Chapter Three

"So now what?" Ginny asks glancing up and down the streets of muggle London.

Draco takes note of the darkening sky, "given any thought as to where you will be sleeping tonight, Red?"

"What did you just call me?"

"Red, seems fitting, your face gets all red when you're mad at me plus the red hair."

Ginny blushes, "I guess that's all right and as to where I am staying Hermione always says her parents stay at a hotel near here."

"Well then we shouldn't stay there, running into Grander would put a kink in our plans." Draco responds.

"It's fine, Hermione's parents aren't coming this year, remember she's all ready in Diagon Alley, with my brother and Harry."

"Oh, right. Well then do you know where it is?"

"Not a clue, but we'll find it." Ginny responds with a confident smile and leads the way.

And they did find it, 45 minutes later, "thanks a lot Red, good leadership skills you've got."

Ginny scowls at Draco, "well I found it didn't I? Anyway now that were here do you want to share a room? Because you're going to go broke if we stop at every place that serves ketchup."

Draco things for a minute looking back and forth between Ginny and the bag of food in his hand, "all right Red, let's just get inside so I can finish my ketchup french fries." Ginny roles her eyes and pulls the hotel door open, once again leading the way.

"Red, you idiot!" Draco exclaims, "didn't you think two ask if there was more than one bed?"

"Didn't you?" Ginny retorts staring at the double bed.

"You're the one who decided we should stay here, you spoke to the woman at the front desk."

"Well there is nothing we can do about it now. It's a big bed anyway."

"Fine, what's that?" Draco asks motioning to a large black box with several knobs sitting in front of the bed.

"Oh!" Ginny exclaims, "I remember Hermione talking about it."


"It's a waveymicro."

"Oh..." Draco nods, "so what does it do?

"It heats food up." Ginny responds, "all right hand me your McDonalds food." Draco hands Ginny the back and she sets it down on top and begins turning the various knobs.

"It's not doing anything." Draco states 10 minutes later after he touches the still cold food.

"Well it is muggle everything, the muggle world is slow." Ginny responds.

"Turn down service!" A voice calls as there is a knock on the door.

Ginny and Draco exchange glances and Ginny calls, "come in!"

A pleasant looking woman comes in and begins pulling the sheets down on the bed, once she has done that she questions, "would you like to watch television? The hotel is playing a movie special."

"Umm, sure thanks." Ginny responds with a nod wondering where the television the woman was speaking of was.

The woman walks over to the "waveymico" and pushes a button causing it to emit a LOUD crackling sound. Ginny and Draco both quickly cover their ears as the woman quickly turn a few knobs and small people are on the front screen dancing around. "Some younger kid must have been playing with it before they checked out. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"We're trying to heat up our food." Draco states shooting Ginny another look.

"Oh sure, you actually have a microwave, its in the bathroom, we can heat it up in there. It's not very hard to work but I'll explain, you pull the door open, set the power, hit the time and press start." Ginny and Draco both jump back away from the thing that whirls to life. "All right is there anything else I can do for you both?"

Ginny quickly shakes her head, "I think that's all, thank you."

"Well if you need anything be sure to call down the front desk if you need anything." The woman states cheerfully before she leaves the hotel room.

When the microwave dings Draco takes his need food obsession out and begins to devour it in between mouthfuls he smirks. "So you know a lot about life don't you Red?"

Ginny glares at Draco and stalks out of the bathroom.

"Draco," Ginny and Draco had been staring at the television for several minutes before Ginny broke the silence.


"Don't you ever think that it's wrong that we know so little about the muggle world? I mean wizards won't be able to hide from muggles forever."

"That's a stupid idea!" Draco exclaims, "of course we'll hide from the muggles, they are idiots. You're starting to talk crazy talk, Red, you need some sleep." The two awkwardly get into bed, lying on the very edge of the bed, careful not to touch each other.


"Yeah Draco?"

"Sometimes I do think about it."

"Is that why you came here this week?"

"Of course not..." Draco's voice starts out defensive and ends more calmly, "yeah maybe."