The city was loud, bustling with activity and freedom. Everything was as it was, safe and protected.

"Your doing it again" A female voice said with a deep understanding tone. The shadows moved as the new Batman walked across a tall building's roof.

"Doing what?" Dick Grayson replied. His voice was deeper than usual, part off his disguise for Batman. Oracle or the new Commissioner Barbara Gordon was sighing down the communicator.

"Waiting" she replied. "Just like Bruce did"

Batman gazed into the evening air, the memories of standing by Barbara's side and listening to Bruce scour the city searching for her, of all people. The mad, deranged, heartless, murdering, blood-hungry, insane, over-reacting and selfish monster that was Harley Quinn. The love interest of the old Batman's greatest rival, The Joker.

"Am I doing the same thing?" Batman replied. He held his hand to his ear and waited for a reply. The communicator buzzed and Barbara answered.

"Well yes and no." She whined a little bit before explaining. "Yes since you are constantly out every night looking for him" Batman looked down in shame. "However, no, because you know you are doing it"

Batman smiled a little bit and moved away from the edge. In only a year, Gotham City was back to it's original state. The gloomy air was gone and most off the buildings had been rebuilt. Wayne Enterprises was getting a make-over. It was going to be taller, wider and given much more of a presence in the city. Batman could remember being told by Alfred, the Wayne family personal butler, that it was going to be a legacy for Bruce. Batman never liked to admit it but he respected Bruce like a Father. Took him in when his parents were killed and raised him into his late teens. batman almost regretted rebelling against him and becoming the infamous Nightwing.

"I'm just worried, Barbs"

"Everyone is ... Tim has been helping you find him and you know that I've sending police into the underground ruins" Barbara explained. Batman acknowledged the help his family have been giving him. Bruce wouldn't have done that; he would have done it by himself. "I just hope we find him soon and end your turmoil"

"Turmoil?" Batman said confused. He used his grapple gun to swing down to a lower building. Using his cape to glide down he landed gracefully and continued his track home.

"Yeah, you know the whole pheromone thing" Barbara said. Batman regretted that she remembered. When Batman was Nightwing, he met someone who wanted to bring about the downfall of Harley Quinn after she took over the city. This person managed to get close to Nightwing and form a intense relationship with him. Nightwing then found out that this person was using highly advanced pheromones to lure him in. Cutting all relationship with this person and ultimately leaving his un-cooperative Mother to die sent him into rage; claiming vengeance on Nightwing and Robin he used his abilities to divert being captured and has done for the past year. The name sent shivers down Batman's spine still; Manne Quinn, the son off the Joker and Harley Quinn.

"Hmmm" Batman replied sadly. He was disappointed of how they left each other last time. He could still remember the sphere of green light that forced him and several others to the ground. This teenager had un-natural abilities and he was deadly; he would probably outrank his Father in deadliness and that is something.

"Dick?" Barbara rang down the communicator.

"Yes Barbs"

"Your thinking about him again? Aren't you?" Batman cringed at how she knows what is going on in his brain. "Your going to get obsessed"

"Am not" Batman thought for a second and realised what he just said. What was he? A child or a man. "I mean, No I won't"

"Right ... Any who" Barbara began. "Tim is heading your way, look after him he isn't in a good state"

"I know, the Death Day is tomorrow" Batman cut her off before ending the conversation. The Death Day, the anniversary of Red's death; the assassin turned good who got in the way off a bullet to save her mentor, the infamous Talia Al Ghul. Tim Drake or Robin had been romantically involved with her and was devastated for weeks over her death. The worse part is that he couldn't mourn her because her body had disappeared along with Talia during the collapse of Wayne Enterprises, the HQ for Harley Quinn when she assumed control.

Batman turned around, something was coming up around him. He could sense it in the wind but also the light in his peripheral vision changed. He allowed it to get close before turning on the spot and grabbing it. He pulled it up close and sneered.

"Whoa Dick, it's me" Robin yelled. Batman relaxed and dropped Robin who was about five inch shorter than him. The younger male in front of him was wearing a dark red chest piece, with a 'R' on his left side, for his armour whilst his pants were jet black and thin. His gloves were thick and padded for hand to hand combat. Robin also wore a hooded cape that ended at his waist and carried around with him a long staff used in fights. Robin was meant to look different from Batman, who had to organize a smaller suit since the bigger one slowed him down a bit.

"Sorry Tim" batman apologized in his normal voice. "How are you?"

"I think you can guess" Robin smiled a bit but Batman could see it was a weary smile.

"How you holding up?"

"Fine, at the moment. Tomorrow is when it'll hit me" Robin's smile faded. However his cocky attitude still remained as he hid his arms around his waist and stared into the night sky. Batman quietly sighed to himself before turning round and allowing his long cape to flow in the wind. He could see in a dark window his reflection. His armour was grey and black and perfectly shaped to his body, across his chest was a black bat to symbolize who he was, his head was covered by a mask that had pointed ears like a bat and his belt held many items to use against crime.

The air became quiet for a second whilst Robin looked over the edge of the building. Batman still gazed at his reflection, the comparisons between him and Bruce were un-noticeable. However the quiet air shattered as a crawling sound came into Batman's ears. The sound of a small laughter broke the air. Batman recognised it immediately but instead of turning around he stared at the window. The glimpses of green moved round Batman's left shoulder moved as the pale face came into view.

"Hmmmm, don't you look dapper" The voice of Manne Quinn said. His deformed scar moved as he said it, Batman felt the vibrations at his ear. Manne turned his head forward to the window as he rested his head on Batman's shoulder; his toxic green eyes piercing into Batman's soul. The scar given to Manne last year was still there, the smile stretch from on cheek into a bend and finishing at the other. Batman willed himself to turn but could only blink. He then felt patting on his shoulder. This made him turn quickly to see a shocked Robin.

"Woah, why are you edge today?" Robin asked. Batman turned back to the window and looked for Manne, he wasn't there. Was it in his head? Was he going mad?

"Nothing, let's just go home" Batman said whilst running off into the dark. Robin followed, unsure of what happened. As they left a figure moved into the space they were in and watched. Their combat boots dancing on the floor they stood on and the faint glimmer of laughter echoed through the city.