ever since then, by day they were constantly bickering and insulting one another. Although the fighting and bickering were more like foreplay and flirting that led up to their nightly excursions of sex. They were full blown lovers... passionate even. And somewhere in between then and now, Bulma had developed feelings for the arrogant Prince of Sayians. Feelings that she would never fathom she would have for the man... Love.

"But you'll be back for the androids, right?" A hint of desperation was laced in her comment.

He gave no answer. He stood at the bedside, his back still turned to her.

Bulma clutched her sheet around her and crawled over to the side of the bed he was lingering. She snaked her arms around his muscled waist and pressed the right side of her face up against his tense back.

He sighed deeply and hesitantly placed his arm over hers. His thumb, almost lovingly, started to stroke her forearm.

For a moment, they stayed silent. Taking comfort in each other's presence.

"Will you? She whispered into his back.

Still no answer, and panic started to set in. The thought of never seeing him again made her want to curl up in a ball and die. Damn herself for getting so close to this man. A man that was severely complicated and broken. A Prince that she loved with every fiber in her, and the man that most likely didn't feel the same towards her... the last thought she chose to ignore

"Vegeta, I love you. You have to come back."

Horrified, she immediately retracted her hands away from him and covered her mouth with both hands.

The Saiyan twirled around, his face a dark mask of confusion and anger as he stared down at her. A small part of him took glory in the fact that she squirmed under his hard gaze.

'Where was this anger coming from?' She thought to herself.

His upper lip rolled upward, showing her a sharp canine. "Love." He spat hatefully. "That silly, human emotion. Pathetic." His eyes moved up and down at her with such disdain. "For being one of the smartest people on this planet, I would have thought you would know that you were only a convenient fuck for me, nothing more. How stupid of you to grow such disgusting emotions for me, the prince of the most strongest race in the universe. " He bellowed.

He smirked evilly as she shrunk back further onto the bed.

"And to answer your earlier question; No. I will not be coming back. Your precious Kakarot will save your precious mud ball planet." He sneered at her. "He should consider himself I have not attained my birthright yet. Otherwise I would kill him before I leave."

She was utterly crushed. But being a strong woman, she squared her shoulders and straightened. "Why, Vegeta? Scared of two measly androids? You know what? Fine, good riddance. You're probably too weak to handle even one of them-"

She found her self pinned to the mattress violently and an angry Saiyan on top of her, pinning her arms above her head and his body making it impossible to move her lower body.

"Watch yourself, Bitch." He snarled.

Bulma grit her teeth and closed her eyes. She cursed herself as she felt one hot tear slowly trail down her face. "Why, Vegeta?" She whispered, utter sadness in her voice.

She opened her eyes, and stared hard into his black, steely eyes. Silently demanding an answer to her question.

His hardened expression softened slightly. Was that regret shining through? Vegeta let go of her wrists and surprised Bulma as he lightly wiped the lone tear away. She was doubly surprised when he bent down and graced her lips with a sweet kiss.

Her eyes closed and savored this rare sweet moment Vegeta was giving her.

And just like that, he was gone.


It had been six months since Vegeta left to rule his people.

It took two of those months for her to creep slowly out of a depression she had slipped into. Her days seemed empty and gray without Vegeta there to argue and bicker with. Her nights were even more empty with out him too.

She was now starting to get back into the groove of things.

No longer was she found in or around the gravity machine, sulking in her self pity or pitifully gripping a t-shirt Vegeta would wear on occasion, taking in his wild scent.

The 24 year old scientist was now regularly showing up for breakfast and dinner to the delight of her mother. And, even smiling more often.

All remnants of Vegeta were now gone. His room was completely packed up, along with the gravity machine. The only thing remaining of the Saiyan Prince were the marks on the grass where the gravity room sat and the dreams Bulma had every now and then of him.

All in all, she was happy.

It was a normal day, Bulma was in her private lab, tinkering on a new machine, talking with her ex-boyfriend, now friend through her blue tooth ear piece.

"Come on, B. Come with me." Yamcha whined. The sound of his voice made Bulma cringe.

