Alec's POV

It had been a true shock to me when that mundane girl had barged in on Jace, Isabelle and me. Well, it had actually been more of a shock that she had, in fact, seen us, and not have had any difficulty with it; after all, we had had runes of invisibility on to avoid just that. You couldn't have mundanes getting suspicious every time you went out demon hunting, otherwise you would end up spending a lot of time being interrogated by the mundane police force.

This time, I had just blamed Jace, he had, after all been the one who had put my runes on for me, of course, and that peace had been short lived when I realized that I had put the runes on Jace.

Today, however, Hodge had said that we would be discussing what we were going to do about the mundane girl. He hadn't exactly been all that pleased to learn about the one mundane out of a whole club that had been able to see anyone but Isabelle.

I walked down one of the long, winding corridors of the Institute, heading to the library for our early morning meeting. I was fully clothed for the day, having been so for quite a while. The events of the night still weighed heavily on my mind. Not to mention the pretty mundane girl. She had seemed quite compassionate about that shape changer, even if it had been a demon. That was a most admirable trait for one to have.

Opening the door to the library, I could already hear the low murmurs of Hodge, Isabelle, and Jace's voices. Not that I had been late, they had been quite early, I was sure, as I checked my watch, in fact, I was still five minutes early.

Walking in I threw myself down in a chair, blinking at them as Hodge, who, having noticed my arrival began the official meeting.

"We need to figure out what the mundane girl is going to do. So we're going to need someone to keep an eye on her while we figure out what's going on." Hodge said, shifting his eyes over the three of us, expecting one of us to volunteer. Of course, he was more than right.

"I'll watch her." I replied, peering up at him through my eyelashes and giving a slight wave of my hand, almost as if reminding them that I was, in fact, present.

Hodge blinked at me and slowly nodded, as if he were somewhat unsure of how it would end, giving me the job. I wasn't that bad tempered, I was pretty sure, anyway, though, granted, I wasn't any Jace. He was typically much better at being civil than me.

"Of course, Alec, though you might want to leave now, catch her at her house and trail her for the rest of the day." He replied, glancing at me dubiously once again before sliding me the paper with her address written on it. I nodded, grabbing it, and stood, heading out the hallway and once again down a corridor, though this one led to the front entrance, instead of back up to my bedroom.

I quickly grabbed my cellphone, stele and such and headed out onto the streets of New York, my hands dug into my pockets as I made my way towards the girl's home at a brisk walk. It wasn't all that difficult to find, a relatively tall building, I found a place to wait on a bench across the street, playing game idly on my cellphone, though I was paying much more attention to the building.

It didn't take long for her to emerge, with what appeared to be a friend of hers, the mundane boy that had come into the Storage Room after her at Pandemonium.

Almost surprised, I saw her glance back and forth, and then her eyes landed on my, and I watched, with a slight smile as they narrowed into a glare. So, she hadn't forgotten about Pandemonium at all.