A/N: This is a heads up to whoever hasn't seen the movie, WALL-E (Which I doubt any of you haven't.), that you don't have to worry about spoilers for it. But it WILL contain spoilers for Portal 2, so play the game before you read this. This also includes OCs both from Portal 2 and Wall-E. I would first like to point out that the Wall-E OC is my own character and his wolf design is also mine. HOWEVER, my OC's ROBOT design is NOT my own. If you would like to check out the original creator of his design the COIN probes series on Deviant Art by a person named "Fishlover".

P-body was relaxing in the Hub with her mate, Atlas. They both watched as P-body cradled their newborn son in her arms, gently rocking him to sleep mode. Once he fell asleep, P-body uttered a soft mechanical purr, "He's so precious..."

Atlas nodded, "Yeah... I'm glad he's finally asleep. He needs to save his energy."

Even though he was asleep, Kronos subconsciously snuggled close to his mother. Her optic shutter upturned in a robotic smile, "Awww, look at him..."

Atlas warbled contentedly, gently petting his son's head. Looking down adoringly at the little robot, then up to his mate. "Now what?"

Letting Kronos sleep in her lap, she turned to face Atlas, holding his hand, "Now we have some alone time..." She wrapped her arms around her mate and cuddled with him, and he smiled and returned the gesture.

Meanwhile in the central chamber, GLaDOS turned away from the monitor in which she had been watching the two bots, and went to her microphone. "Orange, Blue. What do you two think you are doing in there?"

P-body's optic widened at the interruption, knowing that She didn't want her to get too close to Atlas again. "Uh, just hugging..."

Just when GLaDOS was about to separate her bots, a second monitor popped up near her, saying that some cameras up in the trashed part of Aperture had spotted something. An organic creature much larger than a bird. GLaDOS turned to the monitor and changed the camera view as to try and look at said creature. The cameras weren't the best quality, considering that all the vegetation had grown over most of the cameras, but eventually she is able to see a gray wolf with strange white markings on its fur. GLaDOS stared at it for about a microsecond before sending a claw toward it, intending to grab it.

The wolf watched as the claw approached, but once it got too close, it dodged the claw and grabbed the cord in its jaws, shaking its head from side to side as if it were a chew toy. GLaDOS yanked the cord away from its jaws and attempted to shock it unconscious, but it isn't even fazed.

Gritting her metaphorical teeth, GLaDOS tried a different tactic. She grabbed a turret from one of the test chambers and quickly brought it up to the wolf's chamber. Immediately, the wolf's ears perked up and it ran away from the turret. GLaDOS smiled to herself and chased it, letting the turret open fire. A few bullets hit the wolf, causing it to yelp loudly in pain. Yet it still kept running, and then leaped down the elevator shaft to escape. GLaDOS shot the turret down after it, but the wolf falls too fast and no more bullets hit it. She sends lift up to try and trap the wolf in the elevator shaft, but the furry creature only breaks down a door and escapes the shaft before the elevator gets to it.

Making its way deeper into Aperture, the wolf runs past a loose camera on the wall, and GLaDOS catches a glimpse of a collar on the wolf's neck, and on the tag, is the Black Mesa logo.

GLaDOS recoiled from the monitor before turning on her mic for the Hub. "Blue, Orange, I have an important task for you. There is a spy running around, and it is evading me. It's running through the neon quadrant at the moment. Go find it, and KILL IT. No exceptions."

"A spy?" P-body raised her head curiously. At the same time, Kronos woke up beeping tiredly. P-body looked at Atlas, patting Kronos on the back gently, "But what about Kronos?"

"I am not going to reason with you. This is important. Now GO." GLaDOS answered sternly.

P-body hesitated before putting Kronos down and picking up her portal gun.

Kronos saw them leaving, and he began to whimper, "Mommy! Daddy!"

P-body turned to look at him, "It's okay, we'll be back soon." Kronos stood there for a moment before running to his mother's side.

She quickly held out her hand and stop him. "No, Kronos wait-!" Before she could finish, her son had already made his way over and was now standing at her feet.

P-body let out a mechanical sigh, "Let's go."

Atlas smiled down at Kronos. His little boy was just like him. Turning to P-body, he added. "Let's go, before she has us dissessembled."

