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5:30 am the next morning...

Haruka woke up, nobody else was beside her in the bed. "Oh god." She heard puking from the bathroom.

Haruka ran into the bathroom, she saw younger girl over the toilet. Haruka held her hair back like usual while Hotaru and Setsuna ran in.

"Hotaru," Setsuna said trying to keep the girl from seeing her 'mama' puke, she sent her to the kitchen. "Make yourself breakfast, I think some frozen waffles are in the fridge."

Hotaru only nodded and went down the stairs frowning, wishing she could help; but she would have a little brother or sister. The girl got out some of the waffles, and got them ready when she saw Setsuna walk down in her purple night gown.

"She pukes too much now," Setsuna said as Hotaru looked up at her. Setsuna had bags under her eyes that could carry bags and so on.

"Setsuna-mama, aren't you tired?" Hotaru asked curiously. "Your eyes look terrible."

"I know, I'm taking you to school today Hotaru," Setsuna said making herself some toast with jam on it.

Haruka came into the kitchen and ran a hand through her blonde hair, she looked tired too.

"Where's Michiru-mama?" Hotaru asked Haruka.

"She's going back to sleep for awhile," Haruka said with a sigh. "When are you two leaving?"

"Roughly 2 hours, why?" Setsuna questioned Haruka.

Haruka smirked. "I might as well as go for a quick ride, I plan to have fun with my Michi-chan later. Six hours and just us."

Setsuna's eye twitched as she almost dropped the tea cup in her hand while Hotaru's mouth twitched; a waffle almost fell from her mouth. Haruka laughed and grabbed her car keys, she walked to the white door that led to the garage and opened it.

1 hour later...

The girl drove down the road, she felt her hair touch her face as if a ghost was touching it. A green light suddenly turned red.

"Damn," she swore as she sighed and turned on the road and looked at the sky.

"Haruka-san!" said a voice. Haruka looked over seeing the girl's in their school uniforms. It was the cheerful bunny known as Tsunkino Usagi.

"Oh Koneko-chan," the blonde said. "Ami-chan, Rei-chan, Mako-chan and Minako-chan." She gave them a quick wave. "Do you guys want a ride?"

"Yes!" They all answered at once except for Ami who was blushing a little. Haruka pulled over her car and let the girls hop in.

"Haruka-san," Usagi said once Haruka started driving again. "Where's Michiru-san?" Before Haruka could answer, there was a scream which came from Rei. "What's wrong, Rei-chan?"

"Get your hair out of my face!" Rei demanded as Haruka giggled turning towards Rei's school first.

"You're all too cute," Haruka said as the 5 girls in the car blushed, she only smirked. "I was about to say she's at home sleeping. Speaking of sleeping, why is Koneko-chan up early?"

"She needed to get up," Rei said not really answering Haruka's question. "She has her exams to practice for!"

"You don't have exams, Rei-chan!" Usagi yelled. "You don't get what they're like!"

"BUUU! Big deal!" The miko said as the two fought in the back of the car; the blue hair girl regretted now not sitting in the middle, Minako was on the floor while Makoto was in the front.

"I'm sorry, Haruka-san," the blue haired female said.

"It's alright," the blonde smirked, keeping her eyes on the road.

1 hour later...

Haruka arrived home, the drive had been interesting. There was a note that was written and left on the table, Haruka walked over and picked up the pink little sticky note with Saturn's symbol on it.

Haruka-papa, we've leaving for school. Michiru-mama is still fast asleep in bed, I checked on her while Setsuna-mama was getting ready. We'll see you two later.

Love Hotaru.

"She's too cute," Haruka said putting the note on the counter, she was pretty hungry; she didn't really eat breakfast before leaving. She went through the fridge finding food, she took out four eggs from the fridge.

"That should be good," the blonde told herself as she started to crack the eggs and make herself some breakfast. The clock read 7:45:04 am.

"Ruka-chan, who are you talking to?" said a sudden voice scaring the blonde, it was Michiru in a huge aqua night gown Haruka had bought her awhile back.

"Shouldn't you be sleeping?" the blonde asked before turning on the oven.

