Summary : AU. Hei's sister is not the only person he'd search every nook and cranny for.


Others see him as someone who has no life. He's someone who does things on his own and never does anything unnecessary. In their eyes, he does nothing the social media will approve and bow upon. That's okay to him though, because they aren't the reason he's here right now.

It's because if they aren't his precious little sister or his dearest Yin, he doesn't have a reason to care about their thoughts.

They aren't the reasons that he'll search every nook and cranny. They're not Pai or Yin.

They're humans.

He won't consider himself a real human though. As their vain denial and thoughts scurry across the fake moonlight sky, it's obvious he is not like them. To be one of them, he'll need to forget about the other lives he has held in his hands. His palms will still be tainted no matter what. But that's okay. He doesn't need to be pure.

As long as they're by his side, he's okay and content with what he has. Nothing more, nothing less.

Things are going to change though, because while his beloved sister is announced dead, his darling partner is proclaimed missing.