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"Two baby girls," the doctor said as Haruka's eyes went wide.

"2..." she muttered as Michiru smiled. "2..."

"Yes, Haruka..he said 2," Michiru said as Haruka looked shocked. Michiru pinched her hand.

"Ouch!" the girl said shaking her hand. "Michiru, I want you to touch me gently."

The doctor smirked at the two women. "You two are going to have two beautiful baby girls."


"Two babies?" Hotaru asked. "I get to be a big sister to two little girls?" Haruka smiled and rubbed the black-haired girls head and she handed Hotaru some chocolate chip cookies Michiru made.

"Yes," Haruka said smiling at Michiru came back with three glasses of water. "Maybe we'll move you out of your room." Hotaru's eyes went wide as Michiru hit Haruka.

"She's kidding Hotaru," Michiru told the little girl as she rubbed her hand under her chin. "There's lots of room. We have the guest room which we can clear out. It's big enough for two little children."

"Congratulations," Setsuna said with a smile. "I knew Queen Serenity would do this."

Haruka looked shocked as did Michiru along with the black-haired female.

"You knew and never told us?" Michiru asked. "I could've been overjoyed for awhile! How long have you known?"

"I know everything," Setsuna said giggling to herself. "I can't tell you, I'd break a taboo and Neo Queen Serenity would call me back to protect the doors."

"I don't want that!" Hotaru yelled loudly as Michiru and Haruka looked shocked. "I want to stay with Haruka-papa, Michiru-mama and Setsuna-mama! A family of four will become a family of six!"

"Hotaru, relax..." Setsuna said as Michiru smiled. "I'm not going anywhere."

"Really?" Hotaru asked as she cleared the tears from her purple eyes. "No lie?"

"No lie," Setsuna said smiling. "Don't worry." Setsuna started to prepare some food them all as Michiru joined them.

"Haruka-papa, come with me," Hotaru said. Haruka had gotten up to help with lunch but Hotaru apparently wanted attention. "I want to talk with you."

"Okay, okay," Haruka said smiling as the girl led her upstairs.

The purple door soon slammed and Hotaru sat on the floor, she forced Haruka to join her and the blonde stared at her adopted child. She looked really sad and Haruka placed her hand on the girl's shoulder.

"You're not going to be replaced, Hotaru," the blonde said. "I can assure of it, you're too precious. Of course, we'll have two new baby girls to look after but we will always have time for you too."

"Haruka-papa," Hotaru chocked back a sob. "I-"

"Let me continue," Haruka said as she rubbed the girl's head. "You are an amazing child, Hotaru. You do well in school, you are very smart and a amazing warrior."

Hotaru chocked back the sob and hugged her 'papa' tightly, soaking the blonde's shirt.

Little did the two know that a pair of blue eyes was watching them. It was Michiru.

Michiru always knew Haruka had that big soft part to her, it was always out of reach though sometimes. It took a lot to release that side of the blonde. Of course, she was caring on a daily base and watched out for her and the other warriors but in the part of Haruka, even more of it showed.

Michiru placed her hand on the door but took it off.

"I'll let them have their time," she said smiling as she walked off to their room.

8:00 PM

Dinner had been great, of course, Michiru had prepared with Haruka. Hotaru had washed the dishes as she always promised to do with Setsuna.

Haruka brushed her teeth and washed her face off. She had a baggy blue pajama top on with boxers. Michiru had bought the shirt for her when they started dating, surprisingly, it still fit. The blonde smiled thinking of Michiru.

Michiru sat on the bed, looking at something. Haruka crept up behind her and saw the girl staring at picture of her family.

Haruka felt sad, she knew how much Michiru hated talking about her parents...they had died when she was twelve and she lived with her uncle for four years then left to join Haruka.

"Michiru," Haruka muttered starring at Michiru's father in the old picture.

Michiru's dad had light brown hair and blue eyes, he was tall, kind of skinny and had a blue t-shirt on and jeans on in the picture. According to Michiru, he was very smart and worked as a lawyer, in college he played in a band which he met Michiru's mom.

Michiru's mom in the picture had a white dress on, a seashell necklace, white pearl earrings, white painted nails and had her right hand on Michiru's shoulder. From what Haruka knew, Michiru's mother loved painting as much as she did and was into dance. She was a home maker though.

"It's okay, Haruka," Michiru muttered. "I want to name one of our children after my mom, Hanako."

"Flower child?" Haruka asked curiously.

"Yes," Michiru said smiling looking at Haruka. "The other Ruka."

"After me?" Haruka asked, blushing somewhat.

Michiru nodded and kissed Haruka who shut up immediately and held Michiru close. It would be much longer they'd kiss like this, since Michiru would have a huge stomach...carrying two babies.

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