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Chapter 1: I'll Love You.

Haruka stood on the balcony with Michiru, the two of them standing together looking up at the stars.

"We've been together six years today," Haruka said to Michiru who looked zoned out. "Michi?"

Michiru shook her head, and snapped out of her daze as she ran a hand through her aqua hair. "Sorry, Ruka...just thinking."

Haruka looked at Michiru studying her. "About?"

Michiru shook her head again as she watched a shooting star. "Nothing, let's have tea before bed."

Haruka was perplexed but followed her wife downstairs as Michiru put the tea pot on and sat with Haruka still looking sad.

"Michi...please tell me. What's wrong?" Haruka asked as Michiru sighed as she held Haruka's hand.

"Ruka-chan. I want to have a baby." Haruka looked taken back slightly but sighed when Michiru didn't cry as Haruka kissed Michiru on the lips.

"Michi-chan, if I could give you a baby...I would..." Haruka trailed off. "But I'm not a guy." Michiru nodded as she felt tears come down her face and Haruka hugged her.

The tea kettle when off and Michiru stood up to go get it and she poured both of them tea and they sat on the leather couch.

"We could adopt," Haruka suggested to Michiru as the aqua haired girl finished some of her tea.

"Ruka-chan, I don't want that. We've experienced that in a way with Hotaru; I love having Hotaru as an adopted daughter. She's gone at the moment visiting her actual otuo-san." (Otuo-san means father).

"Michi..." Haruka said.

"I want a baby with both of our genes mixed together," Michiru said as looked Haruka's deep green eyes. "It's one thing I truly want."

Haruka looked at Michiru. "I will try to give you that one thing you want," Haruka promised as Michiru smiled.

The two sat there drinking their tea then talked about how Setsuna was coming back to Tokyo in a couple weeks from the Gates of Time.

After, the two girls brushed their teeth and hopped into their bed. Haruka felt Michiru sleep on her naked chest, the blonde couldn't sleep. She slipped away from the other girl, she slipped on a robe then sat went to the balcony and sat on a chair that was present there.

"Michi...I would give you a baby if I could," Haruka spoke to nobody particular. "But I can't."

The girl looked at the sky and her eyes slowly closed.


The blondes eyes twitched somewhat.


The blonde didn't open her eyes again.

Princess Uranus

The third time is when Haruka opened her eyes. She knew a lot of people didn't know her that way besides all the senshi.

"Who?" Haruka asked looking around only to see Queen Serenity in front of her, she was in her princess gown. Her blue, long flowing pretty gown. "Queen Serenity?"

"Yes, hello...Princess Uranus; no, Tennoh Haruka," the dead Queen said. "I am happy to see that you have a life with Princess Neptune."

Uranus blushed but nodded. "Y-yes your majesty," the blonde hair girl said. "Why?"

"I always watch over you, everyone. Serenity, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto and you. Pluto less since she goes back and fourth from Earth and of course, Chibi Moon."

"Now, Queen...why am I here? I fell asleep on the balcony," Uranus told the Queen who nodded. "How can I be here?"

"You're dreaming," Queen Serenity said smiling her silver hair flowing. "I can communicate through dreams or whoever want to talk to. I usually talk to Serenity, or as I heard she's been renamed as Usagi." Serenity said walking past Uranus as she looked over her shoulder as the princess nodded.

"But why am I here, Serenity?" Uranus asked again.

"I want all my past senshi to be happy, I hear everything even though I've been dead for years."

"How are you going to make me happy if I'm here though?"

Serenity smiled. "I heard Neptune tell you she wants a child."

"Yes...I know. I feel horrible I can't give her one." Uranus felt tears actually almost come to her eyes, she almost NEVER cried.

"You're here for this," Serenity said giving Uranus and Neptune's planet signs on a locket that was unique.

"Neptune and my planets signs on a locket?"


Suddenly, Haruka woke up and found herself in outside back at her and Michiru's house. She found out she had her sign that Serenity gave her.

"I wonder..." Haruka said. "My god, Michiru's god. Give Michiru what she always wanted...a child of ours. A child with my genes and her genes. The one true thing that will make her happy."

Suddenly, the door to the balacony opened showing Michiru dressed in a blue night gown.

"Ruka-chan," the aqua haired female said. "What are you doing out here at 3 am?"

"I couldn't sleep and came out here to sleep," Haruka said smiling slightly as she two planet signs were still glowing then got brighter.

"Well come on back inside," Michiru said as she rubbed Haruka's face lightly. "You can't afford to get sick."

Haruka nodded walking back inside with her partner while she didn't realize, in her hand her planet sign and Neptune's planet sign had stopped glowing from the locket Serenity gave her-the locket vanished and was turned into dust that was pure yellow.

"Good night," Haruka said crawling in the bed with Michiru. "I love you."

"I love you, too," Michiru said kissing Haruka on the nose as the blonde smirked. "Good night."

Suddenly, the doors to the balcony opened and a slight yellow dust came blowing in at Haruka and Michiru; mostly Michiru and the aqua haired female shut the door and sighed.

"What happened?" Haruka asked curiously. "There was no wind a moment ago." Michiru coughed a bit then sat back in the bed. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Michiru said, she thought she swallowed some of the dust; was it just her imagination? Possibly...it was late at night! "Let's just go to sleep, I'm tired."

Haruka nodded too, the girls fell asleep as a yellow and aqua coloured aura mixed around them for about a minute then it disappeared; some of the dust from the locket had vanished...as if it had never happened.

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