Dreams vs. Nightmares

Chapter 1

Story three, here we go.

We all know what nightmares are, we have them while we sleep, and we experience them in life.

Disturbing, nightmares may be, but in the end, what is a nightmare but a dream, a bad dream, and where there are bad dreams, there are good dreams as well.

Imagination is the comfort, it is the key to save ourselves from those nagging nightmares.

In the end, our imagination can be our downfall, or our salvation.

The Nightmare Queen sat isolated in her palace tower, still reeling from her defeat at the hands of the human girl, Fionna.

"I can't believe it," she sighed, "I was defeated, twice, by a little girl, a lowly, powerless, mortal, little girl."

She swayed as she sat on her knees.

"It's...it's like...my worst nightmare...or...my second worst nightmare...has come true." NQ whined.

The fallen queen fell on all fours.

"This can't possibly get any worse." she huffed.

Just then, she heard a hauntingly familiar voice, "Hello, Mother."

Nightmare Queen stood right up.

"Tantibus." she gasped.

NQ turned around, and saw her daughter standing before her.

"Ha ha, after all these years, you still manage to recognize my voice." the Nightmare Princess said.

"What do you want, daughter?" Nightmare Queen growled.

"You have been defeated, twice, mother dearest," Tantibus said austerely, "you know what that means."

"You wouldn't dare," NQ responded tensely, "you can't!"

"Stop me if you can." Nightmare Princess quipped.

Tantibus gingerly reached out and grabbed her mother's crown, Nightmare Queen wanted to stop her, but she had neither the will nor the strength to do so. Her daughter removed her crown from her head and placed it upon her own.

"Now I am the Queen of Nightmare, and you are nothing," Tantibus proclaimed, "just like in the beginning, nothing, you've always been nothing, and that's all you'll ever be!"

"I used to be something." NQ mumbled.

"Where you failed, I will succeed," the newly self-proclaimed Nightmare Queen declared, "because unlike you, mother, I'm not corrupted, I am pure, utter, naturally born, evil! Like a real Nightmare Sovereign should be! This is my Nightmare Queendom now, and soon the whole world, no, the universe, will be a part of it!"

"You forget, my daughter," Malicia voiced, "your brother, will not let it happen."

"My little brother," Tantibus retorted, "is no concern of mine, that righteous runt will be at my feet in no time."

"In your dreams maybe." NQ muttered.

"Though you pose no threat to me whatsoever," Tantibus said, "I can't risk any interference."

With one wave of Tantibus's hand, NQ was in enchanted chains, bound to the wall.

"There we go," Tantibus stated, "nice and secure."

The former princess started to make her way out of the tower.

"You can't do this, Tantibus!" Malicia cried, struggling, "I created you!"

Tantibus stopped and took one last look at her mother.

"No mom," she affirmed, "I created you."

After exiting the palace, Tantibus cast a spell on the castle that prevented anyone from entering or exiting it.

"Creatures of the Nightmare Realm!" she announced, "Heed me! For I am your new Nightmare Queen! Follow me, and you will never face starvation again! You will be my minions, or you will be my food! Regardless! I am in charge now, and no one can stop me! And if anyone so much as even tries to stop me, they will experience torment beyond anything they ever have or ever will see in their nightmare!"

This new addition to my "Nightmare Saga" will touch more on the Nightmare Queen's back story, as well as her beyond broken family.