Chapter 15

"I know I shouldn't but I miss you." Santana said into the phone from where she stood on her back porch look out at the ocean. "I don't know why but I can't stop smiling. Every time I think about you I just get this goofy looking grin on my face."

"Why shouldn't you?" Brittany questioned in a naïve tone, as if there was no possible reason as to why Santana shouldn't miss her.

Santana laughed a little, this was one of the things she liked about Brittany. "Our jobs, traveling, distance. It's not fair to you for me to like you and miss you like I do."

"I'm the only one that can judge what's fair to me and if that's the case then I'm not being fair to you by liking you as much as I do and missing you the way I do." Brittany leaned back on her couch and pet Lord Tubbington. "Even Lord Tubbington agrees that you should let me make my own choices and I choose to like you. Actually I didn't choose, it just happened and there is nothing wrong with that."

"What about the distance and our jobs?"

Brittany shook her head on her end of the line. "The distance sucks but I'd rather like you from 3000 miles away than not like you at all."

"Why are you so adorable?"

"You bring it out in me." Something about the way Brittany said had it, the way, her tone was so real and honest that it Santana felt a good shiver take over her body. "So when are you coming out to New York so we can have our second date?"

"Oh there's going to be a second date?" Santana asked, glad that Brittany couldn't see the gigantic smile on her face.

"Absolutely, I told you if you made me bbq ribs, it was the way to my heart. Now you're stuck with me."

"I think I'm okay with that." Santana's phone beeped causing her to pull it away from her ear and look down at the number. "I'm sorry Britt Britt, I gotta go, I'll talk to you later though and I hope you have a great day beautiful girl."

"You too, be safe pretty girl."

Russia – Present Day

"Santana can you go and check the vault." Karpov asked her as she stood up from where she was sitting with a nod. The vault was nothing more than Karpov's title for the cells that were in the basement.

As she walked down the halls, passing the guards, she nodded at them all as they nodded back. For the most part they all spoke Russian and while she was fluent in it, it felt foreign to her to speak it the way they did. As she got closer to the cells she felt the cold breeze come from down the hall. She'd only been down there once and it was very briefly. Karpov had opened the door told her it what it was and moved on. She couldn't understand why Karpov suddenly wanted her to check out the cells unless there was someone down there that needed to be checked on.

"You've got to be kidding." Santana groaned as she looked into the last cell in the hallway. The sweater she was wearing wasn't heavy enough to keep the cold chill from creeping into her bones as she shook her head at the woman in the cell.

The woman sat up on the bed she was curled up on and looked over at Santana. "Should have known I couldn't trust you." She spat out.

"I gave you plenty of time, not my fault you suck at your job."

"Save it, you set me up, so much for paying me back."

Santana just shook her head. She really hadn't set Brittany/Kylie up but she couldn't help it if the girl got picked up on her own. "Whatever, use the blanket before you freeze to death." She said as she opened the cell, knowing that there was no way the woman inside it was going to try and attack her. She picked the blanket up off the floor and threw it at the woman as she got a little closer to the bed she was lying on.

Without warning she dropped to the floor, clutching her head in pain as images of herself lying on the same bed flooded her mind. The pain had never been this bad before as the images played like a roll of film on the back of her eyelids. Brittany took this as her opportunity to get up and make her move. Without hesitating she ran out of the cell and down the hall the same way she had the first time she escaped from the building.

Brittany was halfway up the staircase up the when she heard the high pitch scream that she knew was Santana's. After that she heard the sound of boots running down the hall. She hated seeing Santana in pain and she only hoped that the woman was going to be all right. Sure enough as she made a right at the top of the staircase she entered the garage where there was a line of snowmobiles. Even though Karpov had taken over the complex nothing had changed since the last time she found herself in the garage.

Back downstairs the guards were helping Santana to her feet, her hands still clutching at her head. "Upstairs, the garage, you'll find her there. Go!" Images of her and Kylie escaping on a snowmobile entered her mind as she almost fell back over.

When Santana woke up she found herself lying in her bed. Getting up she tried to shake the cobwebs but they just wouldn't go away. That same feeling you get when you have a head cold and everything seems fuzzy, like you're never going to get better was exactly how her head felt, just with more pain. She thought it was best if she laid back down and once again almost as soon as her head hit the pillow she was fast asleep.

