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"Put me down you fool!"

Goku rolled his eyes and tightened his hold on his intoxicated friend. He hurried as he flew deeper into the woods behind Capsule Corporation, he needed to get him far enough away so wouldn't do anything stupid…again.

The angered Saiyan, who was hanging over Goku's shoulder, started to throw punches at his back in attempt to break loose, but Goku's hold was unyielding.

"Calm down, Vegeta." Goku grunted and tossed him over his shoulder, figuring the area he was in was good enough.

"Calm down?" He screamed as he wobbly climbed up onto his feet and stalked towards Goku and pointed his finger in his face. "You want me to calm down? How am I supposed to calm down when you ruined my opportunity to take care of Doga once and for all! I had everything under control!"

Goku rubbed his temples. "You did not have everything under control." He shook his head.

"Yes I did!" Vegeta yelled at the top of his lungs.

"No." Goku shook his head again. "No you didn't. If it weren't for me, your wife and my son would have been harmed! Your arrogance and pride are blinding you!"

Vegeta growled and swung at Goku, but, Goku being sober, saw the swing coming and jumped back before his fist could make contact with him. The drunken King, having missed his target, twirled around and fell backwards into a mud puddle.

"You need to cool down and get your head in the right place." He admonished. "You've got a kingdom to put back together and a wife to protect." Goku watched Vegeta's face go slack and shoulders slump forward, and for the first time, the proud Saiyan King look vulnerable, beaten and tired.

Vegeta sighed deeply and rested his elbows on his bent knees, still sitting in the mud puddle where he landed. "Don't you think I know that, Kakkarot?" He shook his head and ran his hand through his mussed hair. "Everything is falling apart around me…my life started to crumble since the day the elders took my father and my planet away from me. And for just a few blessed months, when I became King, I truly thought my life was making a change for the better, and then that woman had to come along and screw things up for me."

Goku's brow furrowed. "She didn't just show up at your doorstep, Vegeta. You came here, looking for her."

"I know." He growled. "I know!" He pounded his fist into the ground, making the muddied water he was sitting in splash up all around him. "Just… leave me be." He said.

His voice was low and defeated. A tone Goku had never heard out Vegeta. He stood there, staring at the beaten saiyan in the mud puddle for a few more moments, not really sure if he should leave him alone or not, but opted to do his bidding. He could tell Vegeta needed to be alone to sort his thoughts out.

When he made it to the clearing, he was surprised to see Cappa standing there waiting for him. He could tell he was still steaming from the scrap he and Vegeta were in and had to suppress an eye roll at the thought of finding a wooded area to ditch this guy in too to avoid another possible battle that may escalate into a city leveling.

"Take me back." He growled once Goku was near him.


Cappa grit his teeth. "Take me back. Now."

Goku furrowed his brows in confusion. "Back where? Vegetasei?" He cocked his head to the side trying to understand as to why Cappa would want to go back there. Doga and his men would tear him apart if they found him back there.

"Yes, Vegetasei!" He growled. "I can't be here right now."

"And you can't be there either; I don't know if you remember, but we barely got out of there with our lives."

The younger of the two wiped his face with the palm of his hand gruffly in frustration. "You expect me to stay here, with my father's murder? And with his wife, who just waves off his sins? No, I'd rather take my chances with a horde of angry councilmen!"

"I'm afraid your father would have suffered the same fate if I had the chance to battle him any longer than I had. " Goku watched Cappa as he said it. It wasn't his style, to kill, but he knew, just like the previous battle he had with Frieza, it was a fight to the death. His family, friends and home were being threatened, and the threat had to be eliminated… unlike when he fought Vegeta. He knew his intent was to destroy, just like Nappa, but unlike Nappa, he had a feeling about Vegeta. This is why he didn't finish him off when he could have.

Cappa glared at Goku. "So, you too, huh?" He shook his head in disbelief.

"Look, I'm sorry things happened the way they did. But you have to believe me that Vegeta is a changed man. Bulma and myself have forgiven Vegeta, and I think you should too. People change, Cappa. And, sometimes, even though it sucks, things happen for a reason. Hopefully one day you'll understand that." He squinted his eyes at him, studying him. "Vegeta isn't the whole reason why you want me to take you back, is it?"

Cappa looked at him, shocked. "How-"

Goku smirked at him. "I had a feeling."

He was silent for a long while, contemplating if he should tell Goku or not, but his mind was made when Goku said: "I won't take you back until you tell me the real reason you want to go back, and just what exactly your intentions are. I think the fight with Vegeta was a convenient excuse to ask to go back."

