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Kristen's POV

Kristin: hey mass how r u.

Massie: good u.

Kristin: awesome I'm almost at your house where are we meeting?

Massie: The pool J

I put my phone in my bag when I was done texting Massie just when we arrived at her house.

"Bye mom" I said as I got out then I ran to the pool where we were having a meeting trying to get back into OCD.

"Hey I'm here" I said as I walked through the gates to see Massie, Dylan, Alicia, and Clair where sitting in lawn chairs drinking smoothies.

"Hi Kristen" everyone said and Massie padded the chair next to her and I sat down.

"Guess what we are back in school" said Massie and we all screamed and hugged each other "Tomorrow" she finished and we stopped hugging.

"Ok we need to go shopping today so when we get back in school we are awesome" said Massie smiling at us and sipping her smoothie after handing me one.

"Done" Dylan said.

"Done" I said.

"And done" said Alicia and we clinked glasses.

Stella's POV

'I can't believe we are going to a different school and Olivia isn't here to be with us" Mo said twirling her hair.

"What other school's will be their" I asked

"Our school and some other school Kentucky (sorry if I'm wrong)" said Charlie rolling a pair of drum sticks between his fingers.

"Are we there yet" I said.

Wen looked out the window "yes" he said and everyone jumped up as the bus stopped in front of the apartment that we were staying at.

We got our stuff and unloaded the buss at the same time the other school did and we all walked into the apartment.

Gabe's POV

" I can't believe we have to have an apartment just because our whole family is here" I complained as we walked into the apartment that me PJ, Charlie, Mom and Dad where sharing our school was here and some other school but mom wanted to come so the whole family is here joy.

"Come on Gabe it'll be fun" mom said coming in with the luggage and Charlie fallowing with her luggage on wheels.

"Yea Gabe" Charlie said smiling at me.

"ok since there are only 2 rooms Gabe and PJ you are sharing and me your mother and Charlie is sharing" dad said walking to his room.

"Fine let's go school starts tomorrow" PJ said dragging his luggage to the room me fallowing.

Clair's POV

Beep Beep Beep I rolled over and turned off my alarm "first day back from school great" I said getting out of bed and putting on the outfit the Pretty Comity bought me yesterday denim skinny jeans, a white and black striped tank top with my keds, they wanted all of us all to wear the same outfit denim short shorts (or as I call them denim underwear) a white spaghetti strap shirt with tears in the back, side and front with their names on the chest, and white flats butt I thought 1 my mom would kill me and 2 against school rules.

SO I wore what I wore Layne told me that two other schools where coming to BOCD I thought that was cool, My thought where interrupted by my phone ringing so ran and grabbed answering it " hello"

"Hey what" said a familiar voice I knew was Layne.

"Nothing going to the car to go to school" I said walking out of my room and down the stairs.

"Cool I love that you will be here today" Layne said

"I know but I'm about to get into the kitchen so bye" I said quickly looking around to make Shure my mom wasn't around.

"Cool bye" Layne said before we both hung up and I walked thought that kitchen outside to where Massie driver was.

Kristen's POV

I was waiting on the front step of the building reading a magazine when Massie drove up and rolled down the window "hey Kris what up" she said as I sat down in the car with her, Clair, Dylan, and Alicia.

"Nothing much you" I said putting on some lip-gloss.

"Going to make a great appearance of the pretty committee" she answered looking smug and we all grinned at her.

We arrived at the school and the first thing I noticed was there was more people "uh is it just me or is there at least three times more people here" I said looking around.

"Yea there is" answered Dylan before Massie interrupter her "come on guys get out" she said pushing me so I opened the door and stepped out fallowed bye the rest of them and Clair ran off to Layne who was talking to some people.

When we started walking everyone looked at us and moved out of the way, this is why I loved being popular at my other school I was Olivia White the girl who never talked before the band but still didn't talk much here I was Kristen Gregory part of the Pretty Committee.

All around people were saying things like that's the Pretty committee I guessed there from different schools.

I looked to my left and my insides froze when I saw those 5 teens Wen Gifford, Stella Yamada, Mo Banjaree, Charlie Delgado and Scott Pickett.

Mo's POV

We got off the bus in front of the school and my first thought was "wow" there other band member looked at me and I realized I said it out loud and blushed when a girl walked up "hey I'm Layne"

"I'm Mo this Stella, Charlie, Wen, and Scott" I said looking at her and shaking her hand.

"So do you wanna hang out my other friend Clair is coming back today with the Pretty Committee and we can all hang out" Layne said grinning.

"Shure sounds fun" said Wen "who's the Pretty Committee'

"Oh the most popular kids at our school their car is parking their" she said pointing at a car with four girls walking out and the fifth running over and hugging Layne.

I looked over at them as they walked down the hall "that's the pretty Committee" I heard people say and I looked at them and noticed Olivia.

"Look at the blond one" I whispered to the band and they looked at her the same time she did it was Olivia.

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