"Maybe you should take a break."

Korra huffed in frustration and shook her head, going through another motion for the umpteenth time that night, frowning when she didn't receive any results. "If I take a break then I'll never get it."

"And if you don't take a break you'll wear yourself out," Mako argued. She ignored him and repeated the airbending motion, still coming up with nothing. He sighed and put his chin in his propped up hand, watching her without much interest. The sun was setting in the distance the night was growing cold, yet she insisted on training out here until she successfully completed one airbending move.

Considering her past luck with airbending, Mako figured they'd be out there all night.

Maybe longer.

A chilled breeze blew past the two of them, chilling Mako underneath his light jacket. He shivered and pulled his scarf tighter around his neck. Heat coursed through his veins as he concentrated on staying warm, his inner-fire coming in handy.

Korra scowled as the wind played with her hair. "Oh just mock me why don't you?" she shouted into the sky.

Mako stared at her as he adjusted his scarf so it wasn't cutting off his air. "You realize you're yelling into the air which can't answer you."

She rounded on him, heated glare burning into his very skin and bones. "I don't want to hear you right now."

He didn't answer as she turned back around, taking a deep breath and getting into the stance once again. He sat and watched as she concentrated on her flowing energy and moved gracefully and with light feet as she went through the movements carefully. She looked enough like an expert at this but had yet to show any results for her efforts.

She whipped around with outstretched arms towards him and splayed out fingers to conclude the bending move and Mako felt more wind grace his cheekbones and ruff up his hair.

It wasn't the wind this time.

Korra stood stunned for a split second before she retracted her hands and pushed them out again, bending more wind into Mako's face. He reached up to fix his hair as Korra began to slowly grin and look at her hands like they had suddenly turned to gold.

"Mako!" she laughed. "Mako I can airbend!" She laughed again and pumped her fist in the air before running over to him. "You saw it right? I just totally airbended!"

Mako nodded and smiled for her sake. "Yes I saw it, Korra. It was-mmph!"

He guessed that she got a little caught up in her excitement because her lips were now pressed to his and he could just feel her bright smile on his lips. She kissed him fiercely, hands clutching to the back of his neck and pulling at his hair.

Tentatively, Mako placed his hands lightly on her arms and kissed her back.

He kind of wished he had known her when she learned the other three elements. Because the celebrations that followed...

Well, they definitely left him winded.