Cappa huffed and then nodded in agreence. "It's Gia. I want to go back for Gia."

It would be three days until Vegeta would show back up to Capsule Corp, and Cappa was still gone. It was early in the morning; Bulma was sitting in the dark kitchen, sipping a cup of coffee watching the sunrise slowly creep over the horizon. She wasn't sleeping very well, especially after the excitement of getting married on the fly, almost getting bbq'd by a random Saiyan and being rushed by an angry mob and then transported back to Earth and then to top it off Vegeta and Cappa's battle royale on her front lawn. A lot was on her mind, especially since Vegeta was playing the disappearing act. She felt helpless. What was she supposed to do? Go back to work and pretend the last couple of months never happened and pick up where she left off?

How could she?

Nothing would be the same. She was married for kami sake! She was married and her husband's planet was revolting against him because of her.

She took another sip of her coffee as she stared through window and jumped nearly out of her skin when the light flipped on the refrigerator door slammed opened, making the glass jars and bottles in the door chime and rattle noisily. She turned to see Vegeta rummaging and grabbing random containers of food, grumbling something in Saiyan under his breath.

"Hello, stranger."

The muscles on his bare back tensed and the grip on the refrigerator tightened as he paused a moment in his search for food, then continued. "Hn." He grunted at her in response but did not offer anything else.

Bulma watched as he kicked the fridge door closed with his foot as he easily carried the pile food he had grabbed in both his hands. He barely looked at his wife and moved towards the door, leading to the backyard.

"I require my gravity chamber. I expect it to be outside where it was before." With that, he turned and exited the kitchen.

Bulma stood there, in shock. The way he had just treated her left her speechless. Just who did he think he was? Better yet, just who did he think she was? Was this really how it was going to be?

Some honeymoon this was panning out to be.

Four days had passed. That was four days of Bulma attempting to have any kind of conversation with the Saiyan King. But the most she'd get out of him was a piercing stare, a grumble or an angry string of Saiyajin. He avoided everybody and made it a point to get his food after everybody was out of the house or in bed. He slept in the gravity chamber and refused to come out, no matter how long or how hard Bulma would pound on the door.

On the fifth day Bulma gave up and decided to make use of her time and spend it doing something useful…which was spent mostly in her lab. But busy work evaded her. She found herself sitting on her chair, in her empty lab, staring at a lone screwdriver on an empty workbench.

All of her things were still on Planet Vegeta.

So she sat and stared off into the blue skies through the window of her lab and pondered her new situation; Shishai had taken refuge in the wooded area behind her home and said he'd come out when he was needed. Cappa was gone, she wasn't sure where the hell he went off to… and would this be how she was to spend the rest of her married life with Vegeta? She wanted to fix whatever was wrong… but how could she fix something that she had no clue what was wrong in the first place? Was he mad at her or at the situation he was in regarding his planet? Or did he just need extra time to blow off steam?

It was a mystery to her.

The sixth day rolled by and she spent her day doing the same as the fifth, but this time her mother had to practically pull her out by her hair to get out of the confines of her lab and eat lunch with her outside.

"You've been keeping to yourself, dear. Is everything alright?"4

Bulma poked at her sandwich. "Things are a little complicated at the moment, Mom." She offered her a saddened smile. "But I promise once things get straightened out, I'll tell you all about it."

Her mother patted her hand lovingly. "Ok, dear. I just hope it's filled with adventure and romance."

Bulma shook her head. "That shouldn't be a problem."

The seventh day was the same: Vegeta avoided everybody and Bulma would sit and mope about it.

That is, until the eighth day.

Bulma was unable to sleep. No matter what she did, she just couldn't get comfortable. And the bangs, crashes and mini explosions coming from the gravity room outside her window weren't exactly soothing noises to help one fall asleep. She tossed and turned for a few hours until she sat up in a huff and decided to get up and make some sleepy time tea.

She padded down stairs and into the kitchen and proceeded to make tea and catch up on current happenings of West City and the world on her ipad. She was halfway through an article when Vegeta sauntered into the kitchen, and as expected didn't pay her any attention as he passed her sitting at the kitchen table and grabbed a bottle of water out of the refrigerator.

He finished off the whole bottle within a few seconds, turned around, grabbed another and started walking back to the door leading to the backyard where the gravity room was.

…and that's when something snapped in poor Bulma's brain.

She grabbed one of the red apples that sat in a neat pile in a bowl in the middle of the kitchen table, and chucked it at him, hitting him directly in the back of the head. Vegeta whipped around in a flash, nose flared and a growl on his lips.

