Warring SPOILERS: If you haven't played the additional chapter called Marie's test you shouldn't be reading this of in case you don't care about it and you want to read it anyway this chapter will tell you about it.

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This is what happens in the additional chapter that you unlock before gaining all Phantom notes (dunno if that's the real name in English since I have it in Spanish, hope it's all right)


A year after I met Raphael I decided to make a test to enter to the conservatory, there were three tests I passed the two firsts with the songs they asked me and for the last one I choose the song, I knew from the first moment the song I would play, the song I made, the song that reminded me of the days I spend with Raphael. When the test was about to start Momma and Alfred talked with me giving me hope and telling not to be nervous even if they looked even more nervous than me, and just a seconds before I went in front of the judges Momma gave me one last tip. "Honey, you have to be happy, don't take things that bad, your technique isn't all, the public will know if you're playing with your hands or with your heart, don't you never forget that. Just play like if he was here with you" momma said and I couldn't help but whisper his name again like all the times I've done before. "Raphael..." momma seeing me losing myself again in my thoughts told me "Come on, go. It's not good to make them wait" said mom with a smile before I went saying to her "I'll play with all my heart".

When I entered to that room were the judges were waiting I swear I heard them whisper "It's been five years since nobody enters to the conservatory" said one of them "It doesn't seem like this year is going to be different, this is our last candidate" answered the other, the other one started to talk too but I stopped listening to them trying to concentrate myself, after a few moments I heard one of them calling "Number fourteen: Marie. You can start". I went to the stage, put the violin under my chin and whispered: "This goes for you Raphael, I hope you can hear it wherever you are". After that I took a deep breath and I started to play, and while I got more confidence my fingers started running though the violin and the song started. My eyes were closed, nobody said anything, somehow I felt like if I was doing well like if he was hearing me and the feeling grew stronger while I played that song, the song I liked to say that was our song. After a while I finished playing and when I opened my eyes the judges were starring at me their faces full of joy. "That was... that was..." said them "Yes...?" I said wondering what was wrong with them. "I've got no words for this" Said one of them "It's been a long time since I heard someone play like that" the man besides him said "What?" I asked to them not knowing or believing at all "Stay like this and you'll be the greatest violinist of hole France" said the old woman "There are still some things that you could improve" said one of them "You can start practising next week... or tomorrow if you can" said the old woman "I don't know what to say" I answered "Then why don't you say yes?" answered one of the men "Thank you, thank you very much!" I said before leaving the room just to see that my momma was already there with Alfred waiting for me.

"Congratulations Marie, you've played with the heart" She said "Marie we're going to get the car just wait here" Mom said "Sure Mom" I answered and after that they were gone. "Raphael... I just made the first step to reach my dream... but I still ask were are you... truth is Raphael... that I miss you" I said looking to the starry sky.

"I miss you too Marie" told me a voice that I knew very well. She turned to see him standing there "but I promised myself that even if we couldn't be together I would go to every single one of your performances" he said with a smile on his face "Raph..." I started "Marie the car is already here" My mom said just before realizing who was standing besides me "Bye Marie hope we see each other very soon... ah and one last thing you can still come to my apartment every time you want" He said and after that he left, while I had a smile on my face.

It'll continue...

Hope you all liked it, again English is not my first language so any tips will be accepted. I'm planning to make a sort of long story right now I don't know how long it will be or anything right now I can say that I had the idea for this story listening to the song Phantom Thieves Peter and Jenny of Rin and Len Kagamine so you can guess what will this be about. It won't exactly like the song but it's just to make an idea the only thing that I will say is that there will be a Phantom M.

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