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"Ciel Phantomhive, finally! You are mine at last! Sebastian, get him! Make Ciel Phantomhive mine!"

"Yes, my lord."

Ciel woke up with a start. He was breathing hard and quickly and his face was red. His body was tangled up in his covers. Sweat covered his entire body and poured down his face.

Not again. No. Please.

He tried to untangle himself from his sheets and he sat up, still panting. Ciel curled up against the headboard and wrapped his arms around his knees.

Why does this happen? What did I do?

Ciel was too scared to close his eyes again, he was too scared to get out of bed, too scared to call for Sebastian. He looked around his room. Were the walls closing in around him? Was it just him or did everything seem eerier than normal? Tears started leaking out of his mismatched eyes.

What do I do now? I can't move.

Unsure of what to do, Ciel sat there for the rest of the night, refusing to let his eyelids droops even a little bit, no matter how much they wanted to. When he heard Sebastian coming to wake him up he hurried to lie back down in his large bed, stomach first and buried his face in his pillows so he wouldn't have to close his eyes again.

He heard a soft knock at his door and a familiar voice, "Young master? It is time to wake up." Ciel heard the creak of his door opening, "Young master?"

"Nn?" Ciel acted bleary, as if he had just woken up.

"My lord, this morning we have Earl Grey tea with-"

"I'm not hungry, Sebastian," Ciel interrupted as he flipped around and sat up.

If Sebastian was surprised, he didn't show it, "Young master? Are you feeling well? You haven't been eating much lately. I can make anything you desire."

Ciel stretched, still pretending he had been asleep, "I don't like repeating myself, Sebastian especially this early in the morning."

Sebastian bowed his head, "Yes, my lord. I apologize."

"Take everything back, Sebastian."

"Of course, my lord."

"My schedule?"

"It is empty. You just have to finish your paperwork from yesterday."

Ciel sighed; their conversation was always the same, every morning, "Thank you."

"Young master, if I may inquire, lately you seem to be awfully tired. Is it possible that you have not been sleeping well?"

Ciel rested against his headboard and bowed his head, eyes closed. Not wanting to confirm nor negate anything, he remained silent.

"Is there perhaps something I can do to help you? I have heard stress sometimes causes humans to-"

"I'm fine, Sebastian. It is nothing like that."

"So there is something bothering the young master after all?"

"I never said that."

"Then can you deny it for me?"

Ciel popped one eye open and glared at his butler. Sebastian sighed and turned around to retrieve Ciel's clothes for the day. Ciel scooted over and hung his legs off the bed, swinging them slightly. Sebastian's nimble fingers guided Ciel's arms through his nightshirt and pulled it off. Ciel felt his fingers brush against his chest and shivered slightly earning a small smirk from Sebastian. As he was buttoning up his master's shirt, Sebastian stated, "You never answered my question. Can you either affirm or deny that you have or have not been sleeping well?"

"Sebastian, what business is it of yours?"

Sebastian stood up in front of the young boy, "I am your butler. If I could not recognize my master's discomfort and help alleviate him of it well, then what kind of butler would I be?"

"So please," Sebastian continued, "Will you tell me what has been bothering you this past week?"

Ciel bowed his head, "It's nothing important. There have just been… dreams. Nothing I can't handle of course."

"Of course, young master. But even the strongest need help sometimes. Can you tell me about your dreams?"

"Oh, it's nothing," Ciel tried for a light, carefree tone, "It's just… well it's kind of weird actually… Quite ridiculous, in fact. Totally impossible," he attempted a small laugh but it came out a desperate, whimper-like noise, "You might be interested actually, quite impossible indeed. This would never happen."

"My lord, the dream please?"

Ciel sighed and tried to keep up his breezy attitude, "Oh, it's kind of funny how impossible this is, you see, you were there and Trancy was there as well. I was there of course. So Trancy decides that I'm his finally and tells his butler to make me his. And for some, ridiculous reason you- you were obeying Trancy, acting as his butler! Isn't that funny?" Ciel didn't want his butler of all people to see how affected he was. This dream would never come true… right?

Sebastian kneeled down to look his master in the eye. Red orbs met bi-colored purple and blue ones. Sebastian gently placed his hands on each of Ciel's shoulders earning a slight shiver from the boy. His expression was serious, "Do you really find this humorous?"

Under Sebastian's stern gaze, Ciel's airy image he put up crumbled. His eyes darkened slightly and tears began to prick at the back of them, "No, I don't. I don't find it funny at all. But I don't know why I keep having these dreams. No matter what I do, I can't make them stop. I can't even look at you in the same way anymore! I'm sorry, Sebastian." His hands gripped at the hem of his shirt and he blinked furiously to push back the tears threatening to make an appearance.