"You dare?" He rasped.

She stood up, arms crossed. "Got your attention, didn't I, you ass!" She could tell he was too angry to come up with a come-back, which angered her more. They stared at each other for a few more moments until Bulma threw her arms up in the air in frustration. "DICK!" She screamed and left the kitchen. The nerve of the man! Even when she throws a piece of fruit at his head she can't even get him to say more than two words to her.

She got halfway up the stairs when she was yanked from behind, nearly sending her down the five steps she went up. Vegeta, who hadn't let go of her arm, and even though she knew he could snap her arm off with a flick of a wrist, the hold he had on her was hurting her. The skin surrounding his grip was already turning red.

"Just what in the fuck was that for?" He held up the offending apple.

She tried to jerk her arm out of his grasp, but he tightened his hold, silently telling her he wasn't going to let go until he got an explanation.

"You know damn well why." She spat.

He growled, showing his white teeth, but refused to say anything, furthering her anger.

"What is wrong?" She screamed. His eye twitched in response to her question and his grip loosened a bit on her arm. "This is not how married couples function. You know you've said less than a sentence or two to me ever since we've been back?" Tears were slowly making their way down her cheeks, but she didn't dare wipe them away, she kept her eyes on the Saiyan in front of her.

Vegeta's hard gaze softened at the tears, but refused to be the first to look away or show that her stupid tears had an effect on him. He let go of her arm and sneered at her. He knew his anger towards her was unfair, and usually, the prince of Saiyans didn't care about fair…but this was his wife and the reason he was so, unbelievably angry at her was that; unfair. He knew if he told her, it wouldn't end well for the both of them. This is why he was avoiding her. He needed time to cool off, and obviously the time he did spend to 'cool off' didn't help out much… neither did the apple to the head.

Bulma shook her head. "Just forget it." She turned away but again was stopped when Vegeta gripped her arm again, keeping her from leaving. "Let go of me, Vegeta."

He glared at her, not sure what to say to her. He didn't want her to leave, yet didn't know what to say either.

"Ahem, umm, guys?"

The two slowly turned to see Goku standing at the bottom of the stairs in obvious discomfort at witnessing the two's argument.

"What is it, Idiot?" Vegeta growled.

"You guys need to come outside" He said, pointing towards the backyard door.

"Not now, Kakkarot." Vegeta said and turned his back on him, putting his angry eyes back on Bulma, who was choosing to ignore him.

"No, now. Both of you." Goku's said sternly. He didn't give the two time to argue with him any further as he exited the kitchen, towards the backyard.

Bulma pushed passed Vegeta, only to be grabbed by the arm yet again. "We aren't finished here."

She shook out of his grasp and sneered at him. "No, we most certainly are not." She then continued down the stairs, towards where Goku was, outside. She could feel Vegeta's hard gaze on her back and just as she turned the corner to enter the kitchen again, she heard her husband's footsteps close behind her. She ignored him and pushed passed the door and stopped immediately as her feet hit the porch, as did Vegeta.

What they saw before them, left them speechless. The two of them must have stood there with their mouths agape for a full minute before Goku started to explain the scene on the lawn.

"We aren't alone, as you can see."

Bulma was unable to form any words, and all Vegeta could do was step forward in front of her. Either to get a better look or to protect her.

There must have been at least two or three hundred Saiyans standing there, and Cappa and Gia right up front.

It took a few moments for Vegeta and Bulma to notice the two of them. Bulma kept her mouth shut. Vegeta on the other hand did not.

"What in the hell is going on, and why is she here?" He pointed at Gia and then looked to Goku for an explanation.

"I had him take me back," Cappa said, walking up to the patio. "And when I arrived I found a small faction of men, women and children."

Vegeta furrowed his brow, he just wasn't getting the gist.

"They support you and your new queen. Since you have left, Doga has turned the planet into a mad house. He is acting as King and he has gone mad with power. These Saiyans stand behind you, King Vegeta." Cappa pointed to the mass of people.

"Uh huh, I don't doubt that my people have come to support me, but tell me Cappa, can I trust you and the female that stands behind you? Because I swear on my life that if either one of you two pull any funny business I will kill the two of you without so much as a warning." His tone was low, so just Cappa and Gia could hear him.

Cappa had no doubt his King was speaking the truth, and he knew this was coming. "Gia and I would like to speak with you privately, if we may?"