She groaned and twisted her screwdriver onto the bolt of the her project. "Yamcha, I really don't want to go to a club. I'm not in the mood to have random guys rubbing up on me, trying to get me to give them my phone number."

"Come on. You need to get out of the house and have some fun. Plus you'll have Krillin and me there to scare off the random dudes away. Please, B? Come out with your friends, let loose, have a few drinks and dance!"

Bulma blew air out of pursed lips. Yamcha had been a life saver since Vegeta tore her heart out and stomped on it. At first she thought he was trying to pull the 'good guy' card in attempt to win her back. But, she soon found that he was genuinely concerned with her. If it weren't for him, she'd probably still be balled up in the fetal position under her covers.

He had practically threaten bodily harm -even though he'd never dream of following through- to get her out into the world again. With his persistence, he was slowly getting her out and doing things again.

She blew a lock of hair out of her face. "Fine." She grumbled. She may as well give in now. If she agreed, she'd be able to get back to tinkering, alone and in peace.

"Alright! Krillin and I will be there to pick you up at eight or so." Yamcha said cheerfully.

Bulma glanced up at her clock above the door to of her lab. It was 6:12.

"Yamcha, that gives me less than two hours to get ready. I'm filthy!" She threw her hands up in the air, exacerbated, noticing the smears of grease that coated her forearms and fingers.

"It's plenty of time. I'll let you go so you can freshen up."

"Yeah, yeah." Bulma grumbled and hung up the phone. She tossed the screwdriver onto the desk and headed out of the lab and across the yard towards the house part of the compound.

Summer had gotten there early. A warm breeze kicked up and it made Bulma want to sit on the lawn with an ice cold beer and just relax. But if she called Yamcha to cancel, he would come over anyway and badger her into submission and drag her to the club whether she liked it or not.

With a heavy sigh, she entered the kitchen, waved at her mother and told her that she was going out tonight with the guys and that she wouldn't be out too late and then quickly ascended the stairs up to her bathroom to shower and begrudgingly primp for the nights festivities.

Showered, dressed and painted, Bulma looked at herself in the floor length mirror. She was dressed appropriately... cute and sexy, but not too sexy. She didn't want to be bothered with the men that prowled the clubs. She dawned a pair of white shorts that were short, but not too short, a baby blue tank top that was partly covered with a sheer white colored off the shoulder flowing shirt with a pair of dark blue heels. Her long blue hair was put up in a high pony tail, her make-up done tastefully.

The doorbell chimed, signaling Yamcha and Krillin's arrival.

She took one last look in the mirror. "I will not think of Vegeta tonight. I will have fun, I will drink a little, dance and have a great time with my friends." She smiled at her self confidently and headed downstairs.


Yamcha and Krillin stayed true to their word.

The three of them enjoyed a couple of cocktails and danced together happily. And, surprisingly, Bulma was thoroughly enjoying herself. The music was good and it felt great to let loose and dance.

They headed to their table, taking a break from the dancing, a round of drinks waiting for them on the table top. Bulma pushed hers away, she had a slight buzz, and didn't really want to drink anymore.

"So," Krillin started as he took a swig of beer. "How are things going, Bulma?"

Bulma smirked at him, amused how her short bald friend was asking her how she was doing, now that Vegeta had left, in a nonchalant sort of way.

She chuckled a little. "I'm better. I'm... over it." She said rolling her eyes. "I don't think it would have worked out anyway... I mean... the man is completely impossible."

Both Krillin and Yamcha nodded their heads in complete agreement.

"What I don't understand is, how it happened in the first place?" Krillin asked.

Bulma bit her bottom lip. In all honesty... she wasn't sure either. "I don't really know... But I do know that I fell for the arrogant prick...hard." She sheepishly looked up at Yamcha. Not for the fact that she just told her ex-boyfriend and friend that she had fallen in love with the very man that terrorized the planet and threatened to kill, she, Krillin and Gohan... multiple times while on Namek... No, it was the mere fact that she fell in love with him in the first place.

