Me: Okay here's the next chapter!

Discalimer: I don't own Fossil Fighters.

Me: Okay, so today is everyone's favorite weirdo... Nick Nack!

Nick Nack: Thank you madomiselle (probably spelled that wrong. Please don't yell if I spell it wrong) ilovedogs12. :)

Me: Yeaaaaaaah... let's just go to the questions. Which there's like a LOT for you.

Blossomlight907: Why are you so odd?!

Nick Nack: Because I'm awesome like that. :D

Blossomlight907: Why do you like odd things?

Nick Nack: Ah, Madomiselle Blossomlight907, that is because I'm just like that. :3

Blossomlight907: What's up with your name?

Nick Nack: Well, my name's Nick Nack, and I collect knick knacks, so the creators probably wanted to make my name a pun like they did with most of the people from the fist game.



Nick Nack: :'( Why don't you get their beauty? :'(

Me: -_-' If Raptin gave you coffe I'm gonna kill him...

Raptin: And what makes you think I gave him coffee? He's normally like this.

Me: Good point... On with the questions!

Blossomlight907: If I had to help you, what did you tell me to fetch? (Acilla's question)

Nick Nack: Dropping Fossils! :D

Blossomlight907: If I fetched you Denture teeth, what did you say?

Nick Nack: YAY! MY TEETH!


Nick Nack: Well, they're awesome. And pink. :D

Me and Raptin: -_-

Chidori Minami: Nick, WHY ARE YOU SO WEIRD?!

Nick Nack: Because I'm like that! :D

Chidori Minami: And... why would you send a couple of kids to get things like dentures from a denture shark?

Nick Nack: Because they have vivosaurs and are good with Fossil Cattles. :)

Tacogirl456: Why did you collect Dino Droppings?

Nick Nack: I still collect them. :3 And I love them. Don't you?

Luna23111: Why are you so into weird things?

Nick Nack: Because they are weird, so people don't like them. It makes me sad. :(

Luna23111: You almost got Hunter and Rosie killed looking for those denture shark teeth.

Nick Nack: Actually, it was only Hunter.

Luna23111: What's with your outfit?

Nick Nack: Why don't you like my outfit? :'(

Luna23111: Why is your name Nick Nack?

Nick Nack: Ah, like I told madomiselle Blossomlight907, the writers wanted my name to be a pun.

Me: And I told you to stop breaking the fourth wall.

Tumbleweed: Are you ever going to give Dr. Diggins his (now fossilized) sandals back?

Nick Nack: NO! They are mine! *takes them, runs off somewhere and hides them, then comes back* Now you shall NEVER find them.

Raptin Guest: Did someone drop you on the head when you were a baby?

Nick Nack: How should I know? I was a baby?

Raptin Guest: Do you name your dropping fossils?

Nick Nack: Yes. One's named Pinky, one's named Swirly, and I've named everyone.

Raptin Guest: Will you and Hunter ever that giant cereal party you were telling him about?

Nick Nack: Yes. It will be held once this interview is done.

Raptin Guest: Why do you twitch?

Nick Nack: I twitch? Well, can't people be like that.

KillerBanana: Why are you so crazy?!

Nick Nack: I am just like that.

KillerBanana: Why do you dress weird?

Nick Nack: Because I'm AWESOME! :D

Killer Banana: Why do you collect random stuff?

Nick Nack: Because most people don't get the beauty of weird things.

Killer Banana: Why do you talk weird?

Nick Nack: Because I just talk like that.

KillerBanana: Why are you just plain weird?

Nick Nack: Because I was born that way! And I like cheese.

Fuzzy: When are you gonna have that cereal festival? Huh?

Nick Nack: I'm gonna have it after this.

Fuzzy: How do you plan on fitting the shark dentures in your mouth?

Nick Nack: What makes you think I'm planining on putting them in my mouth?

Fuzzy: ...How do you feel about Hunter? ;)

Nick Nack: Not the winking face... He's a friend. And ,if I properly understand what you are saying, I actually have a girlfriend. :) She likes the same stuff I do. :D And we go looking for dropping fossil together.

Me: Wow. it's surprising you ACTUALLY have a girlfriend...

Nick Nack: I know! I'm so happy!


Nick Nack: Nothing is worng. I just like dropping fossils. So does my girlfriend. :)

Dragon girlMew: YOUR NAME'S A PUN!

Nick Nack: I know.


Nick Nack: It's at Cranial Isle, after the interview. :)

Guest: What's with you and the poop?

Nick Nack: They're awesome. :)

Guest: Really?! Bugshell?! Kidding! I have a bug that's in the middle of molting! :D

Nick Nack: Really? Cool! You HAVE to invite me over so I can see it. :3

DunalN2: Really? Fossil bug shell thhingummy? Jk, I have a grasshopper that's in the middle of molting.

Nick Nack: Cool! Wait... are you the person from before?

DunalN2: I have the plop of a random dinosaur. ...In a way, you're like me. Don't you think that's weird? I do.

Nick Nack: Yes I think it's weird.

DunalN2: A cereal fiesta? Really?

Nick Nack: You don't like it? :'(

DunalN2: Fossil Cattle time? :/ Grassy us, donkey shakes? (Me: I hope you don't mind me combining the questions)

Nick Nack: What's wrong with how I talk?

Me: And that's it.

Nick Nack: Okay, so my cereal fiesta is starting in a few seconds. It's here on Cranial Isle, and all you reviewers are invited! I'm going to go change. *leaves to get ready for the party*

Me: Okay, so the next person is... King Dynal! So send him stuff.

Nick Nack: *comes out in his normal outfit but he's wearing a HUGE sombrero (A/N: probably spelled wrong)* CEREAL FIESTA! YAY!

Raptin: How does that guy have a girlfriend?

Me: I don't know Raptin. I don't know...

A/N: SOO sorry it took me so long. As some of you may know, about a month or two ago, our house got hit by lighting, which took down our internet. We got it fixed, but it's been working weird. We FINALLY managed to get someone out to our house to fix it. So, the internets working well again. :) But, this week the internet's been working terrible.


DunalN2: Here's the update. :) And thanks. And I'm sorry the review thingy doesn't like you.

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Guest: Thanks. :)

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Fuzzy: No problem. :)

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Blossomlight907: You're welcome. :) And, wow that's a lot of questions.

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