Sighing, I closed my eyes, refusing to drown myself in the gloomy, ordered atmosphere of the all too familiar police station. The irritating ticking of the clock across the hall drilled into my skull, making me feel slightly nauseous. My eyes suddenly flashed open in immediate response to the sound of a door opening. Blinking rapidly in an effort to shake the dread from my body, I lifted my head, shaking my strawberry blonde hair from my face. Moaning in realisation of what was to come, I turned my piercing gaze to the figure that had entered the room. I expected to be greeted with the hard, unforgiving stare of a police officer, however a boy, who appeared to be of a similar age to me, stood there, grinning at me. He was quite handsome with golden brown hair, chocolate coloured eyes and a splash of freckles painted across his face in a perfect formation. Without a thought, I returned his cheeky grin, causing a look of achievement, which he made no attempt to hide, to splash across his face.

"So what ya here for?" He asked in an unmistakable cockney accent. For a moment I actually thought that he might care, but I should know: all boys are the same - trouble.

"Got in some shit, foster parents weren't too happy, waiting to be carted off to another hellhole of a care home," I replied expressionlessly, after all this was the norm for me.

"You're a care kid?" He asked - a look of genuine surprise plastered across his face.

"Yeah, so what? You got anything against care kids?" I retorted, anger seeping through my words - no one insults me and gets off lightly.

"No, of course not!" He exclaimed, "well, I can't really, seeing as I'm an ex-care kid."

"You got fostered?" I asked in surprise - he looked way out of the 'sweet little kid picture'.

"Nah, me brother tracked me down. He works here ya see?" He explained, "I'm Liam by the way, Liam O'Donovan."

I hesitated for a moment before answering, "Hayley Samson."

"Nice ta meet ya Hayley," Liam said, grinning his enormous 'Cheshire cat' grin at me, "you been in care long?"

"Only a couple of years now, my mum died giving birth to my brother then my dad drank himself dead. What about you?" I replied, shivering a little as I let myself fall back into the enormous hole that was my life.

"All my life," he began, releasing a sigh filled with anxiety which seemed so out of place emerging from his cheeky character, "mum left me outside a hospital," he tried to shrug off the memories but even from my seat a few meters from him, I could see it wasn't working.

"I'm sorry-" I began, in an attempted to comfort him, which was rudely interrupted as a voice called his name from the room behind him. He gave me nod, which from what I gathered translated as 'back in a minute', before exiting the room. I sat waiting, pondering on the events of my previous conversation and as to whether I could trust Liam. After all he was a care kid and care kids stuck together, right?

A few moments later another door opened, revealing a police officer and a middle aged, Jamaican woman. They walked over to me and I stood up sighing ad realisation hit me with its colossal tidal wave - damn you Liam O'Donovan! Since when did the police start using cute boys to stop people making a run for it?

"You must be Hayley, yeah?" The Jamaican woman asked and I nodded in answer, "I'm Gina, I'm gonna take you to Elm Tree House." Gina appeared to be okay - okay here having the meaning of not going to starve me to death.

"And don't try any of your usual tricks!" The police officer snapped, slashing through my confidence with her poison spiked words. I gave her a glare before grabbing my bag and heading off with Gina, but as my foot touched the gravel outside of the door, I couldn't help but look back, both physically and mentally at the conversation I'd had a few minutes before. As I left the building four words flashed across my mind - 'Damn you Liam O'Donovan'.