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Chapter 1:

Step 1: The Explanation

I, Aria Green used to live a perfect life. I had one brother named Ethan, a sister named Amy, a Father named Eddie, and a Mother named Sally. It was a kind of life where your Dad comes home from work, kisses your Mom on the cheek, and asks how everyone's day was. Then, you would all eat dinner like the perfect family you are, but nothings perfect, or at least not for long. My Family Slowly fell to the depths of the ocean and couldn't find their way back up, myself included. Right now, I'm in a plane flying back to my old house, the perfect house in Pennsylvania where my Mom lives with her new life. That consists of her husband Mark and his daughter Beth. There is nothing wrong with Mark. He is actually pretty nice. He's about 5'9 with pepper hair, blue eyes and is good to my Mom, like he should be. So, overall Mark's not that bad. But then comes his accident of a daughter... I mean his wonderful and perfect daughter Beth. She's about 5'6 with blonde hair and blue eyes. She's probably my reason for not wanting to go back home, or maybe its my Mom who doesn't even consider me as a daughter anymore. I mean she tries hard, but I never was good enough for her and probably never will be. I can't blame her. If I were in her shoes, I would be ashamed to call someone like me her daughter too. See, when I moved out to the scorching temperatures of Texas with my Dad, Amy, and Ethan because my mom wanted to start another 'perfect' family I got into some trouble. The occasional partying, drugs, alcohol, oh and stealing a police officer's car. That's what became my usual 'fun'. But I didn't get into trouble immediately. Actually, it started after Amy and Ethan had died. It was probably the most terrible thing that's ever happened to me, topping my parents divorce. And as soon as I closed my eyes on the quiet plane, the flashback hurt as it crossed my mind. It happened when I was 17. I was driving home after visiting my friend Alice from college. As I pulled in the driveway I heard painful screams fill the air, they sounded familiar. I ran up to the unlocked door and dashed to the stairs to the heart stopping screams. As I reached the top, suddenly the screams stopped, and silence filled the air. I bolted to the end of the hallway and swiftly opened Ethan's door. By the time I came across the room to my siblings they were already dead. Their lifeless bodies huddled together at the foot of Ethan's bed. They each had many stab wounds in each of their bodies. What was happening? Did I really need to lose anymore? Have anymore heartache? They didn't deserve this. As I was lost in thought, I heard a noise in the back of the room. I turned around swiftly to look into the eyes of the killer, the murder, and wait... did I know him? The funeral had been the worst. As I looked around I saw a broken family all pushed together for something terrible. I saw the tombstone of my brother Ethan and his amazing way to stay positive even at a young age,who was about 12 at the time he had died. I saw the tombstone of my sister, Amy the most caring person in the world, who was 20 when she had been murdered. But the most painful thing I saw had to be the untrustworthy eyes of Ethan's and Amy's killer.

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