A/N: So this is a story that involves randomness from Fossil Fighters/Fossil Fighters Champions. It will be serperated into parts. The first part is: What if the Fossil Fighters Champions characters found out they had to make a TV Series based on what happened? This will basically be a group of bloopers and what the BB Brigade trio, Pauleen, Rupert, and Dina did when they found out they had to go back into the Bonehemoth.

Chapter one

Todd's fail:

1st try:

Todd: Someone must have dropped an angel because I can see myself in your eyes.

Dina: *Holds up sign that says 'EPIC FAIL'*

Pauleen: *starts laughing*

Todd: Huh? *Turns to see sign* DINA!

2nd Try:

Todd: Some one must have dropped an angel because I can see my-

Dina and Pauleen: *Start laughing*

Todd: Come on you two!

3rd Try:

Todd: Someone must have-

Dina and Pauleen: *Start laughing uncontrolably*

Todd: *Starts laughing*

Director: We'll come back to this!

The Bonhemoth:

1st try:

Bonehemoth: *Starts to come up*

Dina: You will never catch me alive! *Starts running*

BB Brigade and Pauleen: *Start to follow*

Rupert: 0_0

2nd try:

Bonehemoth: *starts to come up*

Cole: Well, we're about to die.


Pauleen: Is it to late to run?

Lester: Probably.

Bonhemoth: *Opens its mouth*

Lola: It's like waaaaaaaay to late now.

Rupert: 0_o I don't understand you guys...

Everyone else: HEY! *They and Rupert get eaten by Bonehemoth*

Rainbow Canyon incident:

1st try:

Todd: Hey! BB Brigade commander guy! We'll show you what happens to people who kidnap girls and treat them really well!

Dina: Yeah, 'cause that's bad.

Cole: HEY!

Dina: 0_o What?

Cole: You interrupted my line.

Dina: -_-' (A/N: YAY! Sweatdrop face! :D)

2nd try:

Todd: *Just finished his line*

Cole: Ok, Plan B!

BB Goon: 0_o ...Plan B? 0_o

Cole: Yeah. Plan B.

BB Goon: We don't have a Plan B.


BB Goon: With what?

Cole: You know. People have problems with us treating girls well. That plan B.

All BB Goons, kidnap girls, Dina, Pauleen, and Todd: 0_o

Cole: What?

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