Title: Affection

Pairing: DoumekixWatanuki

Rating/Genre: T/Fluff, Romance

Summary: "Doumeki Shizuka was not one for public display of affection. Neither was Kimihiro Watanuki."

Fandom: xxxHolic

Beta: ekaterin24 livejournal

A/N: My third Douwata fic, I'm not sure if it's good enough since I wrote this in a rush, afraid that I don't remember the idea anymore. Well, enjoy…. :D

Doumeki Shizuka was not one for public display of affection. Neither was Kimihiro Watanuki. That's why even though they had been together for almost three weeks, they hadn't done so much as hold hands. It wasn't because of embarrassment or anything on Doumeki's part, it was just that he knew that if he tried to show his affection toward the smaller teen, Watanuki would likely turn red and flail like a lunatic. There was also the possibility that he would accidentally punch Doumeki.

Currently, they were on the way home from school. Usually Watanuki would chat animatedly about everything and Doumeki would grunt in response here and there. But today, neither wanted to break the silence. The tension between them was so thick it was almost suffocating. Sometimes their hands would brush accidentally and Watanuki would gasp a little before balling his fist and pulling it tightly to his side.

"You okay?" Doumeki asked, looking at the smaller teen. "You seem nervous."

"I'm fine." Watanuki said slowly, looking at the road under his shoes.

Doumeki just shrugged his shoulder and shifted his eyes back in front of him. 'Maybe Watanuki feels the presence of a spirit.' Doumeki thought. 'But as long as I am with him, they won't dare to approach him.'

Suddenly, Doumeki felt a hand slip into his and hold it tightly. He looked at his left hand and saw Watanuki was holding it. He frowned a bit and looked at Watanuki's face. He smiled a bit when he saw Watanuki's blushing face, his lower lip caught in his teeth and his determined eyes.

Doumeki knew it took a lot of courage from the other teen just to hold his hand in public like this, even though no one was around at the moment. So he squeezed Watanuki's hand a bit, entwining their fingers and tugging Watanuki to walk closer to him. He grinned when Watanuki actually sighed in relief.

"Watanuki." Doumeki suddenly stopped in his tracks, forcing the smaller teen to stop beside him.

Watanuki looked at the taller teen. His eyes widened a bit as Doumeki suddenly pecked his cheek lightly. Watanuki put his free hand on his kissed cheek and grinned widely before they start walking.

"You know, Yuuko-san asked me to bring you today…she wants us to do something for her. I'm sure it's not really important, maybe she just wants us to get her sake or something and…." Watanuki said excitedly, acting as if his nervousness had gone away.

Doumeki just smiled, feeling how warm Watanuki's hand was in his.