I wake up with headache. Suddenly, a face of silver haired girl seen in my mind. Who is that? Face that I didn't know yet feel familiar. It's three month since morning like this occurred in my life. I take a breath dan get up from my bed. I take a peek to my room mate, a blue haired boy named Hinata who just go home this midnight. From what I know he has part time work sho need him every single night.

After I recover from my headache, I dressed up in my new uniform. So, this is my first day my new school in Gakuen Toshi, I must meet up with Hatsune my little sister and eventually take a peek in her esper power.

While playing with 'light' in my right hand, I open front door and then walk to the Gakuen Toshi morning day.


Meanwhile, in district seven, in front of seven mist mall. Skill-out, a gang that contains level zero esper in gakuen toshi, is busy with defending their baricade in seven mist mall. While group one robed the mall, group two is working with Ak50 Riffle and Skill-Canceler, a baricade that breaking any esper attack.

In the other side, Judgement, a student based diciplinary committee, is have a hard time to defending their baricade. Their attack is canceled by Skill-canceler and their leader named Misaka 20.001 is panic with this situation.

"What the hell with that skill canceller! Said Misaka and Misaka in panic!"

Her comunicator suddenly sounded heavily.

"Esentially, Anti-skill or SSS will help. You should head back when they take care those skill-out,"

The operator and source of comunicator is Fremea Seivilun from 175 Judgement Branch. Suddenly she stopped her work in monitoring and jaw dropped.

"Misaka! Did you feel…"

"Neesama daughter, said Misaka and Misaka…"

Those two sentences is cut out by a tremble from behind Judgement Baricade. A coin with lighning suronded it. Misaka 20.001 look at te dirrection of coin trejactory. A five years old, short and black haired girl with ahoge in top of her head standing elegantly with her right hand point toward that baricade of skill-out.

"Woa! Skill canceler is didn't work anymore!" said one of judgement member shocked.

Misaka back her eyes into Skill-out baricade and shocked as well. Then Misaka 20.001 and several member from Judgement attack Skill-out barocade without hestitant. While running, Misaka shoot a lighning from her palm.


Hello guys…

I must delete my previous fanfiction because I havce a new idea to combine it wih Angel beats. Now, I will give you what happen to these guys as a spoiler, after all I love spoiler XD.

Shina is Hattori Hanzou student under Hamazura Shiage departement. A departement that train Level Zero. If you read To Aru Majutsu No Index New Testament you should know that Hattori Hanzou is Descendant of Hattori the ninja, apparently Noda with her Helberd join him as well.

Toma take care of Angel Facility. Cross breeding between magic and Science, thus created angel program with Kanade Tachibana as the only formed a lght organisation called Afterlife battlerfront. Their existence simply called 'Die when take care of darkness and back to life when their task is over'. Accelerator who hate dark side of Gakuen Toshi make his light with this organisation. Not depending on Esper power but effective in gun used. The SSS itself contain Yuri and several SSS member from Angel Beats.

The newcomer, Yuzuru and Hatsune meet with Makoto and Mikoto, Daughter and wife of Kamijou Touma and then learn about Gakuen Toshi History. Soon, they will get into trouble as well. Last Order and Fremea –as you can see- is leader of 175 Judgement branch with Ooyama and Matsuhita godan as their subordinate.

The enemy is called windoless remnant. Aleister crowley subordinates who succes to make Grimoire called afterlife memories. Index and the rest of necesarius can't lay a finger on them since technically, they are Gakuen Toshi Denizens. Now the case is in SSS hand with Yuzuru involved as a key of the grimoire. Meanwhile, I want to add Shinobu Araragi, a vampire who seek Aisa Himegami blood.

To be honest, I didn't confidence with this story thouht I have will to finish in quickly and still alive afterwords. Hope you like it review please…

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