Chapter 1

The year was 1621 and the English had already started making their way to America. One day the Palin family decided to send their oldest son, Michael with their two daughters, Lilly and Mary over to America.

Michael was a 19 year old with brown hair and hazel eyes, Lilly was 15 and had blonde hair and brown eyes, Mary was 8 and had brown hair and blue eyes, and they weren't too keen on going.

"But mum I don't want to go to America!" Lilly said to her mother. On the other side of their small London house, Edward, the father was talking to Michael.

"Michael, you are going to be the man when you and your sisters leave. I'm counting on you to look after them." His father said to him. "And you will be needing to find a wife soon as well." he said.

"Yes father I understand." Michael said while going to pack for the trip. Many thoughts were running through his head as he put a second pair of pants into his bag. What if I can't protect Mary and Lilly? What will father think of me if I told him that I let them slip away? But he soon shook the thought out of his head, finished packing, and walked into the living room where Lilly was still complaining and Mary still crying.

"We are doing this for your own good. Make sure to write to us and for goodness sake stay together!" said their mother giving them all a group hug. "Look after them Michael." she said putting a hand on his shoulder. Michael nodded and they walked out the door and began walking to the dock to board the ship.