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It all started with a stripe. It was nothing special in itself, just a stripe of gray paint on a wall. What made it special was that the wall behind it was green.

Raven hadn't meant to go into Beast Boy's room, not at all. All she'd wanted was to get him for afternoon training. After all, Robin was very particular about training and Raven was so not in the mood for extra weights, or any punishment really. But when she peered into Beast Boy's room, she had seen boxes. Naturally, curiosity piqued, she stepped in.
A wide tarp covered the floor from wall to wall and boxes of Beast Boy's random stuff and unassembled furniture sat on top of it. Blue masking tape lined the tops and bottoms his walls.
"Hey Raven!" chirped the green teen from behind a particularly large box. "What's up?"
"We have training soon..." the empath trailed off. "Why the sudden paint job?"
Beast Boy stood up and grinned widely at her. "See that stripe?" he asked, pointing at said piece of the wall. "It represents you! I even made sure it was the same milky gray as your skin!"
Raven walked over to it and held up her arm. Sure enough, they were almost exactly the same hue.
Forgetting about training, Raven sat down on a sturdy looking box. "Go on," she encouraged.
"Well, the room kind of represents me, right? It's got all my pictures from when I was a kid to the last Titans reunion. I designed it initially, so I made it basically the embodiment of my personality. Everything in here was shaped by it."
Raven nodded. Everyone had done that in a way. She had books and dark colors, Starfire had explosions of bright colors, Cyborg had his technology, and Robin had the closest thing he could get to the Bat Cave.
"So why the stripe?" Raven asked.
"I was getting there!" the changeling seemed to get more excited the further he got in his explanation. "I figured, if the room is basically a part of me, I have to include you!" he looked at her hopefully, but she was still confused.
"I don't understand, what about the other Titans?"
Beast Boy sighed, frustrated that the beautiful purple-haired girl before him wasn't getting it. "Rae, you take more and more of my heart every day without even trying. If this room is going to be me, it needs to have you."
Raven started to pull her hood up to cover her blush but Beast Boy pushed it back down.
"We should really get to training." she mumbled, averting her eyes.
Beast Boy dragged his feet following her out the door, feeling dejected.
They walked in tense silence until Raven stopped him outside the door to the training room and kissed him.
"I'm going paint shopping later, come with me?" she whispered, breaking her usual monotone.
Beast Boy managed to channel his excitement into an energetic nod before opening the door to training.

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