I'm so sorry guys about not updating for ages :( I have a reason though, so please listen. Firstly our internet router broke, so I spent the past week or so writing non stop and I actually managed to finish the sequel. However, my computer just died, I'm not very tech savvy so I can't really describe it better than this: it remains unresponsive and I did a system restore, however my desktop froze upon start up. Therefore I have bought a new computer (it's a Mac yay! :P) unfortunately all of the chapters were stored on my computer and due to my lack of internet I could not upload them to the document manager. I'm sorry, but I really don't want to completely rewrite a whole story.

I hope you can understand this. This last week or so was really bad. I feel really disheartened to write and I logged on today (I got my internet back yesterday) and I saw an anonymous reviewer flaming this story and Blue. I deleted the reviews and I know this shouldn't get to me, but I have a lot to think about in real life as well. So I'm really sorry guys, but I do have lots of ideas for one shots =)