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Chapter 2:

Step 2: Start of My New Life

"Honey, they plane has safely landed. It's time to leave." A middle aged short woman said with honey blonde hair and a sweet smile. "Oh, OK." I said a little disheveled because of my dreams... my memories. Then, I quickly left the plane in search of my bags and my mother. First, I went in search of my bags and quickly found them. Well, it wasn't hard... They were all neon green. Then, I carried them to the front of the airport in search of mt mother, hopefully she was there.

Ten minutes... 20 minutes... 30 minutes...

"Sorry I was late Aria, I had to pick Beth up from Cheer Leading Camp and take her back home. Her car is being repaired." My Mother said as I stepped into her cherry red Convertible. She looked the same. Same brown curly hair and same shinning blue eyes. "It's fine." I said slightly annoyed. Couldn't Barbie have one of her other friends take her home? The rest of the ride was silent as we made our journey to my moms house, well I guess mine now too.

As soon as the car was parked, I saw a cute guy coming out from the house next door. He must have been new, I didn't remember him living there when I had. "Hey Jude!" Someone yelled from the porch of my new house, oh wait it was Beth. The guy, I guess his name was Jude turned to Beth and said, "Hey Beth." Before he could turn away to leave my Mother said, "Hello Jude, how are you?" "I'm Good, how about you?" He asked. I couldn't stop looking at him. He was very good looking. Probably about 6'1 with dirty blonde hair that was about to his eyes. Don't even get me started on his blue-green eyes. It was like staring into a deep ocean, not knowing if you would drown or not. "I'm fine. Oh, and Jude this is my daughter Aria." My mom answered looking in my direction. Jude looked over at me and said, " Hey Aria, I'm Jude. Nice to Meet you." Then, he held out his hand. I took it and replied, "Nice to meet you too Jude." The handshake lingered for a while then we both took our hands away. " Well, we better get Aria settled in, still coming over for dinner tomorrow Jude?" my Mother asked curiously. "Yes, I am. I guess I will see you later Mrs. Peters. Bye Beth. And very nice meeting you Aria, see you all later." Jude answered while looking at me. His eyes made my knees buckle and the sound of his voice was so deep and sweet. "Wait Aria, What are you doing? Stop, you are only going to get hurt." I thought to myself. Then, my Mother, Beth, and I took my bags up to my new room. It was my brother's old room. It was on the first floor and had wood floors and blue walls. They must have re-painted it.