The world was quiet tonight. Except, of course, for the animal noises in the background. The stars had come out a long time ago, and I watched them. I watched as they rolled over the sky and took shape. I watched them tell the stories of the past. I loved how one thing could make you feel like you were part of something big. Like you had a meaning in this world.

I was up on the roof, lying down, because I had managed—again—to fall and hit my head on the way up. I was getting used to it, but every now and again I would fall and get a bloody nose, or hit my head and see stars, not like the ones I saw tonight though. Today was Friday, finally the weekend. I had stopped by Lily's, but Kelly told me she was in the shower. That statement made certain images of Lily wash through my mind, at a moment that would have best for them not to. I barely managed an okay before I took off to the roof in embarrassment. I could feel my face redden when I had walked past my dad, hoping he wouldn't notice.

I must have been up on the roof for an hour when I heard clanging, meaning someone was trying to get up to the roof through my bedroom. I figured it was my dad. He always comes up here to check I hadn't fallen off the side. So I didn't pay attention, until I saw a flash of blonde hair. I snapped my head to the side to see who it was, and to my surprise… Lily climbed through the window.

"Hey," she said smiling. She had a flashlight in hand, and she wore a tight tank top with knee length shorts. Thank god.

"Hey," I said, noticing her wet hair and fresh scent. She crawled over and snuggled up next to me. She reached over and pulled her hair away from me and put it on her left shoulder. She let her head fall in the crook of my neck.

"So what're you up to?" she asked lightly. She scooted closer when a gust of wind blew past her. I pulled myself together enough to wrap my hands around her, trying to keep her warm.

"I don't know, I came up here to think." I told her. She turned and looked at me, I almost got lost in those beautiful eyes.

"About what?" She asked, a smile playing at her lips.

"I… Well, um… you." I stuttered. I felt the blush come up on my face again, and I felt my heart beating so hard it might burst out of my chest.

"Well, Dyl, I've been thinking about you too." She whispered, as if someone might hear her, "And you know what I've decided?" She asked. There it goes again. My hearts beating so fast it hurts.

"What?" I choked out.

"I love the way you dress." She whispered. I laughed. I laughed really hard, and then she joined in. It wasn't what I was expecting, but it was a start.

"You want to know what I was thinking?" I asked her. 20 seconds. Here we go.

"What?" She asked. It had been three months now. I've been her boyfriend for two months now. It was time I showed her how I felt. 15 seconds left.

"Remember when… I told you I loved you?" I asked, she nodded, "Well, now I can't live without you. And—" I stopped and looked in her eyes. I was leaning up over her and she was silently waiting for me to finish, lying on the roof beneath me.

I couldn't find the words, so I leaned down. My heart was pounding so hard, I'd be surprised if she didn't hear it. I stopped inches away from her mouth, wanting so bad to taste her. I waited, wanting permission. She leaned up and pressed her lips against mine.

I shifted a little, so my weight wouldn't press down on top of her. She eagerly pushed up into the kiss. I had 5 seconds left of bravery. I poked at her lips with my tongue, begging for entrance. She quickly agreed and opened her mouth. I slid my tongue in and explored her mouth. She tasted wonderful. She was so delicate and lovely and ultimately mine. I ran my tongue down the side of hers and she sighed. She moaned into the kiss when I shifted again.

I really didn't want to, but I had to pull away. I needed air. I needed to calm myself, before she saw my growing issue. Lily just did that to me.

"Dyl?" She whispered when I turned from her.

"Yeah?" I grunted.

"Did I do it wrong?" She asked, tearfully.

I turned abruptly, issue or not, "Of course not, Lily! Why would you think that? That was… that was… amazing."

"Oh…" She noticed the slight tenting, but thankfully readjusted her eyes to my face, so I wasn't too embarrassed.

"You're amazing Lily. And I love you for it. I love all of you." I said, "Especially that kiss." I added.

"Dyl?" She asked again, eyes focused on my face.


"I'm cold. Could we go in?" I noticed again, the wet hair and tank top. The water trails running down her chest and into…

Oh, god stop.

"Yeah, we can go in. Sorry." I said. She crawled in front of me and through the window and I followed. She laid down on my bed before I even got out of the window pane.

"Come here," She called quietly.

I obeyed. I followed her as she scooted over on the bed and let me in.

She let her hands run down my chest. She was trying to kill me. She knew what she was doing to me, "Lily." I choked out as she let her hand slip under my shirt and push it up a little. "Lily, wait." I said reaching for her hand.

"Yes Dylan?" She asked, an innocent smile played at her lips.

"I… Are you sure?" I asked. It was only a month ago we'd had the talk. Whether she thought she was ready for any big steps.

"I'm not ready for… that. Yet." She told me, "But I know you've been waiting patiently… and I want to show you… I want to show you how much I love you." She finished.

She started running her hands down my sides again.

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