"I couldn't sleep," the aqua-haired girl said. Haruka smirked and kissed her lover on the lips then turned on the stove. "Can we go shopping today, Ruka-chan. Please!"

"But we won't need-"

"Baby supplies for awhile?" Michiru finished as Haruka nodded. "I need clothing Haruka, many of my clothes don't fit me anymore."

"Alright," the blonde smiled. "Can I have my breakfast?"

"What do I get?" Michiru said looking at the eggs cooking as Haruka turned around for a second and kissed her on the lips.

"That my pretty," the girl giggled as Michiru flicked her upside the head.

"I'll make you toast silly, now my head hurts," the blonde said frowning slightly. Michiru rubbed the spot, making the blonde's hair fluffy like a blanket for a child.

"I love you Ruka-chan," the aqua haired female told Haruka as Haruka hugged her and kissed her on the lips.

"Me too," the blonde said.

9:00 am...

"All these clothes are ugly," Michiru said flipping through all the clothing. "They all have poka-dots or weird circus type patterns."

Haruka laughed a bit watching Michiru struggle. She had one point, all the clothes were PRETTY ugly.

"Setsuna could make some for you," the blonde told Michiru. "I'm pretty sure she could."

"But in the meantime I need something Ruka-chan," Michiru said as Haruka nodded. This was going to be awhile.

Haruka helped Michiru look, she finally found a dress for Michiru; to her, it looked like a moo-moo. She picked a aqua colored one, a green baggy shirt and some other odd shirts. Michiru was still looking when Haruka tapped her shoulder.

"Haruka, don't scare me," Michiru said giggling slightly. "You actually found some stuff?" Haruka handed the clothes to her.

"Try them on, try them on," she urged as a question marked appeared above her head making her totally confused.

1 week later and a bit later...

Saturday Morning 9:00 am.

Michiru sat in one of the kitchen chairs, Hotaru was coloring, Setsuna was sowing a dress while Haruka was making breakfast for the young princess of Saturn.

"Papa, is my breakfast done yet?" the black-haired girl said.

"Yes, don't worry," Haruka said finishing up the girl's breakfast. "Setsuna, can you take care of Hotaru for maybe three hours?" Haruka placed some eggs with sausages on a plate for Hotaru.

"Why?" Setsuna questioned looking up from the long dress she was making.

"I need to take Michiru to the hospital to find out what the babies gender is," Haruka said proudly.

Thank you Queen Serenity, I never thought those words would escape my mouth! Haruka smirked looking totally zoned; she shook her head.

"Yes," Michiru said smiling. "The appointments in three hours, Haruka." Michiru reminded the blonde who only nodded.

"I know," the blonde said and she slowly narrowed her eyes at the aqua haired female. "And you still need a bath."

"It's been awhile," Michiru played as Setsuna almost dropped her tea cup again while Hotaru's eyes went wide, her fork almost dropping from her hand.

"Let's go upstairs," Haruka said smirking, enjoying Hotaru and Setsuna's reactions. "We won't be too loud.

Setsuna's eyes went wider at that and now she dropped the cup on the floor as Hotaru dropped her fork.

11:30 am...

Haruka sat her butt down in a red chair near Michiru; the ride felt so long in the car for some reason. It only took an hour.

"We're signed in," Michiru said.

"So you signed the sheet too?" Haruka asked as Michiru nodded and the two kissed. The two sat all snuggly in the waiting room.

"Michiru and Haruka?" a voice said as Haruka looked up to see a man with brown hair. "Please come this way."

Haruka grabbed Michiru's hand and the two walked through a white hallway, hospitals were the crappiest place to be. Michiru got all set up and the doctor put white gel on Michiru's tummy.

I SHOULD be the one putting that on Michiru...Haruka thought as Michiru looked up and saw her, the girl giggled as the doctor looked confused and start scanning Michiru's stomach.

"Wow, a healthy baby," the doctor said pointing to show Michiru and Haruka the head, feet and it's little back.

Haruka and Michiru held hands, the two shared a tiny kiss then went back to looking at the doctor.

"So, what's the baby's gender?" Michiru asked eagerly.

"Oh it's simple! I'll tell you right away."

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