"Young master, if you want to cry then do it. Best do it now, when no one is around. It's just me."

Ciel took Sebastian advice and allowed his tears to fall. His shoulders shook and his head bowed. Ciel raised his fists and tried to wipe away some of the tears but new ones took their place. He felt his entire body lunge forward against his will and he cried on Sebastian's shoulder, hands desperately clutching his butler's chest.

"S-S-Sebastian, I-I-I-"

"Shhhh, young master, it's alright. I'm here, I've got you." Sebastian began rocking back and forth slightly, trying to comfort the small boy as if he were a baby.

"Se-Sebas…tian, w-why- why me? W-Why must I-I h-have these d-dreams? I d-don't u-under…stand th-them."

"My lord, I can answer both of your questions but are you prepared to hear the answers? If anything, it may stop your nightmares."

"Y-Yes, S-Sebastian."

"Very well, my lord," Sebastian lifted Ciel up and sat himself on the bed and gathered the small figure on his lap, stroking his hair and rubbing his back. The rather fatherly-like actions served to calm Ciel a little bit. Sebastian noticed this and started, "I believe you have these dreams because of two reasons. One, you feel threatened by me, you feel as if I'll turn on you any second. Two, it is because you are scared. You are scared of betrayal and of abandonment and of feeling inferior or helpless or perhaps inadequate. Dreams are very symbolic. It is as if Earl Trancy represents all that have underestimated you or have wanted you out of the picture. I am everyone that you have ever trusted, no matter how little trust there is. You're afraid that everyone will abandon you. You're afraid that you will become inadequate and that the thread you hold on to so dearly will snap, leaving you with nothing. You're afraid-"

"That's enough, Sebastian! I don't want to hear anymore!"

Sebastian's voice lowered and he bent down to whisper in Ciel's ear, "You're afraid of facing your fears alone."

"N-No! Get away from me, demon!" Ciel scrambled to get away from Sebastian and almost fell off the bed entirely. He would have if it wasn't for Sebastian's quick reflexes, "My lord, I deeply apologize but you said you were prepared to hear this. I haven't even gotten to the good part."

Ciel squeezed his eyes shut and held his hands and arms up as if he could guard himself from Sebastian's words and encircling arms. There was no good part in this, no matter what Sebastian said. Not for him anyways.

"Young master, I may be able to stop your nightmares, but only if you admit to being afraid."

"I-I said to go away! Leave now, Sebastian!"

"My lord, I can't stand to see you like this. I'm trying to help but I can't until you decide to help me. My master faces his fears, this is not the master I know and love."

Ciel's eyes snapped open, only to see his butler's startled face, "Love, Sebastian? Did you just-"

Sebastian blinked a few times before he regained his composure and smirked, "It's just an expression, my lord. Perhaps love is the wrong word, I care for you and your well-being, just as a butler should care for his master."

"Oh." Ciel seemed slightly disappointed.

After a pause, Sebastian continued, "Young master, will you admit to being afraid? Will you accept my help?"

"F-Fine, Sebastian. Just… just get on with it."

"My lord…" Sebastian said warningly.

Ciel huffed in frustration, "Whatever. I- I admit to being afraid of… of all those things you mentioned. Of betrayal, abandonment and… whatever the other thing was."

"Feeling inadequate or inferior," Sebastian prompted.

"Yeah, yeah that. Of feeling inadequate or inferior."

"There, was that so hard young master? You've taken the first step; you've admitted your fears,"

"Shut up."

Sebastian chuckled at his master's embarrassment. He stood up and swiftly placed his blushing master back on the bed. He kneeled down in front of him so Ciel could look down at him, "You know this already, demons are masters at tempting and luring in humans. We are masters at illusion and false security. We are also able to put humans at ease with their life and are able to soothe their fears and anxieties. Most mature demons can enter dreams and lull humans into a sense of security before we devour their souls. If you'll allow, I am confident I can get into your dreams and put a stop to them. It's up to you, my lord."

"So basically, you want to invade my dreams?"

Sebastian suppressed another chuckle, "Yes, that is another way to put it."

Ciel sighed and looked down at his hands in his lap. How badly did he want these dreams to end? How badly did he want to sleep at night? How badly did he want to be able to look at his own butler in the same way? The answer was obvious. So why couldn't he say it?

"In what form would you appear as?"

Sebastian smiled comfortingly, "I could appear in any form I wish to. Any form the human would be most comfortable with. I was thinking I would just appear as I am now."

"So there would be two Sebastians?"

"No, you see, demons can also manipulate dreams. I could manipulate it so the dream Sebastian turns into something else. I could also just manipulate it and make it disappear, but that will not stop your dreams from happening. You need to face your fears."

Ciel sighed again. Did he really have a choice?


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