Chapter 8

As they set of on their journey many thoughts ran through Michael's head. "Would they actually find the Powhatans? If they did, would they be able to save Lilly?" He shook these thoughts out of his mind and tried his best to stay positive.

"So where do we go from here?" Graham asked. Michael stopped his horse from walking and took out the map.

"Well for now we just keep going straight. The good thing is there aren't many obstacles. It's mainly just flat level ground." He said as they continued down the path.

"How long do you think it will take us to get there?" asked Eric quietly. Michael sighed and looked back at the map.

"Well at the rate we're going I'd say we have a couple of days. That is if they are where they're supposed to be." Michael said. John looked up and swung at a low hanging branch from a tree.

"I know you're kind of having questions piled on to you right now, but, what exactly is the plan if we find them." John asked. Michael stopped his horse and everyone else did the same.

"Look guys, I don't know why you think I have all the answers, but I assure you, when the time comes we will have something figured out. Right now the priority is just finding them! I mean why think ahead if you haven't even gotten past the first step yet!" He fake laughed to himself as they continued on.

A little while afterwards, they stopped for lunch. Carol took the basket off of her horse and put it in between everyone.

"Alright boys we've got biscuits, beans, water, coffee, and bacon, and not much of it. So we're gonna have to ration it." She said passing everyone a little bit of each thing.

"We probably wouldn't have to ration it if you hadn't come along." John said quietly while taking a drink of water. Carol heard him and smacked him upside the head. Everyone laughed except for John.

"CAROL CLEAVLAND I SWEAR I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" John yelled. They continued laughing as John tried to control himself.

"You know John, you're the only person here that has a problem with Carol." Graham said taking a bite out of his biscuit. Everyone nodded in agreement and John, out of frustration, went down and sat by the creek, away from everyone else.

"You know, after being in all this wilderness, it kinda makes me want to try being something else." Said Michael. The group looked at him confused.

"What do you mean? Like something you want to be?" Asked Terry J. Michael stood up with a smile on his face.

"Yes! I want to be…a lumberjack!" He yelled as the group fell over laughing. "Leaping from tree to tree!" He started to continue but was interrupted by John's yells.

"Come and get it you red skinned heathen!" They heard John yell with rage from the river. They knew exactly what was going on. He had come across an Indian.

They all ran down to help John except for Graham who went to get his gun. When they got down there they saw that both the Indian and John were bruised and cut. The man had a knife and John had one as well.

"John! We're here to help!" Yelled Eric. John brushed them away and went back to looking at the man.

"I'm about to get my revenge! This is the one who killed Connie! I saw her scalp on his bag!" John yelled with tears starting to roll down his face. They all stepped back and let John have his fight. But just as he was about to make his move they heard a gunshot, and slowly the man fell dead. They all looked to see where the shot had come from and the saw Graham. Smoking his pipe while pulling his gun away. John ran up the hill to Graham who was back to sitting and eating.

"What's the matter with you?! One you could have shot me, and two he was mine! He was the one who killed Connie and I was ready to get my revenge. Graham looked up and apologized as John went and sat on a rock down by the river. Michael decided to go and try to comfort him.

"It's my fault she died. If I had just stayed with her instead of running off and trying to be a hero, then maybe I could have saved her. I'm so stupid." Said John quietly. Michael sat down next to him with a small collection of rocks in his hand, and started throwing them in the river.

"That's how I feel about Mary and Lilly. I left them alone. And I couldn't help Lilly when they were taking her away. But that's why we're here on this journey. I need to save Lilly and you're getting vengeance on Connie." He said. John looked up and reminded him that Graham just killed the man. Michael looked down and continued throwing rocks into the water.

"It wasn't just that man. It was the whole tribe. You'll get your revenge after we're done. And I will hopefully have Lilly back. He sighed.

"Connie is gone. Nothing is going to change that. I think that now that the man who killed her is gone, I feel that I should be more into the real mission. To save Lilly. That's really why we're all here. And we're gonna stop at nothing till we get her back." Said John with a smile. Michael looked up and smiled back. Then they both got up and walked back up the hill, to join the others.