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Kamijou Family is fonder of Tenshi Gakuen. Ot just that, Kamijou Touma is one of three Gakuen Toshi Revolusionist and His wife, Kamijou Mikoto is prestigious ESPer in her past time –Third in seven level five that time-. More or less, that what I know about this family. Thus, make thei daughter, Kamijou Makoto, ten years old, as famous as their parents. Not just she is the Sixth rank in all of seven level five this time, but also her heroic act as Judgement Aid and she is the youngest level five too.

Oh…you may wonder why I talk so much about this unique family. Currently, me, Yuzuru, Kamijou Touma, Kamijou Mikoto and Hanazawa Kanade is in Tenshi Gakuen Headmaster room. As for why we are here, talking anything that interesting for both Touma-san and Mikoto-san, is because…

"Uhm…we should stop our chit-chat," said Touma-san, "I will said something important for both Kanade-chan and Kamiya-san."

Suddenly, I feel high tense surounded this room. While Touma grab a document from one of cabinet in this room, Mikoto-san pour another cup of tea for us. Kanade is as silent as before. She just said she remember me but not quite sure when or where, that make me stop asking and doesn't bother to dig more.

"it's your health report," said Touma-san in serious tone, "you have no heart but your blood still sirculating from nowhere as there is heart on there," Touma-san show us a x-ray potrait. More or less, yes, that's my chest, lung and as he said, no heart.

Both me and Hatsune is freezed. Cold sweat down to my face. This is should be screet. Afterall, there is not advantage to dwell in this problem, isn't it?

"so, why you interesting in this problem, Kami…uh…Touma-san?" ask Hatsune in my behalf.

"my theory is…"

"Since when you have your theory?" Mikoto-san cut her husband sentence.

"Oh…well, it's Gekota Junior and Sityl Theory," said Touma in depressed tone, "I just read summarize from it."

"My father?" for the first time, Kanade said, "My father know it all?"

"it's just theory, thought," said Touma, "there is no record like this both in science side and Grimoire inside Index head."

"Mother told me before," said Kanade with nod, "but what I want to know is the origin of this heart, even it's just theory."

"Origin of your heart?" I ask curiosly, "what is mean?"

"Kanade-chan is daighter of Index Librorum Prohibitum and Sityl Magnus. Both of them is from magic side, so it's normal for her –as magician daughter- to have this kind of abnormality," Mikoto-san said, "and you know, kanade have two hearts. His main heart is circulating blood from her body but her second is send and receive blood to nowhere."

"And that's their theory come," Touma add, "how if, the second heart is –through magical connection- send and receive blood to and from your body, yuzuru," Touma pinted in my chest.


"it's abnormal for Esper to have a magic inside their body without harm, so it still theory," add Mikoto, "don't worry about it, we won't do anything."

I look at Kanade who –at first time I see her- have a shock expression. Then she see us and suddenly blushing. Wa…it's so cute! My blood is circulating faster and suddenly Kanade touch her chest.

"I think that's theory is right," said Kanade.


Shirokami Medical Research Center. A blonde guy named Hamazura Shiage running through hall, turn left into alley and thentr room with room number 231. A woman with pink jersey –Hamazura Rikou, his wife- sit in hospital bed while their daughter –Hamazura Shinku- sit in her mother lap.

"I come here as fast as possible," said Shiage while take a breath.

"You are late as usual, papa!" said Shinku angry, "Saia-neesan just running through window to chase Shiki-niisan," the little girl with blonde hair pouted.

"Sorry Shinku," Shiage sit beside her wife and then pat his daughter head, "did Mother sleep again?" ask Shiage while stare in his wife.

"with open eyes," answer Shinku with nod.

"Sigh…some time I hope have a ESPer power," said Shiage.

"How shallowminded," suddenly a high school girl with scarf surrounded her neck appeared.

"Shina-neesan!" Shout Shinku happily.

Shinku Shout make her mother woke up from sleep-with-open-eyes moment. A moment later, Rikou look at her husband face.

"You are already here?" Ask Rikou while bring her daughter down from her lap.

Shiage just noded. While Shinku chase Shina out. Rikou make a big sigh.

"What happen?" Shiage Ask.

"Shiki come here, he give Shinku a cake for their birtday today," answer Rikou, "but suddenly Shinku blaze a fire and then Shiki run because he afraid of security," Rikou grab his husband hand, "I wonder how is Shiki live in the street all this time, he just 12 years old."

"He is as strong as his father," said Shiage, "and I have Noda to spying him, so don't worry."

"You know, me and Saia-chan just thought some great theory about our twin children power," Rikou said, "but it's merely theory."

"Said it," said Shiage.

"We never know how their power work because Shinku and Shiki never use their power together. But let make a scenario if they use it together. Let said Shinku and Shiki meet a pyrokinesis that piss off because Shinku accidentally hit the pyrokinesys."

"it will bad, if the pyrokinesys hit our children, the big problem will occure," add Shiage with little laugh.

