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Myka stared at the child a minute with no idea how to answer him.

"Mommy said she sick and can't come out." David stated.

"I know, but she was crying. How long has she been here?" Myka questioned.

"Since yesterday." The boy answered. "Mommy and Daddy got her from a store!" He elaborated. Knowing she should keep a straight face with the child, Myka said, "I'm going to go put your sister in her room and you can tell me more about it okay?" The boy nodded enthusiastically as she went toward the nursery. She walked down the hall until she found the nursery and put her niece in the crib. As she was leaving, she noticed Pete standing in the doorway.

"Are you okay?" Myka asked when she noticed an odd look on his face.

"Yeah." He said shaking his head dispelling the thought that went through his mind. Still confused by her partner's actions the agent said, "I'm going to ask David some more questions." Pete nodded as she left the room. The man looked around the nursery to see if anything was wrong, but he saw nothing out of the ordinary except his partner's niece lying in the crib. He would never tell Myka, but the only reason he looked at her the way he had was because he still wondered what would have happened if Myka had still been pregnant if he had not stopped the artifact back in Toronto. Maybe Myka could have had the sense of normalcy she had talked about hours ago. Shaking his head, the man checked on the baby and walked out of the room.

Afraid of the baby's temperature, Pete knew he had his chance to snag the artifact. Entering the kitchen, he looked at Myka and asked if she had gloves on her. The woman shook her head and told him there was some in the car. Nodding, Myka watched her partner quickly walk out of the house. Knowing he was probably going to retrieve the artifact, the agent turned back to the child.

"Have you ever seen your mom or dad use a ladder at someone else's house?" Myka questioned as the boy took one last bite of his food. The child thought for a second before nodding.

"They used one when they brought Mel'dy home." The boy responded pushing the bowl away.

"Are you done?" Myka asked wondering how dealing with a toddler had become second nature to her. When the boy replied he was, Myka took the bowl and put it in the sink.

"Myka?" The child questioned causing the agent to turn toward him. "Why is Agent Lat'mer outside?" Realizing Pete was around the back, Myka said, "He is just looking at the ladder your Mom and Dad have."

"But Mommy said I'm not allowed to." The boy piped up. The agent smirked.

"Well, Agent Lattimer is an adult." Myka explained.

"I can't wait 'til I'm 'n adult. I'm gonna be like Daddy! He can do anything!" The boy said. Myka smiled wondering if she had had her and Pete's child if he or she would have turned out like this child. Shaking the thought from her head, Myka felt the Farnsworth buzzing. Setting the boy up with paper and crayons the agent answered the device.

"Hey, Artie's getting annoyed. Did you and Pete get the artifact yet?" Steve questioned. Making sure she was out of ear shot from David, Myka said, "Pete's getting it now."

Confused the man asked, "Why are you whispering?"

"I don't want the Harkman's kid to hear me." Myka answered. Noticing his expression, Myka elaborated.

"We're babysitting him." She stated. Nodding, Steve told Myka he would leave her. Thankful to be able to focus on what she was supposed to be doing she looked out the window. Soon, she noticed David had joined her.

"Why is Agent Lat'mer spwaying that stuff?"

"He is making sure there are no bugs on it." She stated hoping the answer would suffice. The agent watched Pete for a second more before leading David away from the window.

"Can I see Mel'dy?" The child asked. Myka nodded and led the boy to the nursery. As they entered the room, she heard Pete scream her name. His eyes were wide with enthusiasm as she saw him walk down the hall toward her before hugging her. Confused, the boy decided to leave the adults and walk toward the crib. Pete and Myka let go of each other and Myka immediately went to check on her now crying niece.

The agent picked the child up and was relieved to find Amy's fever was gone. Ecstatic, Myka said, "Pete she's okay!" When she did not see him, she called his name again. Walking toward the living room she saw Pete hanging up his phone.

