This is more like LoTR in HP not HP in LoTR and I'm only using Legolas at the moment. Plot may change.if I happen to see something I like in the reviews!

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For the sake of the story, Legolas will look 17. Of course he's much older than that!

Harry's a 6th year student and still being bullied by Dudley.

Voldemorte is still alive and still pining away for three things - immortality, power, the world both muggle and magical

The Deatheaters is presently destroying small muggle villages and murdering individual wizards and witches.

Fudge still refuses to do anything.

Sirius and Remus are spies for Dumbledore and still on the run. Well, since Remus is a werewolf and Sirius is an escaped prisoner, they should be on the run right?

Snape is still snapish.

Draco is still draco-ish.

This is SLASH!!! So stop it you feel offended! You have been warned!

There's actually going to be a plot!!! WHOAH!!!!! Not telling tho!

The title should give a pretty big hint.

I'm a slow updater - you've been officially warned!