Yamcha patted her hand, sympathetically. He knew this already, from the many chats on the phone and attempts to snap her out of the Vegeta-left-me-and-threw-my-love-in-my-face-and-stomped-my-heart-with-the-heel-of-his-gold-tipped-boots faze.

"When are you going to get back up at the dating horse?" Krillin asked.

Bulma shrugged. She had often wondered herself. Although she was, for the most part, over the Prince of Saiyans, she just wasn't really interested in finding someone at the moment.

"Meh." She shrugged again.

After their brief conversation, she opted to stay at the table, while the boys scoured the dance floor for willing ladies. Seeing they were successful, Bulma shot Yamcha a text, letting him know that she was heading home, and if they needed a DD for the night to call her, she'd be willing to pick them up.

She gathered her purse and slung it over her head and shoulder and popped open her motorcycle from a capsule that was in her pocket.

It was a nice summer night for a ride, plus she was in the mood to just ride.

She let her hair down out of her pony tail, letting her hair spill over her back and tugged on her baby blue motorcycle helmet.

And then she was off. Riding down the bare streets of West City, in the direction of the beach. Soon, she was gliding down the highway that ran alongside the ocean. It was the long way home, but she enjoyed the ride immensely.

Bulma pulled the visor of the helmet up and smiled as the salty breeze from the ocean hit her face and senses. her smile widened warmly as she drove her bike... For the first time, in six months... since He left her... she felt happy, at peace even. She wasn't sure what the future held for she and her friends, or if in three years time they would survive the android attack. But that was three years from now, she wasn't one for dwelling. She just knew that in this moment in time she was content.

With one last heavy intake of salty, ocean air, Bulma snapped the visor of her helmet down and picked up speed, heading home.


The soft glow of the porch light indicated that her parents were already in bed. No other lights were on in the large home. Quietly she took her keys out and soundlessly unlocked and entered the front door. She wasn't sure why she opted to be quiet. Her parents room were on the opposite side of the mansion. She could set a bomb off in the area she was in and her parents wouldn't hear it.

She blindly made her way into the house, not bothering to turn on the lights. She knew this house inside and out, there was no need to turn unnecessary lights on, plus she always forgot to turn them off.

As she made her way from the entry way to the living room, heading to the kitchen, she couldn't help but feel like she was being watched. Not by just one set of eyes, but as if she had an invisible audience watching her every move. The thought sent chills down her spine, but quickly brushed them off as she successfully made it to the kitchen.

She flipped on the light, illuminating the kitchen with the soft glow of the florescent lights from above and quickly went to the fridge to get a snack before heading to bed.

As she peered into the over stuffed fridge, she got that feeling again. Numerous sets of eyes boring holes into her back.

She was not alone.

Being a woman that had seen more action in her day than a regular military commando or Indiana Jones, Bulma remained cool and collected and pretended to hem and haw at the choices of snacks in the refrigerator, while simultaneously, and stealthily, opening her purse and gripping her hand gun she always took with her.

Another half a minute passed by as she prepared herself. Bulma straightened herself and quickly twisted around, gun pointed forward at the unwelcome guests.

"You picked the wrong house to rob-" Her threat died as she looked upon ten black eyes. One of the pairs were familiar as was the deep scowl.

Bulma stared at the Saiyan Prince for what seemed to be forever. Her gun still pointed directly at him. Her scowl, upon seeing him and his men, matched his he was giving her.

"What the fuck?" She finally spat. She was glad her brain allowed her to speak. The sight of Vegeta made her stomach do flip flops and wasn't sure if she could remember the english language.

His face was much harder than it was six months ago, but it suited him. It made him look more regal and rugged. He wore similar battle armor he had religiously worn when he lived there, except the body suite was black and the armor was white and red.

His arms were tightly folded over his muscular chest and his eyes were narrowed almost angrily at her.

"Put the gun down, Woman."

She flinched at his voice. It was much gruffer and gravely than she remembered as well.

Bulma cocked her head slightly to the side and reluctantly lowered the weapon.

"Good," He said with a smirk. "We need to talk."

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