"so, how if the pyrokinesys is pissed enough to throw a fire to shiki," Rikou continue, "he will absorb. His power is to absorb another power. But then what…? This is the answer we thought, it transferred into Shinku and Shinku suddenly have pyrokinesys power. It will explain why Shinku Power is always change."

"but, Shinku still 12 too, her power is unstable and sometime lost control," said Shiage, "so we can…no! it's bad idea. If this true, then we must try it."

Shiage then pull his phone and call someone. A second later, the person he called connected.

"Hey…Touma, do you busy?"

"Nope, I just have some lecture with new student," answer Toma in the other side of phone.

"I need your troope to fetch my son. Maybe you can use Makoto-chan as bait," Shiage smirk, "afterall, Shiki like your daughter," he add.

"What? Hei! Don't make this up you bastard!" Touma shout, "isn't Shinku enough to be a bait?"

"nah…he just from here, please help me," said Shiage, "I need to check something."

"I will call accel…"

"What! You call that crude bastard! Not! Please not! He will break my son!" Shiage shout in rage.

"don't worry, he is lolicon afterall," and then Touma hang up.

Shiage think for a few second.

"Did Shiki look more like Shinku than opposite?" ask Shiage to her wife.

"Our son is as cute as our daughter," answer Rikou.

Shiage jawdropped.


"Stop it, Fremea! Beg Misaka and Misaka. Hinata-san ave a girlfriend, so Misaka wouldn't…"

"Esentially, you are still have a chance. They are not married yet!"

"Fremea-neesan, Last-Order-neesan. Do you know who is girl in Hinata-niisan back?"

Three girl who hide in an alley beside hospital shocked at what the have see. Hinata –a certain member of SSS- a blue haired boy appeared from hospital with a little pink girl in his back.

"I never know," said Fremea

"Misaka too, add Misaka and Misaka in shocked."

"Esentially, you have no chance for Hinata heart," Fremea Said with a deep sigh, "you will rotten with Accelerator."

"Who do you think Acceleraor for Misaka, said Misaka and Misaka angry."

Both Fremea and Last Order glare each other.

"Shouldn't we greet him?" Makoto who stand between them ask.

"How Esentially a stalker like us greeting the boy we stalk casually?" Fremea protest.

"Then, you should greet me in the first place," suddenly Hinata stand behind the three girl.

"Whoa! Since when esentially you are here?" Fremea and Last Order step back.

"It's Yui ability," answer Hinata with smile.

"is Yui a girl behind you? Ask Misaka and Misaka curiously."

"Yui-nyan Desu," said the pink haired girl, "Yui Ryohei to be precise," she add.

"Your sister?" ask Makoto.

"No, my wife," Hinata answered wothout thinking.

"No…No…He is my causin," Yui reply

"You said you are my girlfriend!" Hinata look annoyed.

"we are just friend," again, Yui reply without hestitation.

"We are married two month ago, are you forgotten already!" Hinata retarded.

"Nyaah! Stop your quarrel will You!" Fremea burst into angry, "what are your relationship!"



Hinata and Yui answered diferently.

Makoto laughing so hard while Last Order and Fremea use their respective annoying face.

"Okay…the truth is…" Yui then said, "we are married."

"Yes…she is my sis…no, Wife," Hinata said

Thus, their relationship remain mistery.

"Ah…we must get going," said Hinata, "Bye my stalker."

After they go away. Both Fremea and Last Order tak a deep sigh and walk away from alley to park. Three of them walk silently to surpress the stress that maked by Hinata and Yui. But Makoto still smile delighly like those two are the most funny person in the world.

"You know, esentially I feel gratfull that Hinata is not your boyfriend." Fremea finally broke the silent while buy a coke from vending mechine.

"Aah…Mou…Stop it! Said Misaka and Misaka annoyed."

Three of them then sit in bench and looking their surroundings.

"And talking about boyfriend," Fremea then pointed, "that's Yours, Makoto-chan."

In direction that where Fremea pointed. A certain blonde boy walk aimlessly. He then look at three girl and smile delightfully.

"He is not my boyfriend!" said Makoto while shocked Fremea with electricty.

"You are more Tsundere than Neesama used to be, said Misaka and Misaka as she remember the moment Mikoto-neesama with Kamijou-san."

"Oh…It's you Thunder Hime," The boy greet.

"Stop it you good for nothing!" again, Makoto send a spark of electricity to the boy but the boy casually catch the electricty and it dissappeared like nothing.

"Tch…Mama said the power to negate is annoying," said Makoto.

"you remind me to Kamijou-san, Shiki, said Misaka and Misaka as she remember the past memory again."

"and your electricity is as strong as usual, Makoto-chan," Fremea added.

"my power is not to negate, but to absorb," the boy –Shiki- said.

"Hei you brat! Stop there!"

"Accelerator! Said Last Order happily,"

"Ups…I must get going!" Shiki then running again.

Then, Accelerator and Shiki chase each other. Last Order make a big sigh while looking at them.


Meanwhile, in Hospital

"Papa, I can use electricity," Shinku said to Hamazura while Hamazura jawdropped