A Secret Between Friends


Lucy's p.o.v

[A/N] If we lived in a perfect world I would own 13 the musical, cuties Liz and Ariana. Sadly we do not live in a perfect world. So I own nothing except the plot of this story. Thanks to everyone who reviewed any of my stories in the past you rock! Updated 1/110/16. Inspired by my fav movie A Secret between Friends.

The characters are around 16 in this story. Bold name print is to show who is talking. Thanks to Lucy Dunn for her reviews you rock!

"Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered how you got here? Ever wonder why were here? I mean the stars are so beautiful the way they shine and twinkle so bright. Like they never have to worry about anything. Closing my eyes I took in what a beautiful sight they were and wondered what it would be like to have that kind of freedom. These thoughts kept my mind off the moans escaping from my mouth as my boyfriend continued his rhythm inside of me. Turning my head feeling the beauty that the night had to offer from the bright city lights of Indianapolis, to the colored spinning lights of the carnival all leading up to where the stars hung out in the sky lazily watching us down here. I wondered about them could they be more then just burning luminous sphere's of plasma's held together by gravity?

They say stars shine due to thermonuclear fusions of hydrogen in their cores releasing energy that traverse the stars interior then radiates into outer space.

I think there's more to it then that I mean there's got to be, I may be called a lot of things for thinking this but I believe the stars are more like people then we give them credit for.

Nothing can burn that bright for that long without a deeper reason. I believe all the stars all have their own personalities you have the fun and bright ones who just like to make people happy with their radiance. Then you have the ones who sparkle so bright cause they have to be the center of attention ones like Ursa major more commonly known as the big dipper. Or the great bear or Sirius which is known as the brightest star. Then you have the not so well known stars the ones who hide away behind the brighter stars. It doesn't mean their not smart, pretty or brilliant in their own ways they just chose not to shine so bright to live in their own world. Still they have their own stories to tell how they got here. Sometimes I wish I could whisper to them ask them how they keep shining so bright how they never run out of energy cause I sure need that it takes a lot out of me to be this brilliant 24/7.

"O-h Br-e-t-t o-h g-o-d"

I faked it so damn good I deserved an academy award for this performance the way I smiled at him caressed his naked body as he hovered over me his toned six pack and his nipples which glistened in sweat. My fingers played with his blond hair twirling it as I gasped moving my body with his. Allowing his mouth full access to my full breasts; over the rest of my chest. I moaned and giggled as he rode me faking some gasps and squeals digging my nails into his back from the intense pain he grinded his hips thrusting deep inside of me.

Think Lucy think of ways to really picture yourself happy how could I make it believable? That I really was enjoying myself.

Think of beautiful sunny days on the beach soaking up the sun letting it tan my perfect body while everyone watched in envy cause no matter how hard they tried they could never have my body, think of cute dolphins. Think of sweet glory the feel of victory as the Quills squash our competitions with skills and grace way beyond high school level. I love to win no one can ever tell me it's not one of the most important things in the world cause the rush I get when we crush is a high nothing else can achieve well except maybe amazing sex.

Think of sweet hands and warm peach scented kisses trailing down your body from the one you really want to be with. How excited your whole body becomes how the heat rushes up from your feet to your face.

"O-h-g-o-d Br-e-t-t don't stop god oh god

Oh yeah that's my spot oh Brett harder uh Brett yes! Yes! oh...".

I arched my back giving him full access as I imagined how amazing it would be to make love to that person.

Finally exhausted Brett collapsed next to me wrapping his big strong muscular arms around my waist laying my head on his chest I closed my eyes trying to ease my breathing.

Never have I said was faking it making it look so damn good was easy, I was sweating and breathing hard. I felt nauseated it could be the alcohol in my body how many had I had? We both lay there there covered in stickiness.

I felt disgusted, embarrassed how could anyone enjoy being covered in semen and blood? I couldn't believe after all the time Brett and I had sex I would still bleed a little.


"Yea Brett?"

"You okay babe?"

I nodded not trusting my voice still trying to get a grip on my emotions and thoughts.

"That was seriously the hottest sexiest most amazing sex in the world"

Yea well I never said my boyfriend was classy or well mannered did I? Cause if I did I lied..smiling I felt him brush back my long thick chestnut blond stripped hair soaked in perspiration..

Lucy: "It's so beautiful out here Brett"

Brett: "I'm a genius Luce god even I didn't know it could be this hot!"

Brett pumped his fist I rolled my eyes he didn't want to hear what I thought. Typical all about Brett the football star. Who cares what I think or feel. I turned away as he laughed pumping his fist in the air like he was at the end goal.

The night time sky was breathtaking it had descended so suddenly covering the big fluffy white clouds like a big blanket which was now twinkling with millions of tiny stars. Again I wondered what their stories were? Did they hold secrets so deep so personal that if they were exposed it would cause their brightness to falter. Would their fallen spirit cast a darkened gas vapor on all who witnessed such despair? Is that why fallen stars were so rare? Is it why if you make a wish they say it would come true? Is it a way to bring back some hope and dreams when spirits have been crushed?

Where was the nearest fallen star? Cause I could sure use it, it made me wonder if no one restored hope where did these fallen stars go? Where was their safe place to fall? Did they have one? Did they just keep falling? Did they burn up and fade away never to be seen again? Didn't we all have a safe place to fall?

Where was my star? My place?

My head hurt so bad just wondering about these things. I could feel Brett wrap his arms tighter around me. So I played the good little girlfriend cuddling closer to him letting my bare flesh connect as close as humanly possible with his.

Brett: "Love you Luce

Your so beautiful damn I am the luckiest man on earth I got awesome looks

Muscles, talent and a cute thin sexy hot lead cheerleader, excellent grades a promising future

I am the man! Whew!"

I laughed as he leaned down kissing me passionately. I sunk deeper into his arms hugging him closing my eyes trying not to get sick.

Yea Brett was for sure not shy or quiet which use to attract me.

Brett: "Damn I never thought sex on a Ferris wheel could be so much fun

Shit though with the right person I guess sex anywhere could be fantastic

Damn were hotter then the sun!"

Without warning he rolled me on my back kissing me deep and hard I couldn't stop the moan that escaped my lips.

I tried to stop him but my whole body was on automatic response. Pressing itself against him closer my heart was beating so hard I felt dizzy.

Closing my eyes I just prayed I could get through the rest. Just as I expected Brett kept trailing the kisses down the length of my body. My legs trembled I could feel his rock hard member wet and stiffen harder as he pressed inside of me for the god knows what hundredth times this evening.

As much as I hated it I played the good little girlfriend again. Even though it hurt so bad I wanted to cry I squealed and giggled. Screaming as loud as I could moaning faking the best damn orgasm by imagining having a real one with the person who's hands I wanted on my body.

Brett: "Say my name Luce say it loudly

I want the whole world to know

That I have no problem pleasing my women"

I gritted my teeth oh there was one name I wanted to scream out right now one name that hung at the tip of my tongue.

Patrice Parker