Hope everyone likes this!

Ginny Weasly glanced in the window looking at the muggle fashions and then she stared at her own reflection. She stuck out in London like a sore thumb, instead of drawing attention to herself, Ginny decided to find something that would blend her in a little more. She had the whole week and she had no intention of drawing the wrong kind of attention to herself. When she walked out of the store wearing a new outfit and carrying a bag of clothes Ginny was glad that she had paid attention and done well in Muggle Studies. This time when she caught her reflection she smiled at it.
She bought and changed into a pair of short blue jeans and a black tube top that showed stomache over the low riding shorts. Ginny knew her mother, father and brothers would all have a coniption if they saw her in the muggle outfit. But they wouldn't see her in it, so it didn't matter. Ron had gone with Harry and Hermione a week early to Diagon Alley. Ginny's parents had gone to visit Charlie and his wife in Romania. Ginny had been invited both places but she had pleaded off saying that she would like to spend the last week with a friend. It had been a lie of course, but it had been the only way she could spend time in London, a dream she had had since she had taken Muggle Studies. The Muggle world fasinated her and she would like to get to know it on her own.
"I'm sorry!" A male exclaimed as he bumped into Ginny, who had been lost in her own world.
"It's no prob-" Ginny cut her words short when she was faced with someone she never expected to see in the muggle world. "Draco?!" Ginny exclaimed.
"I'm sorry I don't think I know who-." Realization dawned on Draco face, "Ginny Weasley?"
"Draco what are you doing in London? Dressed as a muggle? Ginny asked looking Draco up and down, her wore a pair of black jeans, a white t-shirt and a leather jacket.
Draco looked like he was a small child caught stealing a cookie before dinner, but his facial expression changed in a milisecond, "I don't think it matters much to you Weasley!"
Ginny's jaw dropped, "You lie!"
"I don't know what you are acussing me of!" Draco said going defensive.
"Draco just admit it. You like the muggle world."
"So what if I do? What's it to you?"
"I'm just surprised that's all." Ginny shrugged, "You act like you hate muggles."
"If you tell anyone about this I swear I'll....I'll..."
"Draco stop. I won't tell anyone. I'm not supposed ot be here either. How would I explain that? Yeah I saw Draco in Muggle London when I was supposed to be at Sophie's...yeah really intelligent."
"Fine then! I won't say I saw you and you will forget you saw me." Draco said before turning the other way.
"Draco wait!" Ginny called after him.
"Have you been here before?" Ginny asked looking around at all the people.
"What does it matter?" Draco asked getting defensive.
"Draco how about we make a deal?" Ginny suggested.
"I'm listening."
"We're witch and a wizard in a muggle world, how about we forget we hate each other. Just for the week and see London together?"
Draco thought for a second, "And we won't tell anyone back at Hogwarts about it?"
"Not a soul." Ginny swore.
"Then Weasley you've got a deal." Draco stated as the two shook hands.