The King's left eye twitched and nodded curtly at him. "After we figure out just what the hell we are going to do with all these people, then you both can plead your case to me and why I shouldn't snap your necks in half." Vegeta turned away and stood next to Bulma, who was inspecting the crowd.

"We can put them where the Namkian's stayed while they were waiting to wish their planet back. I'll have to get the all of the capsule homes out of storage…" She trailed off as she counted. "From my quick counting, there looks to be at least three hundred and fifty, give or take."

Vegeta grunted at her in agreement. "Do that, and I will speak to them."

"Ok." She turned to leave but felt his large hand on her shoulder. She looked up, confused at him. It wasn't a touch out of anger, like before. It lay gently on her shoulder and when she looked up at him, his eyes were soft, yet his mouth was set in his perma-scowl.

"We will speak later." He murmured.


It didn't take Bulma long to find the boxes of capsule homes. They were the last thing to be put into storage when the Namkians had left for their home planet. Capsule Corp was home to a little more than five hundred Namekians and it could have housed maybe a few more hundred and still be comfortable. The only thing that they had to figure out was how in the world they were going to feed three hundred and twenty five Saiyans… the Namakians were easy. They drank water, that's it. But Saiyans… that wasn't the case. After dolling out the capsule homes, explaining how they worked and showing them all where they could put their homes, she and her mother came up with a meal plan for them all. And thank goodness they were rich, because it was expensive. To make it easier on her poor mother, they had a delivery of food come twice a day and the Saiyan's were in charge of making their own food. Why not? The homes came equipped with a kitchen.

By the time Bulma had done all that, it was nearly dusk. She made her way through the make shift village to make sure nobody needed anything and to make sure they were settling in ok. Then she set off to find Vegeta.

She found him out in the front of the compound. His arms were crossed and his posture was stick straight as he listened to Cappa. It took her a moment to notice that Gia was standing a few feet behind Cappa and was surprised to see that her usual arrogance and confident smile was not present. Instead she stood with her shoulders hunched, her head down and her hands where knotted together.

"I found her, hiding deep within the city. A family had taken her in and was hiding her from her father." Cappa said, almost pleadingly. "She isn't what you think she is."

Bulma quietly made her way to the group and nodded at her husband when his eyes shifted to her and then back at Cappa. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't send her back to her father?"

Cappa opened his mouth to speak but stopped when Gia walked forward. "I cannot be trusted. Not by you and not by Bulma. But you must believe me, King. I cannot go back. My father wishes to rule side by side with Cooler and oppress the Saiyan people. I cannot live with my honor intact if I were to stay there and play along."

Vegeta tilted his head, inspecting the young Saiyan woman. "Are you telling me that if it came down to it, you'd kill your father if need be?" He raised his eyebrow at her.

Gia looked down at the ground, seemingly pondering his question and then looked up at him, straightening her shoulders. "It would pain me tremendously, but if it meant you winning this battle and restoring order to the planet, then yes. Yes, I would."

He studied her for a few moments, his deathly glare made her uncomfortable, making her fidget with her hands.

"Did you poison Bulma?"

"No." She shook her head and looked at Bulma. "I didn't poison you. It was my father. I didn't know about it until the night of the celebration." She looked back at Vegeta. "Please don't send me back."

Again, Vegeta stared at her and then Cappa. "How do I know if you two aren't spies working for Doga and his band of rats?"

"We aren't." Cappa said, holding his King's glare. Vegeta could still tell he was angry at him, and applauded him mentally for keeping his cool.

"Do you know of your fathers plans?"

Gia nodded. "I do."

Vegeta nodded. "Fine. You will tell me every detail you are aware of, but until I can validate this, you two are not to be trusted. You both will have to earn your trust back. And it won't be easy." He then turned on his heal and stomped away, leaving Bulma with the two of them.

It was awkward as they stood there for a moment. "Ahem," Bulma cleared her throat. "I'm…I'm sorry for what I said the other night."

Cappa shook his head. "I should be apologizing too. I shouldn't have done what I did. I had a few days to ponder what you had said to me…that and Kakkarot explained a few things to me too. I apologize."

Bulma smiled at her friend.

"I too, am sorry." Gia said.

Bulma put her hand up, stopping her from spouting anything else. "Save it. You will have to earn your trust with me too."

Gia's shoulders sagged and she nodded slowly.

It wasn't that Bulma was not used to putting people in her place or being a bitch when the time called for it, but the way Gia looked so dejected and saddened made her heart clinch just a little. She had to remind herself as she walked away about how Gia had treated her and, just like Vegeta, she did not trust her. Not even a little bit.

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