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"Ya got anythin' worth somethin'?" A low and gruff voice, which I assumed came from the figure, however I couldn't see his mouth so I couldn't be certain, snapped, making me shiver a little and glance across at Liam, hoping he had a plan - no such luck, "ya deaf or somethin'? Gimme ya shit," suddenly memories of Burnywood burst back into my mind and I knew that we had two choices - do as he said, or leg it.

I chose the latter. I made eye contact with Liam, attempting to put my plan into discreet eye gestures - something that I evidently was shit at. He nodded at me, as the figure stepped forward, presumably growing impatient with our secretive silence. We turned and ran. I ran faster than I had ever ran before. Adrenaline fuelled my usually unfit body, forcing me to push harder. Soon the rest of the world was engulfed into a blur, leaving me focus on only one thing - escape.

I caught sight of Liam running a little to right of me, however I dared not turn around to check if the figure was still on our tail. I had chosen cowardice, but maybe that was the smart option, but knowing me, it wouldn't have been. The next thing I knew was my world spun downwards and I fell onto the stones below me - a sensation I could describe as hardly pleasant.

I remained immobilised, listening to beat of my heart as the world faded into a blur, a throbbing pain overwhelming my senses. I shifted my head a little, in search of Liam - he was gone. I was alone. Until I felt the strong arms pulling me up from the ground, only letting out a chuckle as I winced in pain as my knees scraped against the gravel, leaving open wounds on my lower legs.

The figure held me tightly against himself, placing a knife in front my neck in an attempt to frighten me, however it didn't take me long to notice that the knife was unused and completely blunt. I sighed a little in relief, but I was careful not to let my attacker know that I had located his Achilles' heel, "looks like ya boyfrien' made a run fo' it," he chuckled, making me grimace at the thought of having to deal with Liam's actions, "so then missy, wha' am I gonna do wit' ya," I bit my lip, praying he wouldn't make the worst possibilities reality, "ya very pretty aren' ya?" I winced, having a feeling that I knew the intended direction of this conversation; it wasn't a direction that I desired either, "it'd be a shame at ruin such a pretty face," I shivered, panic flooding my brain as I attempted to construct some sort of escape plan, "be a good girl for me then."

He pushed me against a nearby wall, his green eyes illuminated in an eerie way by a nearby streetlight. Grinning in a devious manner, he diverted his attention to his trousers, which he seemed all to eager to remove. Taking my chance, I pushed him backwards - hard. Not letting him have a chance to make an advance on me, I aimed a kick at his balls, landing it right on target, causing him to fall back in pain and I quickly took the opportunity and made a run for it, only to be pulled back my a sweaty grasp on my right ankle.

Cursing under my breath, I remained silent as he pulled me around, slowly getting to his feet and smirking at me. This wasn't a playful smirk from Liam O'Donovan, it was an menacing and almost sinister smirk from a dangerous stranger in a dark alleyway, he tutted patronisingly, "tha' wasn't very good were it?" he grinned taking a step towards me in a way that intimidated me hugely, "naughty girls get punished," he aimed a blow at my stomach, sending me crashing down against wall, releasing cries of pain both at the impact of his fist and as my back scraped down the shoddy brickwork.

I remained motionless, falling in and out of a state of consciousness as he aimed blow after blow at me, my world blurring into a mix of pain and fear. I lost the feeling in my right leg by a powerful kick to my shin, which sent a wave of excruciating pain up through my body, he seemed to notice my pained expression and aimed another blow in the same spot, doubling the amount of pain I had to endure. I was only left with the somewhat disturbing thought that it would end eventually - one way or another.

"Oi!" my senses alerted at that shout, as if it triggered something deep indie my brain - something I just couldn't place my finger on. The shout seemed to have the same effect on my attacker, giving me temporary relief from the increasing pain, however I was in too much pain to even think of escaping, "get off 'er," my vision blurred, so I remained listening as my attacker made a run for it, however the other voice didn't seem to make any attempt to follow me. Instead I heard footsteps drawing closer to me and I tried as hard as I could to cling onto the real world, incase I needed to defend myself from this person, but to be honest I was hardly in a state to fight off an attacker.

I made no attempt to refuse as the person picked my limp body up, carrying my half conscious self in his arms. I listened to his soothing whispers, even though in my current state of pain, I couldn't decipher the sounds into words and then the words into sentences, the sound of his voice comforted me in a strange way, as if my subconscious self knew that this person was entirely safe and that they would look after me. Trying to see through the pain that lapped over my body like waves, (waves that felt like tsunamis) I forced my eyes open, longing for a glimpse at whoever was carrying me. I grinned, knowing the face all too well. I closed my eyes letting my self slip into an unconscious state - I was safe.