Chapter 21

Santana laid on the uncomfortable bed and looked up at the ceiling. It had been months since she had been in Russia and she couldn't say that she had missed it. She just wanted all of this to be over even if she never got her memory back she wanted to at least be free. This place never really did feel real to her and now that she was back she could see why. Not only was it cold outside but inside as well, the mood in the whole place was dreary at best.

Feeling restless, knowing she wasn't going to be able to sleep knowing Karpov was in the same vicinity she crept out of her bed and threw on a pair of sweat pants. She tossed her hair up into a bun and made her way to Karpov's office. Seeing that his light was on she knocked on the door and in no time at all he told her to come in. Sitting down on the other side of his desk she looked at him as he looked up from his computer.

"Can't sleep?" She shook her head no. "The doctor can give you something for that if you want." She shook her head no again.

"I want to know what's going on, why am I here?"

He smiled and it chilled her to the bone. "I need you to go to Dubai and take care of this." He handed her the folder that was sitting next to him.

Santana reached across the desk and opened the folder. All it contained was a picture of a man, more specifically, a Prince.

"What purpose does this serve?"

"He's a threat and we take care of threats, nothing more than that."

"When do I leave?"

Karpov looked at his watch and then back up at her. "In twelve hours, best to go see Anton if you can't sleep so he can prep you with the right tools for the job."

Nodding once again Santana stood up and walked out of the office, closing the door behind her. She made her way down to the basement and searched for Anton. She finally found him sitting on a stool looking over something.

"What are you working on today?" She asked with a smile, she had been found of Anton since day one.

"Santana! When did you get back?" He asked her in his thick Russian accent as he looked up from his gun.

"Couple hours ago. Zmey told me to come down to get fitted so what toys do you have for me?" This was definitely her favourite part of her job, getting to try out new guns and other techy gadgets that made her life a million times easier.

"Let's go have a look." He smiled as he stood up leading her off down the hall in order to find her the right equipment.

Once she was back in her room she picked up her phone so that she could let Quinn know what was going on. She wasn't too much of a phone person so she didn't feel the need to check it all the time and normally it wasn't a problem. Except right now. As she looked down at her phone no words had never been scarier. No Service. "Shit." She cursed a loud, knowing that she was going to be riding alone on this one.


Santana fixed her red wig as she stood in the elevator as it descended into the depths of the water. An underwater hotel wasn't exactly something she was thrilled about but she figured she also loved a challenge. She made her way towards her bedroom, it was on the third floor, which she was thankful for. It meant that she didn't have as far to go once she needed to get out of here.

Making her way into her room she did a clean sweep to make sure nothing was planted. Not only from any possible enemies but from her biggest one of all, Karpov. She set her suitcase on her bed and pulled out her cell phone. Once again the words No Service appeared at the top of her screen.

She turned on the lamp that was on the bedside table and looked out the gigantic window. She stood stunned at the sight before her. The coral was bright and almost electric, the fish were beautiful and everything else fit together so perfectly. She had to admit that hotel was one of the coolest things she had ever seen. It wasn't everyday you got to live underwater and see how everything really was under the sea.

Finally snapping out of her daze she turned towards the bathroom and flipped the lights on. She took the wig off and set it on the counter before turning the water on. The bathroom was a fair size. She stretched her neck as she undressed and stepped into the shower letting the hot water run over her skin.

She was so caught up that she didn't hear the door of her hotel room open and close. Lost in her own thoughts she didn't hear the person creep into the bathroom. By the time she saw the glass door sliding back it was too late.

"Easy, it's just me. What the hell are you doing here?" Brittany asked her as she stood in front of her getting soaking wet.

"What the hell! I could have killed you and ugh do you mind?" Santana motioned to the fact that she was stark naked.

Brittany rolled her eyes. "Nothing I haven't seen before and this is important. Quinn has been trying to get a hold of you. Again, what are you doing here?"

"How many times do I have to specify that Quinn and only Quinn is my handler?"

"I'm not here as a handler, I'm here for modeling business. I do have other jobs you know, I have some semblance of a life outside of you."

"Okay then why are you in my shower?"

"Why are you here?"

Santana could see that Brittany wasn't going to back down so she decided it best to let the woman know what was going on. "Karpov wants my to kill the Prince, I don't know why."

Brittany reached up and rubbed her temples. "Shit." She mumbled as she took a deep breath. "Karpov is trying to set you up. He wants to start another cold war."

"Why, what logic does that have?"

"We don't know, Artie is looking into it but for now all we know is that you're expendable to him. As soon as he gets what he wants you're no longer needed, I came here to warn you."

Santana nodded. "Why didn't anyone tell me?"

"At first the facts were hazy, then you went off the grid, we assumed you went back to Russia."

"I'll figure it out. You should go."

Brittany made her way out of the shower. "Be careful Santana."

"Wait, how did you know it was me?" Santana got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself.

"I'd know you from anywhere, I learned that lesson awhile ago."

With that she watched Brittany leave. Shaking the thoughts from her head she got herself ready to attempt to get into the party the Prince was throwing. She put on her wig and a skin tight, revealing black dress. The four inch with diamond studs on the back rounded out her look as she walked out of her room. She to the elevator and took it down to the 6th floor. There was a single door with a keypad attached to it, only people invited to the party had the code. Santana unfortunately was not one of those people. She reached into her purse and grabbed the napkin she had put in it before she left her room. She held it up against the keypad and rubbed over it softly. Pulling the napkin back she saw the oil marks from the keys, only on the ones being touched. Smiling she tried a combination of the number, the light flashed red. Putting in a different combination she smiled when the light turned green and she heard the door unlock.