In the room next to hers unbeknownst to her Karpov was staring pointedly at the doctor. "Why is she like this?" He asked, his tone cold and aggressive.

"It seems as though she had a memory. She told the guards that they could find the woman that escaped in snowmobile garage. When they got there one of the snowmobiles was missing, are you positive she's never been in this building before?"

Karpov slammed his fist down onto the next in front of him, the anger building quickly within him. "She has never been here, it was not in her records that she was ever in Russia!"

"She is the best of the best though, maybe something was missed along the way."

He shook his head. "I do not make mistakes! What kind of damage did the memories cause?"

"Nothing that I can see of. She trusts you so make sure you assure her that the memories were nothing more than an illusion. It could be possible that it was a similar circumstance but from the research I've been doing, her levels seem to spike when she's here. Like her mind is fighting where she is, telling her it's not right." Karpov nodded as he left the room without another word. He needed her alive and well to finish what he had already started.

C.I.A Headquaters

Artie rolled into Holly's office without knocking on the door. Before she could scold him for doing so the look he had on his face made her think twice. "I know why he wanted Santana."

"What?" Artie simply nodded as Holly reached for her phone.

Ten minutes later Holly, Artie, and Quinn were sitting in their meeting room with Brittany and Rachel on video chat. "I've been trying to figure out what he could possibly want with her. Going over records and the tapes from when Santana had gone with him too meetings. He wanted her because she is the only operative to ever break into the Kremlin and come out alive."

"I was with her, why not come after me?" Quinn asked, recalling the mission they had gone on two years prior.

"She's the one that got into the room though, I don't even know how she managed to do it. He found out somehow and that's what he was planning the entire time Santana was with his escort. He was talking about her and we had no idea. His visit to the states was about finding out as much as he could about her life."

"I'm going to kill that bastard myself!" Everyone looked over at Holly and saw how red her face had gotten.

"Not if I get to him first." They heard the sound of Brittany's sad voice come through the speakers. Though her voice was sad her blue eyes looked more like steel than anything else. It was as though something inside of her had snapped.

"What is he planning then?" Rachel questioned trying to sort of how they could get Santana back.

Artie shrugged. "I'm not sure yet, I'm still working on it but whatever it is, it has something to do with something in the Kremlin."

"Gee that's helpful." Quinn's snarky comment earned her a glare from Holly and Artie both. "What? I want my best friend back and we've been working on everything but that!"

Before anyone could try and calm Quinn down Holly surprisingly spoke up. "She's right and that's my fault, Santana should be our main priority. How did getting caught on purpose go?" She asked looking toward the screen.

"Pretty well. As soon as she walked into the cell she got head pain. It was really hard to see her like that but at least we know that we can trigger memories."

"I gotta give you credit, I don't think anyone has ever got caught on purpose." Quinn said as she gave her Brittany a thumbs up.

"She's still in there, she's still the woman we all care about, I just hope we can get her back before it's too late."

One Week Later – Russia

"What do you mean you're moving me to New York?" Santana asked as she stood in the middle of Karpov's office.

"That's where you lived before your accident. The good doctor thinks it'll help with the headaches and nose bleeds. Not to worry I'll keep you updated on everything here and you'll still be working."

Santana shook her head. "I don't know anyone in New York."

"You'll be fine, it might make you feel better. Besides we have work in New York and it'll be easier to take down the C.I.A for what they did to you if you're in the country." Santana nodded, to New York it was.

Four days later Santana found herself standing in the middle of her apartment. She'd love to say that everything was as she left it but she couldn't remember. She still had the feeling that something was off, like she was living someone else's life and not her own.

She walked around the apartment, taking it all in. There were a few pictures of her and Karpov and her parents but even seeing them didn't spark anything in her. The only thing that felt differently was that there was less pressure in her head. It was as if it wasn't fighting itself as much anymore, trying to remember something it could. Maybe she was finally home, and though she didn't know it her mind felt more at ease. Little did she know it was simply because she had absolutely no connection to the apartment, to the pictures and the memories they supposedly held.

Sitting down on her couch she reached for the tv remote and turned it on. She flipped through the channels, she couldn't remember the last time she had watched tv either. Russian television wasn't very good and Karpov normally kept her pretty busy. She settled on the music channel, and instantly felt herself relax. Russian music also wasn't her cup of tea. It wasn't bad but it wasn't what she was used to and something about listening to music now put her at ease.