She nodded, "Right."

The trio set out to find the so-called "spy". On the way, P-body looked down at Kronos, and she realized just how small he was compared to her. Atlas was maybe a foot or two shorter than her, but she towered over Kronos like a tall building. Her gaze met her son's, and his lower optic shutter lifted into a robotic smile. He was so young, so innocent, so...fragile.

Why did she allow him to come along? The spy could be a dangerous lunatic! He could hurt Kronos, maybe even kill him! This was NOT a good idea, she thought.

But just when she was about to speak up, a loud howl echoed through the facility. Kronos hid behind Atlas, startled, but not sure what to think of the strange noise.

Atlas bent down and comforted the child, while P-body alertly glanced around the vicinity. "What was that?" she asked.

GLaDOS answered, "Quickly! It is tangled up in a batch of wires not too far to your left. It's just outside my range of control, so you will need to just quickly go over and kill it. I don't care how, you can even torture it if you like. Yes..."

P-body hesitated until Atlas gave her a curt nod, and hurried to the chamber on their left. She followed, making sure that Kronos followed closely.

"Actually, scratch what I said just a second ago. Don't kill it. Smack it upside the head, render it unconcious, then bring it into my range. I'll take care of it from there..." GLaDOS ordered, a smile evident in her voice.

At that moment, P-body and Kronos had caught up with Atlas. And they all saw a four-legged, grey, furry creature. Just as GLaDOS said, it was tangled in a mess of thick cords and was struggling to escape. Kronos took a few cautious steps toward the creature, wanting to see it up close. But P-body took one glance at it's teeth and claws, and she grabbed him and pulled him away.

"Good, you found it. Now hit it hard enough to render it unconscious, and drag it to me." GLaDOS ordered.

No one moved. Everyone was either to afraid or to shocked to go near the creature. After a moment, Atlas walked toward it. The creature struggled and barked as Atlas raised his portal gun above his head to hit it.

Kronos pulled free of P-body's grip and ran over to Atlas, he grabbed his father's arm and tried to stop him. "No! Daddy!" he beeped in protest.

Atlas hesitated, looking down at the child and lowering his gun. "Kronos, cover your eyes. This won't be nice, but I need to do it, alright?"

P-body came over and took Kronos, covering his optic so that he was unable to see.

He beeped loudly as he squirmed in her grip. "No!"

Atlas raised his gun again, took a deep stimulated breath, and swung down hard on the creature's skull, making a loud yelp and a sickening crack bounce through the room.

P-body glanced away and winced in sympathetic pain. Then removed her hand from Kronos's optic, allowing him to see the wolf lying motionless on the floor. "No!"

Atlas looked down at the wolf a little sadly, then over at Kronos, "Sorry, kiddo. It needed to be done."

"Good work, Blue." GLaDOS praised him, "Now untangle it so I can...do my work."

Suddenly, the wolf's white markings began to glow brightly until the light engulfed it's whole body. t dims, a small robot was left lying on the ground.

Everyone stared in pure astonishment.

The robot was grey in color just like the wolf, but it appeared to have no legs, its head was in the shape of a lampshade with a black monitor on it. Its body had a cylinder shape, while it's arms were resting at its sides. Both Atlas and P-body took a step back, while Kronos stared at it in awe.

GLaDOS zoomed her camera on it, humming with curiosity, "Blue. Pick it up and place it on this panel."

A panel on the ground lights up. Kronos ran in front of Atlas, beeping and tapping the robot to wake it up. Atlas gently moved Kronos aside and picked the robot up, and carried it to the panel. As soon as he set the robot down, the panel fliped and the robot fell into GLaDOS' chamber.

P-body fiddled with her portal gun nervously, "W-what are you going to do to it?"

"Nothing that you need to worry about. Head back to the Hub. Please disregard any... unusual sounds that you may hear in the next few minutes..."

A/N: Now, this isn't exactly a sequel to "A World Beyond". Katie will not be in this one since she is not my character. Instead, my own Wall-E OC will. You've also probably guessed that the wolf is him. X3 And you're correct.

Also, I never could have done this without FrizzyLizzy214, who role played this with me and did the final edits. ^^ Thanks, Liz!