I own nothing. Warehouse 13 is property of SyFy and any information on Charles Lindbergh comes from "Charles Lindbergh: An Aviator" and FBI dot gov. Oh, and any Doctor Who reference is completely unintentional!

Pete and Myka walked into Artie's office. The shorter man stood up and handed each agent a case file.

"Kidnappings?" Pete questioned. "Aren't those usually jobs for the police?"

"Yes, but in this case the police can't find anything, or rather, the killer. No fingerprints are ever found." Artie responded.

"But, don't the police have crazy hi tech stuff to find things now?" Pete asked. Artie sighed.

"Yes, they do. But in this case, no evidence is found, ever. And since we don't believe in conincidencesā€”"

"That's where we come in." Pete finished for the bushy haired man. Artie nodded and was about to elaborate on the case when Myka decided to speak.

"Artie," Myka started, "I asked to leave a while ago to see Tracy's baby. It says here that the artifact was seen in New Jersey." Artie looked at the agent.

"Lucky for you the artifact was last seen in Colorado." Artie responded, "Now, go pack before there's another kidnapping." The agents left quickly to escape a further lecture.

Hours later, Myka parked the rental car in front of a small house. According to her family, she was in Colorado to see her new niece. According to the Warehouse, she was in Colorado to find a ladder belonging to the man who kidnapped Charles Lindbergh's infant son. She looked at the passenger seat to see her partner give her a reassuring smile. Sighing, Myka got out of the car with Pete following behind her.

"You think your sister has any cookies?" Pete questioned as he and Myka went up to the door. She raised an eyebrow at his question. The agent was about to reply when the door opened.

"Myka!" Tracy said happily as she gave her sister a hug.

"Hi, Trace!" Myka responded as the sisters pulled apart. Remembering Pete was there she quickly introduced him.

"Nice to meet you!" Tracy responded graciously wondering why her sister had not mentioned the man was coming. Pete simply smiled as the woman let him and his partner inside.

The house was simple: a little entryway leading off to the kitchen and living room and stairs leading to the next level. Pete and Myka were led to the living room where they saw a baby lying on a blanket on the floor with a stand up mobile over her.

"She's adorable!" Myka told her sister as she bent down to get a better look at her niece.

"But a handful." Tracy responded before saying, "Isn't that right Amelia?" The baby gurgled in response as she was picked up by her mother. Pete, a little uncomfortable not knowing Tracy, turned his attention to the muted television screen. A report on the news caught his eye, but before he could read anymore of the subtitles, Tracy turned off the TV.

"Sorry, I can't stand watching the reports about the kidnappings that have been going on. Did you know there was one here last week?" The woman questioned. Pete and Myka exchanged glances.

"Yeah, but not very much. What happened?" Myka asked as she motioned for her sister to sit down.

"I'm not sure. All I know is someone comes through the windows and steals babies." Tracy responded gently rocking her daughter.

"Has it been anywhere near you?" Myka questioned concerned for her niece's wellbeing.

"No. A couple towns over." Tracy stated. Before either sister could say anymore, Amelia started crying. The woman looked at the agents apologetically before saying, "Sorry, I need to change her."

The agents nodded as the woman left the room. Once they knew Tracy was out of ear shot, Pete turned to Myka.

"I've got a bad vibe." He stated.

"How bad?" Myka questioned wishing their current predicament was not happening.

"I don't know, but something definitely feels off."

"Like what?"

"The way your sister is acting." Pete replied. Myka stared at him.

"Pete, there is a kidnapper with an artifact on the loose. You'd be pretty freaked out too if you were her. I know I'd be." Myka stated before quickly closing her mouth. Her partner's face worried her. The look he wore was one of despair and longing. One she had not seen since they were at the hospital nursery in Ontario.

"Pete," She started, "I'm sorry. Iā€”" The agent was at a loss for words, but she would have been unable to say anything anyway.

"Are you two hungry? I just put Amy down for a nap." Tracy said coming in the room. Looking away from her partner, Myka said, "No. I think we're good for right now."

"Okay." Tracy stated. The woman had just sat down when the Farnsworth buzzed. Pete excused himself to take the call.

"You didn't tell me you were bringing Pete." Tracy stated. Myka sighed knowing she had to tell her sister why she was really there.

"Tracy, Pete isn't here with me for a social call. We're on a case."

"For Homeland Security?" Tracy asked.

"Secret Service." Myka clarified. Her sister nodded trying to process the newly given information.

"Does this have to do with the kidnappings?" Tracy questioned a few moments later. Myka was about to respond when Pete came back in the room.

"Hey, Artie got a ping." He stated. Completely confused, Tracy just stared at her sister hoping for some sort of explanation.

"Where?" Myka asked disregarding her sister's confusion.

"Here." Pete responded, "About fifteen minutes ago."

Suddenly, Tracy was running up the stairs, Myka and Pete right behind her. As they rounded the corner to the nursery, the agents heard a loud scream. Pete watched as Myka held her sister tightly. As he looked around the room, he noticed the window was open. Someone had taken Amelia.