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The robot had a dent in his head, and was still out cold from the blow to the head Atlas gave him.

GLaDOS was baffled when the scanner couldn't place him, so instead she extended some cords to secure him. They wrap around him, pinning his arms to his sides. She paused for a moment before sending a strong volt to him.

The robot's monitor flashed, then pixelated eyes, eyebrows and mouth appeared on it. As he opened his eyes, his head disconnected from the body and floated seperately via, an electromagnetic field. The same went for his arms and even his fingers.

GLaDOS quickly wrapped a cord around his head a few times, just to ensure he wouldn't escape.

"GAH!" He blinked a few times, looking around the room. "W-where am I?"

"YOU are in MY territory." She answered, "What did they send you for? Why are you here?"

Realizing he was constricted by her cords, the robot struggled, "I don't know what you're talking about!"

"You have the Black Mesa signature. You belong to them, correct?"

"W-well...I was actually made by a different company. Black Mesa stole me and made me their own."

"Mmhmm. Do you honestly expect me to believe that?" GLaDOS sent a jolt of electricity through the small robot. But instead of the shock hurting him, the dent in his head repaired itself.

"Nice try! I'm not just any ordinary robot you can shock with a tazer!" he said, glaring at her.

GLaDOS put on her really scary look, and brought in a claw with a giant drill attatchment, "Good to know. That means I can experiment with this, see what really makes you scream."

She flipped the drill on, making it whir loudly.

The robot's eyes widened with fear, "U-uh...now...l-let's not do anything we'll regret..."

"Oh, I don't need to worry about that. I regret nothing I do in the name of science." She brought the drill closer to his defenseless body, his head immobile from wires. He struggled as the whir of the drill became louder.

"In the name of science!? You're going to kill me! What kind of science is that!?"

"The best kind. The fun kind." A smile is evident in her voice as the drill began to drill into the small robot's body. He let out a scream of agony, which only made her drill further. She was enjoying herself so much that she didn't even notice someone run into her chamber. She just made the drill continue in further, making white hot pain course through the small probe's circuits. "Tell me the truth. Why did they send you?"


GLaDOS was about to press the drill in further, when she suddenly felt pain spike through her body. She lost control of the drill and let it drop to the floor. Something was at her control panel! She spun around and saw Kronos pressing random buttons at her control panel. With every button he pushed, she twitched in pain as her chassis sparked. Atlas came running in, having chased Kronos, and saw what was happening.

"Blue, I-I-He hit something back there. P-p-please see what I-it is..." She turned to show him the main controls, while she managed to pull Kronos away with a single wire. At the same time, she felt the grey probe wriggling around in her coils. She turned to see him free one of his arms, then watched as his arm folded into a weapon, and pointed it right at Atlas. "Don't touch that!"

Atlas' eye widened in fear and he stopped about a foot away from the main control panel. GLaDOS turned and gave the small probe a death glare. She recognized the weapon as it lit up and whirred to life. It was a high-powered dual cutting laser, and liquid cooled plasma cannon. With one shot of the gun, he could easily destroy Atlas along with her control panel. "Put that gun away..."

The probe glared back, pointing it at her instead, "Not until you let me go."

GLaDOS looked at him suspiciously before putting slack on the wires holding him. He sighed as his restraints loosened, and he slid to the floor. He placed a hand over the gaping hole in his chest, but just winced and righted himself. GLaDOS waited until the probe wasn't paying attention before lashing out from behind him and wrapping several wires around his gun, aiming it away from her, and wrapping another around Kronos for good measure.

Atlas warbled in confusion, "Why are you holding Kronos?!"

"J-j-just get to my p-panel!" She snapped back.

Suddenly a loud zap was heard, and a bright light filled the room, "I said LET ME GO!"

GLaDOS recoiled a bit when she turned and saw the grey probe raise his free arm as arches of electricity flew from his hand. Slowly, his whole body lit up with electric sparks. Then he brought his hand down and onto the wire holding his arm, sending the electric charge through her cords. GLaDOS felt a good 29,847 volts surge through her chassis. She let out a yell as she convulsed in pain, then hung limply from the ceiling, her wires fell to the ground with her. She somehow kept herself conscious, but she was paralyzed. She was helpless, but she refused to show it as she glared over at the small probe, anger boiling.

He simply glared back, brushing himself off. The hole in his chest was completely gone, not even a scratch left behind. It was as if he was never hurt. Both testing bots just stared in awe until Altas slowly walked over to Kronos, and picked him up.

"Now, if you'll let me explain... My name is Probe 5, but I used to have a friend who was Spanish so he just called me Cinco. I guess you could say that's my nickname. I was built to be just an ordinary cashier bot...but one day I was kidnapped and brought to a place called Black Mesa. Where this device called the "Gamma Sphere" was being built. It was developed to give people amazing superhuman abilities by draining the neuro-elecric energy in people and concentrate it into an individual. An evil man, the leader of Black Mesa, led the project and was given the honors of trying it out on me. It was successful, and it turned out that being a robot heightened the effects. It was scary as heck at first, but as time went by, I learned how to control my new strength. Until He had the idea of using me as his own personal war machine. I refused to listen to Him, but He was persistent and He tried to override my programming in order for me to obey Him. When that didn't work, He tried to get rid of me, but I was already too powerful and I escaped."

GLaDOS put on her sarcastic tone, "That's great, so what do you want with MY facility?"

Cinco glared back at GLaDOS, "I'm wondering if I can stay here for a bit. I'll leave you alone if you leave me alone."

GLaDOS rolled her optic slightly and mumbles to herself before letting out a sigh, "If hiding is all you want to do, fine. The first time there is an incident relating to you though, I will try my best to make sure you don't exist to the next day."

Cinco glared back, "I say 'bring it'."

She was about to say something before she remembered that her bots wer still in the room, "Blue. Head back to the hub with Green." she stopped and turned to look back at the probe, "And you- just get out of my sight. I don't want to see you around."

The two exchanged a hateful glare before Cinco followed Atlas and Kronos to the Hub...

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