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So, to make up for this not being an actual update, I was thinking I could give you a preview of Ultimate Champions. Well, here it is:


I was at the Digadig Village in Knotwood Forest, and I was walking to go visit the Digadig Cheiftain, when I bump into a girl who's about two years older than me, making her about thirteen. She looked like a Digadig version of Rosie, but with green eyes and the tips of her hair were yellow.

"Hey, sorry about bumping into you." I said.

The girl just looked at me, before running off.

"Huh? What was that about?" I asked no one in particular.

"That was Pauleen, digadig." The Digadig Cheiftain said as he walked over to me.

"Who's Pauleen?" I asked.

"That girl you bumped into, digadig." The Digadig Cheiftain said.

"Oh. Guess I probably should've known that..."

Yes, you should have. Spike, my Spinax said.

"So, do you know this girl?" I asked the Cheiftain, ignoring Spike's comment.

"Of course, digadig. She's my granddaughter."

That caught me off guard.

"You have a granddaughter? How come I haven't seen her 'til now?"

"She's... Very shy, digadig. She doesn't really talk to anyone except me, digadig. So she was probably hiding or something when you've been here before."

"Why is she so shy that she can't talk to people?"

"Well, she wasn't like this when she was younger, digadig."

"What happened?"

"When she was very young, something happened to her that greatly embarrassed her, digadig. After that happened, whenever she would walk by people, they would laugh at her. She'd been shy since, digadig. A few years later another girl brought it up again in front of everyone, digadig. Pauleen got extremely embarrassed, and after that only started talking to me and her family, digadig."

"... Wow, that's pretty sad."

"It is, digadig."

After a minute of awkward silence, I said, "So, anything else interesting about Pauleen?"

"Well, she's into Fossil Battles, digadig."

"She is? Cool. Dos she have any Vivosaurs yet?"

"Yes. I think it's called an Amargo, digadig."

"That's cool. Anyway, I think I have to go meet Rosie, so bye. See you later."

"Bye, digadig."

And after that, I left, still pretty interested in this Pauleen girl.

-End of flashback-

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