"My mom." He said. "She said she would come over." The man looked at Amy then back at Myka before asking, "Do you want to call Tracy?"

Looking at the baby in her arms, she said, "Yeah, I will."

Pete handed her his cell phone before taking the baby.

"Hi!" He cooed as Myka walked away to talk to her sister. Noticing David had hidden in the corner, Pete went over to him.

"Hey, buddy. What's wrong?"

"Are you gonna take her away from Mommy and Daddy like all the others?"

"What do you mean?" Pete questioned.

"Mommy and Daddy had to give my ot'er brothers and sisters back." David stated. Pete frowned and sighed.

"Yeah, we do. Her Mommy and Daddy want her back." Pete answered wondering what social services was going to do with David.

"Do you want to come out?" The agent asked. Shaking his head, the boy curled his knees up to his chest. The man hated seeing the negative parts of his job, but he knew they were what happened. The agent got up and decided to leave the child while he went in search of a bottle for Amy. As he fed her, the doorbell rang.

"Can you get that Mykes? It's probably my mom." Pete stated. Myka eagerly went to get it, but to her shock, Jane Lattimer was not standing in front of her. Jack and Jenny Harkman were.

"I'm sorry it took us so long." Jenny said, "Was David good?" She asked as she and her husband walked in.

"Yeah. He was great." Myka stated. Deciding to play dumb, Myka said, "I didn't know you got the adoption papers signed so soon." Confused, Jenny soon saw Pete holding Amy.

"Oh, yeah. We were going to have a party, but then she got sick. I see you got her to eat." The woman stated as her son ran to her.

"They said they have to take Mel'dy away!" David said on the verge of tears.

"Oh, baby, they won't." Jenny soothed as she held her son.

"I'm sorry to have to tell you, but we are." Jane Lattimer said from behind the couple.

"My boss is coming in half an hour. Agent Lattimer, Agent Bering. You can take this child back to her parents." Jane added. Pete and Myka nodded quickly grabbing their things. Myka handed Jane the note that had been in her sister's house.

An hour later, Tracy was happily holding her daughter and profusely thanking Myka and Pete. The agents congratulated her before explaining that they really did have to leave and head back to work. Wishing they could stay a little longer, Tracy told them "Goodbye."

As the agents drove back to the airport, Myka said, "I'm glad we got Amy back safely."

"Yeah." Pete said, "I just wish David didn't have to be put in foster care." Myka merely nodded as Pete drove down the road. The conversation about the case ended and went toward other things until the agents got back to the Warehouse and had given Artie the ladder.

"My mom called me." Pete said knocking slightly on Myka's door. The woman turned from her book and motioned for him to come in. He sat on the bed.

"She said Jack and Jenny Harkman were put in jail." The man added. Myka put her book to the side as she said, "Good. Did she say anything about David?"

"No. Only what we already knew." He explained. The pair lapsed into a slightly uneasy silence until Myka broke it.

"Why were you looking at me so weird when we were at the Harkman's." She asked.

"I don't know. I guess I sometimes wonder what would have happened back in Toronto if the artifact hadn't reversed." Pete answered wondering if he should have even said what he had. Myka gave her partner a long, questioning glance.

"That's really weird Pete." Myka stated. Noticing his disappointed look, she said more to herself, "We would have found out anyway if you had kept going with your 'dead' charade."

Now Pete was confused.

"Wait, so technically, we could have had a little Bering- Lattimer kid running around?" Pete questioned. Looking away, Myka said, "Yeah."

"Is that what was bothering you the whole time? The fact that we could've had a kid?"

Myka nodded wishing she could have told him another way. "I tried telling you afterward, but you looked so sad, I didn't want to make you feel worse."

"Well, thanks for telling me now." Pete sadly said getting up from the bed.

"Yeah." Myka softly replied as Pete went toward the door. She stopped him saying, "Good night Pete."

"Night Mykes." He answered closing the door behind him.