It had put her so at ease that she woke up an hour later to the sound of her doorbell. Grabbing her gun off the table to crept towards the door and checked to see who it was. A man in a suit stood in front of her with a large box with a red ribbon on it. She waited a minute before opening the door, hiding her the hand her gun was in behind it as she smiled at the man. He handed her the package with a smile before leaving. Closing and locking the door Santana moved into her living room and set the box onto the table, putting her gun next to it.

Inside the box was a purple dress with a note on top of it. Enjoy yourself at the Guggenheim. Take in all the art, it's beautiful. – Karpov. Under that was a ticket to the show at the art gallery in a couple days. Santana shook her head as she pushed the box back on the table. She should have known better than to think that Karpov would give her any time to actually settle. Before she could relax on the couch again her cell phone rang as if he knew she was thinking about him.


"Santana how is my favourite person doing today, all moved in?" She looked over at her still unpacked suitcase.

"Getting there, thanks for the dress."

She knew he was smiling on the phone as he chuckled, it gave her a cold chill but she shook it of. "Very good, tonight you go out and have fun, tomorrow night you work. There is going to be an ancient statue at the gallery, I need it. It's very important we get it."


"Under the dress, you'll find a blackberry that has all the information in it that you need. Once you check it make sure you throw it out right away, it's set to self destruct, can't be too careful with you being on American soil."

"Of course."

As soon as she got off the phone with Karpov she looked under the dress and found the blackberry. Plugging her headphones into it she listening to her assignment. She was to acquire a small wooden looking Mayan statue that was no more than a foot tall. As always she didn't have the why or how just that she it must get done and that the piece would be on display at the Guggenheim. Immediately after she watched the video message she tossed the phone into the metal wastebasket. Sure enough a few moments later it sparked and shut off.

Stretching out her neck she moved over to the fridge and opened it. To her dismay it was completely empty. "Looks like I'm going grocery shopping." She mumbled to herself as she put her coat and shoes on.

As she walked down the busy New York streets something about it felt vaguely familiar but not quite normal. It was as though she had walked these streets before but not to the point where it felt like home, but definitely closer to it than when she had been in Russia. She tried to remember as many of the stores that lined the streets as she could in case she needed something quickly. That's when the neon sign stood out to her that read arcade in big bold letters. Glancing inside she smiled at the kids playing the games and a few adults as well. She kept walking until she came across the grocery store.

For whatever reason it felt comforting to be back in the US, she felt like she had never felt in when she was in Russia. She always felt like Karpov was watching her every move. Though she was sure he was still keeping tabs on her, it felt different in the best possible way. Opening her apartment door she walked right into the kitchen to put the groceries away. She had made sure to pick up a case of beer as well, if she was going to relax today she was going to do it with a couple beers.

As she flipped through the channels on her tv she shook her head when she passed by something on the history network. "That is entirely inaccurate." She shook her head at the tv then at herself. It was frustrating that she remembered everything about her education and could still teach others yet she practically needed someone to teach her on who she was. She was about to turn off the tv when the new Victoria's Secret commercial came on. The commercial itself was no good but the eye candy wasn't bad at all. Especially when the last girl turned around. Santana's mouth dropped as she paused her tv and looked at Brittany dressed in nothing more than a sexy push up bra, leopard print underwear and a pair of white angel wings. "She's definitely an angel. Ugh! Why do I keep talking to myself as if someone is listening?" She shook her head at herself as she turned off the tv, frustrated. Finishing her beer an idea struck her. Karpov had told her to enjoy herself today and she could see no better way to enjoy herself than the idea that had just struck her.

Twenty minutes later she stood on the sidewalk and looked up before walking in through the double doors. She figured there was no better way to have some light hearted fun than to go to the arcade and spend countless amounts of quarters on games that probably weren't all that good. In those twenty minutes though she felt like such a kid and it was the best feeling she had felt in a long time. It was effortless and didn't require much thought which was exactly what she wanted, to turn her brain off for a little while and relax.

"I've got next game." She heard the woman's voice from behind her and saw a hand put down a quarter on the pinball machine she was playing.

"Might be awhile I'm pretty good at this."


Turning her head quickly she caught a glimpse of blonde hair and blue eyes. "Brittany!" Instantly she felt her smile grow as she stopped paying attention to the game and looked at the woman in front of her.

To be continued…

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