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Chapter 1

New beginnings

Marie's P.o.v.

It's been six moths since the last time I saw Raphael and my studies at the conservatory are going very well, everyday I've got three different subjects: History of music, Musical language and musical lessons with the teacher, by the way my teacher's name is Rodolphe, he was one of the judges at my audition he's so nice, but when it comes to work he turns into a devil so thanks to him I spend almost all the day playing the violin. Leaving that aside, it's been a while since I started living alone, mom's house was all right but it was far away from the conservatory so I had to go everyday by car and it wasn't very confortable, but that wasn't all the trouble because mother's house was also sometimes place of high-society events so I couldn't practise at all because I was forced to assist as the duchess daughter, now that everyone knew it I was being a little bit annoyed by everyone I mean it wasn't only the usual phrase: "I heard you play the violin, I'd love to hear you play" that usually ended with me playing the violin, there was the other usual phrase that some people said to mom: "Your daughter is sure beautiful and talented duchess Elisabeth, would you e interested into an engagement with my son?" that was my least favourite part of it, the good thing is that mom always said: "No thanks, my daughter is free to choose whoever she wants" to then whisper to me when she knew that guy wouldn't listen: "And if I had to choose I wouldn't choose an idiot like your son, but I can't choose because she has already found her prince, didn't you?" I always blushed at that part, guess mom loves to make fun at me with the Raphael theme, I can't blame her after all that was a touchy subject to me, I have also to say that she never mentioned it before that she saw that Raphael came to see my performance, after that she just started to make fun at me making me blush and those things talking of him at the point that she looked like a teenager sometimes, it was fun to see mom like that but after all mom and I decided that it would be better for me if lived near the conservatory by my own so I could concentrate into the violin, one great thing about my apartment is that dogs are allowed so I can say that I don't live alone at all, my dog's name's Aria she has a light brown fur and she wears a purple ribbon around her neck, she follows me everywhere and she listens to me while I play so it's like I found my Fondue. Talking of Raphael he just send an advise at my conservatory saying that he would steal the Stradivarius the conservatory owns, guess it another one of his father falsifications. Anyway as I can see the conservatory from here I'll try to see Raphael... just to check if he's okay... there aren't any other purposes or anything... Marie concentrate! I should start today's homework instead of daydream. I thought before taking the violin to start practising.

Raphael's P.o.v

Today's a big day, well as big as the other days I steal something so I guess it's a usual day... anyway today's target is a 'Stradivarius', another one of father's falsifications that's owned by the Paris conservatory, Marie's conservatory to be exact... I wonder if she's all right... I miss her... but I guess I can't do anything about that. Changing the subject lately Charlie and Inspector Vergier are even more anoying than usual, I mean it's like they have a bet or something, at the last theft I did there where hundreds of policemen, they were everywhere the good thing is that as they were to many they weren't well organizated or they didn't get the orders right, I could even pass in front a policemen twice and he didn't even notice it was me. I'm starting to feel sorry about the people who pays taxes. And about Charlie is like she got a fan club or something because every time she tries to catch me three or four boys appear and start to throw balls at me, I feel like is I was a fairground attraction... by the way I have to say that I had a REAL good time when Fondue bit them, this is the easiest way to make them leave me alone, what can I say I love my dog.

It's eleven o'clock so show is about to start.

I took my Phantom R clothes, got dressed and headed to the street. Today was Friday and in a capital like Paris that meant that the streets were full of people, that was great to me because that made my way to the conservatory easier, if I had chosen any other day I would have more troubles to get in there and even more with Inspector Vergier latests moves. In a half of an hour I arrived and as the advise said that I would steal the Stradivarius at twelve I had little bit of time to check the surroundings. The conservatory as I suspected was full of policemen and awkwardly there was a side that was almost empty, weird, too weird in fact, but even thought it would be fun to see what kind of trap would they prepare and the curiosity was killing me I decided to go by an easier way instead, so I sneaked in hiding behind a policeman. When I entered I noticed of something, the conservatory was huge and It was full of diminutive rooms that had in most of cases a piano inside, I run though the corridors to arrive to the principal room, I knew the way from that point so I headed to the galleries where the Stradivarius was exposed. I got there in no time but still I had a bad feeling about all that, the police was even more stupid than usual, there was no vigilance inside the building, there were no cameras in the room the Stradivarius was exposed and also nobody looking forward it. It's just like if they wanted me to steal it, I took it carefully and exterminated the violin, I finally got the answer to that question, inside the violin there was a sparking red light, I didn't need a lot of time to notice that that was a gps locator, so Inspector Vergier wasn't idiot after all too bad that I'm smarter than him, I took the locator from inside the violin and left it into the place I found the violin, I put the violin into a bag that I hanged at my back and then ran to the roof of the conservatory to see to what direction could I jump to scape, like before that side of the conservatory was empty but I decided to make a great scape so I jumped to the main door as I expected to police wrapped me in a short time, but as usual I made my way out of the amount of policemen and started running looking for a way out, not a long time after I started running I had to face Charlie and her fanclub today it seemed that they had protections so Fondue couldn't attack them so I shoot back a few balls to them, I have to say that I didn't shoot on the face on purpose... well yes, but it was fun. When I was done with them I kept on running in front of three policemen, they looked so desperate in fact one of them even pointed at me with a gun, I was running though a long street planing tu turn into the next corner but the policeman shoot, and I felt my feet go weaker losing strength at every step I did. Somehow I was able to keep the rhyme until I reached the corner. After that I felt a hand graving me and all went black.

It'll continue...

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