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"An end will always mean a new beginning."


Her face shone in the darkness perhaps that was the reason I had fallen for her. My body could feel nothing as she walked towards me but my heart was thumping faster and faster as her steps became louder.

"I don't think I have ever seen you about." Her voice was beautiful and unlike anything I had imagined.

"That's because I am new." I replied trying to keep my voice steady.

"Let me do the honor to show you around then." She smiled and I was mesmerized by it so much, that all I could do was nod and follow her

"Where are you from?" She asked.

"Here and there" I replied.

"I see." She turned around and smiled once again, a smile that shone upon her face.

"By the way what is your name?" Her tone had gotten less formal as our conversation lengthened.

"Jev, my name is Jev."

I was sweating terribly as I woke up from my dream or rather flashback.

I gulped and went to get myself some water. How was her face still haunting me after decades? I shook my head and drank my water, letting it seep through my body and make me feel calm. This was just... nothing! I tried to reassure myself. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, everything that happened at that time was history... she was history. I walked back over to my bed. I had rented a hotel room for the time being. I sat down and wandered into my thoughts, the fact that I had seen here in my dream was definitely something. I hadn't thought about her for years, decades! Why now? I closed my eyes once again, the way she used to walk; showing elegance and kindness, the way she smelled; a fragrance which consisted of lilacs and her beautiful face. I quickly opened my eyes, what was I thinking? The only person that mattered now was Nora and I should focus more on her than on my past. I lay back on my bed and decided that I should just get some sleep and forget all about this dream. It was probably nothing.


I chose a black shirt with the words "Live in the moment" printed on it and paired it with black skinny jeans and finished the touch with combat boots. I grabbed my phone and car keys and headed outside. I wasn't hungry so I decided to directly go to Nora's house on the way to school. As I was walking out of the hotel, a glimpse of dark black hair caught my eye and made me turn in that direction, as I did I saw her walk in and I stood there shocked. This wasn't possible! I closed my eyes and took a deep breath; I was just imagining her from my dream. She died and there was no way I would be able to see her again right? Yes! I shook my head and continued on my way to my jeep. The ride to Nora's house was quick, way too quick. I was thinking of Rosaline and my mind was transfixed that she was back in this world and more importantly in my life. What other reason was there of me seeing her or I was just being delusional. I rang the doorbell and waited for Nora to come out. It took two minutes for her to rush out holding her backpack and a banana. I smirked at her.

"Why the rush?" I asked as I opened the passenger door.

"I woke up late and everything sort of got delayed." She explained.

"I still don't see the problem." I really didn't understand the importance of school the way Nora did. "Forget it, you won't understand." I smiled, she knew me well. I turned on the car and backed out of her driveway.

"You look troubled." Nora commented eying me carefully. My body stiffened up but I regained my normal composure, hoping not to alert Nora.

"Really? Do I? I think you must be mixing it up with my handsome features." I lightened the mood by joking.

"You wish!" I smiled once again. I couldn't believe that I was so frustrated over a dream and something that I barely glimpsed that I was letting my emotions control me.

"You know you should take more interest in school." Nora said.

"And why should I?" I asked, slightly interested in where the conversation was heading, my mind was still stuck on Rosaline.

"Because you will regret it in the future, and you school will help you have a good future." Nora explained. I laughed inside; I already knew everything the teachers were talking about. I was there when most of it happened or was invented.

"Well Teacher Nora I have been stuck in this world for a very long time and before that I was watching over the world so I know everything that is being taught to you. That's why I don't feel the need to take an interest in school." I explained. Nora looked a bit grumpy after my explanation.

"Did I brag a little too much? I teased Nora; she was definitely very different from the many girls that I had come across. Not as different as Rosaline but there was something about her that attracted me and since at first I needed her for the sacrifice which would make me human her importance was significant in my life.

"By the way I never received my good morning kiss or hug for that matter!" I pretended to be mad.

"Well you will just have to go without it because I am about to be late for English." Nora grinned and began to run to class. I sat there smiling at what she had done, I would get back later. As for right now I had to figure out whether Rosaline is actually back in my life or whether my eyes had just deceived me. I took out my phone and dialed Rixon's number.

"Patch? What do you want this time?" Rixon asked after picking up.

"I want you to find out something."

"Why can't you do it?"

"Because, it's just not possible." I replied since if I try to find her and she sees me then my plan might not go the way I want it to, that is if she is back in my life which I highly doubt.

"I'll see about that but continue."

"You know Rosaline-"

"That girlie you fell for."

"Yeah her, I think she might be back."

"I thought she died."

"I thought so too but something happened this morning and I want you to find out whether she is really alive or not."

"Okay, I'll let you know in a few days."

"How much do you want?" I asked.

"Nah lad, I'll let it go this time." I was surprised; Rixon always wanted a reward for his work.

"Wow Rixon, are you going soft on me?"

"Well you know how we men are when a female comes in our life."

"Vee?" I asked, it looked like Nora's best friend was having a huge impact on my best friend. Before I got an answer, the phone clicked off and to me that was answer enough.

I took my time to go to class, I had some history; I think it was world but I didn't care enough to remember. I arrived by the time announcements were done and I went to my seat at the far back of the room. There wasn't any seating chart, fortunately so I picked my seat at the far back of the room.

"We will continue our discussion from yesterday….. blah blah blah-" Soon I had tuned out the teacher, I kept a part of me alert to make sure of anything she asked me but apart from that my attention was drifting. Rosaline, her soft features, the way she brushed her hair to the side- Stop it Patch! Look at what you've become over what? Something you think you might have seen. I rested my head upon my palms as I tried to distract my mind.

"Am I boring you ?" The teacher asked and I closed my eyes, my mouth tightening in a grimace, then it slowly formed into a blank expression.

"Would you like me to be honest or lie?" I asked. The class snickered at my comment. The teacher looked dumbstruck.

"What did you just say?" I was so not in the mood for this.

"How about, I just save some time for you and just go to the principal's office right now." I didn't intent it to be a question and as I finished my sentence I grabbed my bag and left the room. I walked over to the principal's office deep in thought about Rosaline!

"Patch?" The secretary asked.

"Hey Maggie." I replied as I took a seat on those hard chairs right by the principal's door. There was a girl sitting next to me, she had her head down as she was looking at some papers and her hair was covering her face.

"Patch Cipriano." The principal called and I got up, as I did the head of the girl who was sitting beside me rose up and my eyes widened horrified because the person looking at me was none other than my beloved Rosaline!

There you go! A cliffhanger for the first chapter, and the really amazing thing was that the song I was listening to at the moment I was writing this had the perfect tune. If you would like to know which it was it was BTOB-Insane and it was almost ending. Also my author comments and notes are going to seem a bit weird because I decided that I would write this story before publishing it because for my last story it took me ages to update and I just felt so bad for the readers. Anyway I am very addicted to Exo as of this moment and I plan to write a story about them and post it on asianfanfics but I'm not exactly sure I am going to do it. Well if any of you who are fans of Exo think I should, let me know. If you don't care well then…. I really have nothing to say. My author notes have gotten really long. Well bye my lovely readers.