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"But I may kiss Sebastian Michaelis."

The only sound that could be heard in the room was the pounding of Ciel's heart. Sure, if you were a demon, you could hear Sebastian's erratic beating as well, but he had had a long time to perfect controlling his surprise. And not much surprised him anymore. This didn't surprise him anyways.

This freaking stunned him beyond belief.

Ciel suddenly jerked his hand away from Sebastian's cheek, flushing red at an unhealthy rate. "S-Sorry. I didn't think. I…" His hand ran through his hair, messing it up even further than it already was from his nightmare.

"Y-Young master…"

Ciel flinched a little at the title. Wanting nothing more than to comfort his master, Sebastian reached out and his gloved fingertips brushed over the skin on Ciel's arm, starting by his wrist and running up to his the side of his shoulder, pushing the sleeve of his white nightshirt up. He paused for a moment before looking up at Ciel, silently asking for permission to continue.

Even though Ciel really wanted to allow this to happen, he knew he shouldn't. Even what happened earlier he shouldn't have allowed. It's his job as an earl and head of the household to appear strong, not seem like a needy child in need of comfort. He didn't even want his butler's comfort. He wasn't a toddler.

He jerked away from Sebastian and immediately missed the feather light touch brushing against his skin. His butler withdrew his hand and stood up, an apologetic look on his face. His shoulders had slumped forward and his eyes had been averted from his master. If he wasn't a demon Ciel was sure he'd be blushing just as much as he was.

Butler and master stood in silence, both not sure what to do. Neither had been put in a situation like this. Ciel's previous romantic relationships were non-existent, unless you count the one he had with Elizabeth, and he didn't. Sebastian's previous relationships had been fast-paced, passionate and usually only lasted one night and could hardly be considered relationships at all. He had never felt the need to comfort anyone; on the contrary, he was usually the one bringing the discomfort.

The awkward silence continued and while Ciel was racking his brain trying to come up with something to say, Sebastian was there, contemplating his feelings. It wasn't as if what he was experiencing was love, because demons can't love, right? But something about Ciel, something about this boy in front of him changed his view on everything.

Mentally shaking himself, Sebastian willed himself to stop thinking about it. Something about those deep, blue and purple eyes told him that his little master knew exactly what he was thinking about.

Quite the contrary though, at the moment, Ciel had wished nothing more than to know what was going through Sebastian's mind. It might give him some idea as to what his demon was feeling and how to get out of this awkward situation. If given the choice, Ciel might have preferred getting kidnapped than to enduring a silence such as this.

After what seemed like many centuries, Sebastian slowly offered his hand to Ciel. Ciel had assumed it was to help him up, so when he cautiously took it, he was surprised when he was swept into Sebastian's arms and hugged tightly.

No, no, no, no, no, this is so wrong, this is so wrong! Sebastian, what the hell? This is wrong; it's just wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

Ciel struggled to get his feet back on the ground; he would not be treated like this! Sebastian ignore his struggles and continued to hold him close.

"Sebastian, this is an order! Let me down this instant!"

Reluctantly, the poor little ruffled earl was set back down where he exclaimed, "What the hell was that for?!"

Still remaining silent, the raven-haired demon knelt down in front of him, tailcoat flapping behind him in his haste. Ciel's face was captured between two gloved hands again and everything suddenly slowed. An emotion he would never have even begun to imagine his inhuman butler was capable of harboring flashed across those cherry-red eyes. Fear. Confusion. Hesitation.

Conflicting feelings cut through Ciel. He wasn't sure if he wanted this or if he wanted it to stop. It wasn't right, it just wasn't! But how had he convinced himself that it was right. There wasn't even a word to describe how wrong this was, but how right it felt.

With Sebastian getting closer, Ciel's common sense won out over his feelings and he wrenched away, startled the poor demon, "Just go make me some tea or something. I don't have time for your foolish games." These words hurt Ciel as he said them, this wasn't a game, never was, and never will be. Not the bond between him and his butler.

His words cut through Sebastian like a knife, but he had no choice but to obey. Standing back up, he inclined his head, silently taking his leave. Because how was he supposed to tell Ciel that this has long ceased to be a game to him?

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