She turned the handle and walked through the door. She had to admit this Prince definitely knew how to throw a good party. There were people everywhere as the music pulsated through the speakers. Scouting the room she spotted Brittany working the floor without Rachel. She thought it was odd that the shorter woman wasn't with her but realized that it probably was modeling business if that was the case.

Santana took the room in and gauged the lay out, everything was as it was on the blue print she had studied on her flight. She moved around the room, taking to people and introducing herself. After two hours she had finally had enough so she made her way up onto the second level. People were starting to leave giving her a better shot at the Prince. The hardest part was trying not to be seen by Brittany but she was certain that the blonde knew she was there.

Reaching into her purse she pulled out her handgun. Moving around to the other side of the balcony she hid behind a pillar and took something else out of her purse. She smiled at Anton's invention as she added the scope and then the extended barrel to the gun in her hand. She took a deep breath and then let it out slowly, aiming her shot. Everything started to fade away, the sound of the music was now a faint whisper in the back of her mind and there was no one else in the room except the Prince. She closed her eyes and then opened them, focusing her sight. She squeezed the trigger but was hit with force, knocking her aside making her unable to tell if she had completed her mission.

The sound of people yelling and guns going on brought her out of her daze as she saw blonde hair fall over her shoulder.

"What the fuck!" Santana yelled as she pushed Brittany off of her.

"Shut up and shoot." Brittany rolled to side pulling her gun out in the process. Ducking behind the pillar she shot off a few rounds towards the Prince's bodyguards giving Santana cover to move from where she was lying.

Swallowing her pride Santana moved towards Brittany as they made their way downstairs. They snuck behind a few tables and were almost in the clear when one of the bodyguards saw and shot. Thankfully they were both aware enough to move out of the way. For some reason Santana decided to look behind her at the glass. The bullet was wedged next to her missed shot. As if the world was in slow motion again she saw the glass start to crack as the bodyguards kept firing. Brittany finally looked back at her then the glass. If Santana was a mind reader she was pretty certain the only thing going through Brittany's mind was 'oh shit'. They moved as fast as they could, laying down cover fire as they went, trying to make sure all civilians were out of the room.

Brittany had managed to make her way to the door after taking down one of the guards. Santana watched over her as she got the few remaining guests out. The last person was running through the door when Santana heard the glass shatter. Water started to rush in sweeping Santana off her feet. She didn't see much in the whirlwind but she did see the guards run for the door as it closed. Looking around she was officially alone as water continued to fill the room.

"Come on, up here." She looked over and saw Brittany standing knee deep in water on the stairs. She reached her hand out so that Santana could grab on to it. Brittany pulled Santana up and as soon as the woman got her footing they ran as fast as they could, trying to outrun the water.

Getting to the stop they ran down the balcony and up a fire escape. "Where are we going?" Santana asked as she looked down at the water rising quickly.

"Vent, leads to the surface."

"Get a move on then." Santana hurried her as the water continued to get closer and closer.

Twenty minutes later they found themselves on the first floor. They hit the ground running. The flood had caused the emergency lights to go on, leaving the hall dark except for the few row of flashing lights.

"Stairs." Santana yelled over the sound of the alarms blaring through the halls.

Brittany pushed the door open, grabbing Santana's hand in the process to pull her in with her as the sound of gunshots rang out over the alarm.

"Why are you always around trying to mess up everything I do?" Santana screamed as they raced off hotel property and down an alley.

"I just saved your skin again, or did you think you were going to get out of that one alone too?" Brittany yelled at her as they stopped running.

"I didn't ask for your help and I believe I saved your ass back there too not to mention it's partially your fault that it happened in the first place."

"I'm not even on assignment, I was here on modeling work but thanks for being an arrogant asshole!"

Santana had never seen Brittany so worked up and she had to admit that even soaking wet from head to toe Brittany was beautiful, especially when she was all fiery. "Just stay away from me then, especially if I'm such an arrogant ass!"

Brittany started walking away in the opposite direction. She grabbed a scarf out of one of the shops that lined the alley and left a 20 dollar bill in it place. She wrapped it around her head as she walked away, still feeling Santana's gaze on her. "What! I'm doing what you want and walking away so why are you staring?"

"You deserve better than me and better than what I can give you so you need to move on. Walk away! I don't just mean right now I mean from me completely, I'm broken Brittany and I'm probably never going to be fixed. I remember that night at my place in Carolina. The memory is like watching a movie, I don't feel anything except sadness because I can't love you the way you love me. The way you look at me kills me more than anything else."

"The way I look at you?" Brittany slowly walked back to where Santana was standing.

"You look at me like I'm some amazing person, like I'm the best thing you've ever seen and I can't handle it. I don't know how I didn't see it after Karpov, probably because I wasn't looking but I can't deal with it. Move on and make a life for yourself, one that I can't give you. I can't feel but if I could know that…"

Brittany shook her head. "Don't even think about finishing that sentence!"

Santana nodded and didn't say another word. She saw Brittany's lip quiver and she knew she had to finish what she had started. "I don't feel anything anymore, at least not the feelings I should feel for you. The last time I felt something was a kiss on the cheek I got in Italy. I'm sorry Brittany I really am, I tried and for awhile and I thought it was there but then as soon as I found everything out, I just I can't it's gone."

"Got it, loud and clear, don't worry I'll make sure we won't work together again either. Consider it done." With that Brittany walked off into the darkness.

In that moment Santana would have given anything to feel something in that moment but all she felt was relief.

CIA Headquarters – 6 Months Later

"There's something I have to tell you before the meeting." Quinn nervously shifted her weight from one leg to the other.

"What is it?" Santana urged her on as they stood in a corner just outside the office they had to be in.

Quinn took a deep breath. "Brittany is engaged."

"Excuse you?"

"Brittany is getting married Santana."