All That Matters Is the Kiss

Pairing: Brittana

Summary: Brittany and Santana run into each other a few times without knowing it. The trials and tribulations of secret agents ensue.

Rating: PG-13/ R

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my own imagination.

Chapter 1: Russia

She checked herself over in the mirror one last time before grabbing her clutch purse and walking out of the hotel room. She smoothed her hair as she smiled at an elderly couple also waiting for the elevator. Once inside the elderly man asked her for directions in Russian. Answering in the same accent she told them she couldn't help. Apologizing, she told them she was from a small northern town and was only in town for a show. They nodded politely and thanked her anyways before the elevator finally came to a stop and the three exited. Making her way over to the bar she looked for the man who she was supposed to be meeting.

Finally she spotted him at the bar and waited for him to see her. Smiling she made her way towards him and let him kiss both her cheeks. He was a very wealthy man who liked to think he had a lot of power, which left him to be a little cocky. She watched as he finished the last of his drink that was of course the finest vodka in Russia. He led her out the door as they waited for his car to come around. After a few moments it did and he opened the door for her before getting into the limo himself.

"You look very lovely this evening," he said to her in his thick Russian accent. She thanked him as they fell into a seemingly meaningless conversation. It was her job to play a ditsy small town girl excited to be escorting a very wealthy man to a high caliber fashion show.

When they arrived they walked down the red carpet, however doing so quite quickly before being seated. Front row in front of the runway, she had to admit she was a little excited, what girl didn't like fashion. She got a little touchy with the older gentlemen, sometimes feeling his jacket or leg, making him feel as comfortable and confident as she possibly could. It wasn't long after they arrived that the lights dimmed and the music started.

She was supposed to be focused on the man sitting next to her, focused on her job but when that model walked down the runway in a short grey dress, honey blonde hair flowing over her shoulders she couldn't help but find herself enthralled. Her beauty was something she'd never seen anywhere else before but it was something she very much appreciated. As she walked down the runway she couldn't take her eyes off her and when they were finally face to face she smiled at the woman as their eyes locked for only a moment.

- - - - - - - - - -

There she was sitting at the end of the runway, dark brown hair, a somewhat cute purple dress hanging off the arm of Yuri Evtimovsky. "Poor thing," she whispered to herself as she watched the woman hang off his every word but she couldn't figure out why a woman that stunning had any use being with a man like that. That's when she realised it, in a country as poor as this one was in some sometimes the only way to make a little money was to do things you never wanted to do. Still as she walked down the runway she couldn't help but admire the girl.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

She was sure to keep the drinks flowing all night, even at the after party. She made it a fact to not let Evtimovsky be without a drink in hand. When they finally got back into his limo at the end of the night he had one last drink in his hand that he insisted he take with him. She smiled at him and when he turned his back to talk to the driver she dropped a small white capsule into it and watched as it dissolved before he turned back around. He had no suspicion of what she had just done as he took a gulp of his drink. Seductively she reached for his coat before climbing onto his lap and taking his coat off. He smiled like a child who got exactly what they had wanted for Christmas. As he leaned forward to kiss her she put two fingers on his lips and shook her head. He gave her a weird look before she reached over and grabbed a napkin and wiped off his shirt for him. Thanking her as she moved off him, he instructed the driver to drop them off at the hotel. Once inside they had one final drink at the bar before going their separate ways.

Looking at her watch as she headed towards the elevators she made certain that Evtimovsky wasn't following her. Acting as though she was frustrated her elevator hadn't arrived yet she doubled around back and watched as Evitmovsky entered his hotel suite. She then finally headed up towards her hotel room to change. Before leaving her hotel room later that morning she snuck into Evtimovsky's suite and sent a message using his cell phone that told his associates that he was suffering from a bad hangover and was going to sleep a while longer. Being the party animal every one knew that he was it wouldn't cause any suspicion, sneaking out the way she snuck in she made her way outside, the cold morning air hit her face and made her walk a little faster than usual.

When she got to his office building she told the secretary at the front entrance that she was with the internet company and was sent to fix a problem with the firewall. It took a moment but the secretary finally nodded and let her through, however instead of going to the 18th floor where the main operating room was she went up to the 33rd and was careful to keep her head down as she walked down the hall. His floor was empty and she was thankful because she was not in the mood for any interruptions. She knew that his office door was guarded with a specific pin card that could not be copied. Which is why when they were in the limo on the way home when she cleaned off his shirt she reached her hand into the pocket on the inside of his coat and grabbed the card. Swiping it thru the door she was relieved when she entered successfully. Walking over to his computer she inserted her usb drive and downloaded the appropriate virus onto the system. She heard noises coming from the end of the hall. "Shit," she mumbled to herself as she waited for the last of the virus to finish downloading. She knew that if it didn't finish all the way they wouldn't have an in to his system and it was an in they very much needed. She closed the door as silently as she could behind her as the noises kept getting louder, closer, she closed her eyes and tried to remember the exact floor plan. Taking one final breath before she opened her eyes she cursed under breath as she watched the shadows on the far wall get closer, she had no time to get around the corner.

Looking up she saw the pipes overhead, she jumped and barely caught the pipe. Pulling herself up she watched as the janitors moved past her and around the other corner. She waited before she was sure they were out of hearing distance before quietly dropping to the floor. She only had two minutes to get out of the building and walk down the street before the fire alarms and sprinklers went on. As quickly as she could in her heels, briefcase in hand she made her way down the stairs and out the back door. She was half way down the street when she heard the alarms go off. Turning right she walked into the small café and into the bathroom where she discarded her briefcase into the trash can and let her hair out of the bun that it was pinned up in. When she exited the bathroom she ordered herself an espresso and grabbed a newspaper that was sitting on the counter. She thanked the barista and headed outside to sit down on the patio, all in all it was looking to be a very lovely morning.

She watched as the fire trucks sped past her and around the corner she had just come out of herself. Getting lost in the commotion she didn't realize when the blonde from last nights show walked into the café.

- - - - - - - - - -

On her way out after ordering herself a coffee she made her way to the patio, she could have sworn she saw the woman that she had locked eyes with the night before. She may have been the model but the woman in her sights very well could have been. It wasn't like her to be so forward but in this instance she couldn't help herself. She smiled as she walked out the door and saw the woman sitting alone sipping on her espresso, the daily newspaper in front of her.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?" She asked and it was a good line since there really wasn't anywhere else to sit.

The brunette looked up, her brown eyes shimmering in the sunlight. Her breathe got caught in her throat but she was hoping the blonde hadn't noticed that. Shaking her head she motioned for the model to sit down.

"I'm Brittany Pierce, I was a model in last nights show I don't know if you remember me or not."

Smiling she nodded. "I remember you, yes," she said in her thick Russian accent. "You are American no?"

"I am, and forgive me for saying so but you are very beautiful."

Her phone beeped causing her to look at it before getting up. "You are very beautiful too, excuse me I must go but very lovely show." She got up and walked down the street, leaving the newspaper on the table and a certain blonde wondering if she'd ever see the woman again.