Hi guys it's me, this is my second attempt at this because the first one didn't go so well. Anyway it's basically the same thing, but with a few changes. Please R&R I hope you enjoy!

A Mistake and a Second Chance

Chapter One

It was a cool winter day and I had just finished my jogging around town. I stopped and took a seat on the park bench which gave a view of the ocean which by this time of year was probably freezing, but it looked so beautiful with the glorious warm colored view of the sunset behind it. For a couple of minutes I grasped the moment of beauty when I heard a rustling sound in the huge forest behind me. I jumped up preparing to fight, but I stopped when I saw a familiar figure step out of the woods.

"Yahiro, What on earth are you doing here?" I said keeping a good 5 feet distance between him and I

"I have come in regards to a proposition or offer a deal if that's what you want to call It." he said in a cool sly voice

"I don't make deals with people like you, and why would you want to ask one from me? I am of no use to you." I said puzzled.

"Oh contraire my dear you are of plenty of use to me. Now if you don't mind I will get straight to the point; over the years you and Kie have developed the relationship of being rivals. Always competing, but you are always ranked 2 (I got mad and was about to sock him, but I decided to let him finish.) yes? I know you have been oblivious to this for a while, but you are noticing now that my dear cousin is madly in love with you and you may not know it but you have feelings as well. Now I will not go into detail, but you have been brought into a situation with a group of people that are highly dangerous. If you do not drop out of S.A and leave this city immediately your friends, family, and Kei will get hurt. I came to warn you Hikari not to harm you. Their lives are on the line and it's up to you. You have this week to decide, I hope you make the right decision." he said disappearing into the forest.

I felt numb… I fell to my knees and looked back and tried to take in what just happened. So many emotions ran through me and so many questions filled my mind, but I knew if I waited for them to be answered it would be too late. I quickly ran home, because I knew if I didn't leave now people would get hurt.