The emotions had gone rampant after I had asked Rosalie what was wrong. I took her, and the children, into the bathroom to help calm Rosalie down. The tall blonde was in a panicked state, her hair a mess from running worried fingers through it, her make up sweating down her angled face and her skirt wrinkled from the nervous clenching-just like an uneasy child. After cleaning up Rosalie's makeup and brushing back her hair with encouraging words, Rosalie seemed to have noticed that Cleona and Dallas were playing on suitcases, because we had yet to check in. Rosalie snapped up and swiftly walked out of the bathroom. I slowly threw away the tissue and turned around towards the children. Dallas and I made eye contact and simultaneously shrugged our shoulders. Odd. I gathered up the children and headed towards the front desk to get a room.

"Yes, this lovely lady will be getting the room next to mine." I snapped my head towards Rosalie as she turns to point at me. "Oh, and Josiah? Add it to my tab." The tall blonde handed the key to me and walked off towards the elevator, beckoning me to hurry.

There was a tense silence within the elevator. I was beyond confused and uncomfortable with the extreme generosity shown by this strange woman, who just five minutes ago was weeping. Cleona and Dallas could sense my unease and were quietly playing. A quick glance at Rosalie showed that she was the least bit worried. "You don't even know my name." I whisper harshly. Why I was whispering, I had no clue. But the generosity make my pride flare.

"Yes I do. You are a kind woman that obviously needed a room." She said nodding.

I turned fully towards Rosalie. "I don't need your money. I don't need your help." My chin stuck out and as if my chest was attached to a string if follow. "I can take care of my family by myself." My head tilted up in defiance. I had been giving this speech since before Dallas and Cleona was born. "And if you think-" Rosalie cut me off with a sharp, yet gentle hand being raised in the air.

"I didn't mean to hurt your pride. I was just hoping to help until you're on your feet. I can tell you're not from around here, okay? I've never told anyone about... Royce." she sighed. "Just accept this as a gift, sort of." I was left shocked and silent, as the elevator dinged and opened to reveal the floor we were on. "There's about four or five rooms on this floor. It's jsut us. It used to be the penthouse." We walked farther down the hallway, as I tried to count the rooms. Just for statistics sake.

"What happened to it?" I questioned.

"I bought it." Rosalie said nonchalantly as she unlocked her room. She did a double take and said, "Oh, yah. You're this one. 424." Rosalie waved and disappeared into her room leaving me in front of her door feeling lost and with two sleep deprived children sitting on suitcases.

"So. What's going to be for dinner?" I said as I Clapped my hands together looking at the empty pantry. I back at Cleona with a raised eyebrow and a small goofy smile.

"Nothing!" Cleona said giggling. "There's nothing in there, Mommy!"

"Then let's go get something to eat!" I hollered as I ran and swooped up Cleona into my arms to go get her changed. "Dallas!" I called for him. "Come put on a clean shirt." I dug out a clean shirt for them both since they were horribly messy eaters before we got onto the plane. The bags were still in the kitchen since I had yet to explore the house, unlike Dallas.

"This house is huge!" Dallas whisper shouted as I changed his shirt.

"Oh really now?" I asked him with a smile. "Let's get going, guys!" We were already out the door and down the hall when I realized I forgot to lock the room. I turned back around and jammed the card into the lock, not twice, but three times before it finally flashed red, signalling that it was indeed locked. Steering the kids back around towards the direction of the elevator I spotted someone entering one of the rooms, slamming the door shut, the sound of the dead bolt echoed throughout the hall. Chills ran up my spine, whereas Cleona and Dallas remained oblivious. "Lets go now." I said causiously as I herded the kids into the elevator, slamming my hand onto the main floor button.

It was not until the next day that I thought to bring up the extra floor mate to Rosalie. "I thought you said it was only us on this floor?" I let myself in after she had answered.

The blonde looked flustered. "We are." She hesitated. "What are you talking about?"

I gave her a knowing look. "Cut the bullshit, I know someone else lives here. Why is there a need to lie? I dont understand."

Rosalie flopped herself on the white, wooly couch which made me wonder if she had to brush it. Well, more like if she had someone else brush it. She let out a sigh. "There is one more person on this floor." I raised my eyebrows and gave her a questioning look, as if to say 'And you're point is?' "And he's kind of weird." She half mumbled.

"Define weird." I crossed my arms and began imaginging the levels of pedofile this guy could be.

"Weird as in I never see him!" Rosalie had sat up and thrown herself back on to the couch in asperation.

"That's weird to you?" I laughed "i was picturing some CSI shit going down! So who is he?"

"Josiah said his name is Mason. I'm not even sure if that's his first or last name." Rosalie puffed. And to herself she mumbled, "Can't get any imformation and i own the damn place."

I was struck by disbelief. "You own the place? I thought you said you just bought the penthouse!" Which was impressive to begin with, but now its a whole new level of 'Whaaaaa'.

"Yah... I bought it...The whole hotel." Rosalie's tone was of the Duh Genre. Before I could voice my thought of why on Earth would she want to buy a hotel, she answered. "They wouldn't let me check in for more than a month at a time and that's just ridiculous. So," She shrugged. "I bought it."

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